Natural law


Padawan Learner
Natural Law

Are you natural or are you man made?

Is your choice your own or are orders obeyed?

Do you live in truth or live in fear?

Are you ego driven or is your spirit clear?

Do you own your body and know your rights?

Or do the priest class rule your appetites?

Do you hurt others without a care?

Do you not see wrong when it’s standing there?

Are your beliefs your masters in a world of lies?

Do perception’s illusions miss-inform your eyes?

Is your ignorance wilful when knowledge is there?

Is it too much effort to be aware?

Do you know that you’re sovereign and all property is theft?

Or do you sit in your chains like a victim bereft?

Is responsibility yours or do you give it away?

Have you decided on inaction as a feudal slave?

Is it somebody else’s fault but never your own?

Would you rather truth softened its combative tone?

Are you easily offended by the idea you’re wrong?

Do you think that your power is to agree and belong?

Do you have the courage to change like you know you should?

Or has your will to create been extinguished for good?

Do you say those morals aren’t yours, I live in left brain?

Well, natural law isn’t listening to your man made insane

And the more that you fight it the more freedom recedes

The true great work is to serve truth and its needs
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