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I would like to tell you about one of the strangest experiences I have ever had while visiting a historic facility. This is going to be a bit of a lengthy article as I need to cover a little in depth to understand the whole thing. But I think it's interesting enough not to bore you. In addition, there are still some questions open to me and I hope you can maybe give me some explanations or at least your point of view on the things that happened there.

Last November I traveled to Thailand for 3 weeks. Since 2016 I have been working as a freelancer in marketing and customer care for a resort in Thailand. The resort is located near Chiang Mai and was founded by a Swiss man (www.viv We have had a very friendly relationship for years and I was allowed to travel to Thailand for 2-3 weeks every year. The costs were always borne entirely by the company. Of course, it involved a little work on site. Most of the time I had to myself and could explore the area, go on excursions or just lie by the pool and read. I always appreciated this privilege and was very grateful for it.

Shortly before, my son (he was 21 at the time) asked if he could come with me. He was interning at the resort 2 years earlier and knew the owner very well as well. My son is currently completing an apprenticeship as a chef in a very good hotel / restaurant here in Switzerland. He offered to work in the kitchen for the duration of his stay. In this way he wanted to gain experience. The owner thought this idea was very good and agreed with it. That means he didn't have to pay anything for the trip. At the same time, a very nice, older lady from Switzerland was with us. She wanted to see the resort and test it because she was considering living in Thailand permanently. It was of course pleasant for her to have someone with her because she had some physical limitations.

We arrived without any problems and thought about which excursions we could do locally. Since I've been to Chiang Mai so often, I already knew the north of Thailand and most of the sights. I thought of a day trip and expanded my search radius. I found the ruined city of Sukhothai. The type of structure immediately reminded me of Angkor Wat. Since I know from the session with the C`s who built Angkor Wat, I found it interesting to visit a facility whose structures were so similar. I couldn't find much useful information for myself from the Wikipedia entries. The only thing that I found interesting was an entry for an associated system that is a bit outside:

Wat Phra Phai Luang - about 1 km north of the city walls, this temple is surrounded by a square moat. It was probably founded in the 12th century when Sukhothai was still part of the Angkor Empire. Of the original three prangs standing side by side, only one remains today. It is lavishly decorated with stucco reliefs.

We agreed on a day trip 4 days later as my son didn't have to work in the kitchen that day. I wanted to take care of the organization. On our first night at the resort, I met the owner's stepdaughter. Her name is Raina and she is one year older than my son. I was delighted and surprised to see them there. I've known her for a few years and I like her very much. She shows exceptional maturity for her age. She told me that her boyfriend had committed suicide six months earlier and that she is now in Thailand for a few months to come to terms with this terrible experience. There is a Christian orphanage for girls right next to the resort. There she spent most of the day doing volunteer work. We had a very good conversation that evening. Raina and my son got along very well straight away, as both have a very profound way of thinking. Both try to understand the world objectively and were grateful for my literature tips (my son also reads the wave and we often talk about it).

I mentioned the trip I was planning and Raina asked if she and her friend could join. I liked the idea of spending the day with these two girls and my son, as Raina's friend was also a very calm, balanced person. In the next 2 days I had a few conversations with long-stay guests whom I already knew well and 2 women (Ursula and Barbara) wanted to take part in our excursion. Both have a very dry sense of humor and are still very enterprising and agile for their age and some health issues. So there were six of us. Since there was no shuttle bus available for the planned excursion that day, Ursula contacted a local friend who would drive us. That was very pleasant because our driver knew the route and was happy to earn something.

Since the drive from the resort to Sukhothai takes over 4 hours, we decided to start as early as possible and be there by noon at the latest. We all wanted to see as much as possible and the facility is really huge. Our driver arrived punctually at 6.30 in the morning and we drove off. It was pretty tight and uncomfortable. But with 2 stopovers we reached the facility around noon and we got out. I immediately noticed that the driver had driven us to one of the outer facilities and not to the center as agreed. It was exactly the system I mentioned above. I found that a little strange, but said nothing at this point because this complex also had some impressive ruins. It was relatively small and manageable and we were almost the only visitors.

We spread out a little and looked at everything in peace. It was really impressive and my eyes immediately fell on a kind of tower that stood in the center of the facility. There a very steep stone staircase led to an open entrance in the upper area (I am sharing the pictures below). I had to stare at this entrance again and again and a very uncomfortable feeling overcame me. Part of me was curious and wanted to know what's in there. And then that voice inside of me said very urgently (almost like a warning): Don't do it! So I turned away and since it was very hot, I got myself some water and sat in the shade to wait for the others.

I actually wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Something didn't feel right to me. But I couldn't define it. After a while, my son came up to me and sat down next to me. I immediately noticed that something was wrong with him. He was very pale and just shook his head in disbelief. He looked very weak and exhausted, almost as if something had scared him to death.

I asked him what had happened and he could not express himself clearly despite his best efforts. I've never seen him in this condition before. He's a person who can usually communicate very clearly. He just pointed to the stairs with the entrance and said that he was in there. I asked him what he saw there and he just shook his head again and said that he couldn't tell. I told him to take a deep breath and tried to calm him down. I mean, as a mother, you immediately feel when something is really wrong with your child. No matter how old it is. I was able to calm him down and convince him that it was important to tell me exactly what he saw and felt in this room. After a while he was able to find words again and said that there was a large altar there. But instead of the otherwise typical Buddha figure on the altar there was a large artifact that he described as a giant egg. The color was yellow / orange. When I asked him how big it was, he said between 1.50 and 2 meters. Then I asked if he could see if it was artificial. He said no and said it looked pretty old (probably more like petrified). I no longer know his words 1: 1, but they were roughly like this:

“Mom, that was a terrible feeling. I just knew something was absolutely wrong with this thing. I shouldn't be here and I had to get out of here asap. It just sucked my energy away ”.

We've talked for a while about how I kind of feel uncomfortable in this place. It seemed to be getting better and we decided to go to the large inner area. We wanted to have a bite to eat there. It was here that I noticed that he ate an incredible amount, as if he were completely starved. Or after an enormous physical exertion that consumes a lot of energy. In any case, he was fit again after his calorie bomb. We hadn't told the others about it because at that point I didn't even think about the fact that they might have experienced something similar.

In any case, we decided to rent two small golf caddies because the facility is really very large and we really wanted to take photos while the light was good. There were a lot of visitors on site, but that wasn't a problem due to the size of the area. We stayed relatively close to each other, as we always had to drive a little further together. I discovered a building with an opening that some steps led down to. When I saw visitors going in and out there, I decided - curious as I am - to go in there too. I filmed everything and there was nothing to be seen in this small, dirty room. It was very dark and tight. The area was about 4x4m at most. At the top it ran to a pointed tower (approx. 6m). I was in this room for 10 seconds at most. I became dizzy, my pulse was racing, and I felt incredible tiredness and tightness in my chest. My legs almost didn't carry me outside and I stumbled while walking out. In addition, I got the same feeling as before that I had to get out of here. I sat under a tree and just thought, what the hell was THAT? It was as if part of my life energy was withdrawn within seconds. My legs were shaking and I was struggling to open my water bottle and drink. I tried to remember if I had ever felt this way before. The only situation I could compare it to was when I had severe pleurisy years ago with a high fever. I was completely powerless at that moment. My mind tried to find a logical explanation. At first, of course, I thought of the food as the cause.

While I was thinking about it, I watched the entrance to this room. I saw Raina and her friend go in as well. Both came out after seconds and seemed kind of disoriented and confused. I waved them over to me and asked if they would be okay. Raina said that the room looked threatening to her and that she felt somehow drained and very tired. Her friend had a bad headache and said it was weird, she never has a headache otherwise. Not even in this climate. The three of us now sat under this tree. I brought the subject up to the food and whether it could possibly be because we were feeling so bad. But we could rule out the food, as each of us had eaten something different from different cookshops.

Actually, no one had much energy to talk, so I kept watching the entrance. It actually happened that this room attracted people like a magnet. They streamed in there and out again after a very short time. Most of them looked disoriented when they came out. A few didn't seem to mind. After his experience, my son refrained from further experiments and avoided going in there. Barbara and Ursula had similar negative feelings as the rest of us.

We hardly talked on the drive home and fell asleep almost instantly, although it was very cramped and uncomfortable. After a while, I woke up feeling excruciatingly hungry. I hadn't had that for a long time either. I need very little food, especially when it is very hot and I am out in the sun a lot.

Our driver stopped at a restaurant and I woke the others. We found that we were all about to starve. And I'm not exaggerating that I've never eaten as much before as I did this evening. My body wanted more and more. I even stuffed rice, which I normally don't like, into myself. Our table looked like a decadent feast. When we finished, it was reminiscent of a natural disaster caused by locusts. We gave the waitress a huge tip because we were kind of ashamed. My goodness, what must she have thought of us. 😱

Back in the car, we discussed this strange energy drain for the rest of the journey. Also that each of us felt it. Just differently strong. For me it was almost a knockout. Blow, with others it was just a slight discomfort and tiredness.

To this day I think about what is draining life energy from people there. In which way? What is this artifact? Why does it have such an effect?

I hope I haven't bored you guys with this story. If someone has been there or in a similar place and experienced something similar, I would be happy to hear about it. Maybe you still have some thoughts on the matter? I would be very happy to hear your thoughts on this.



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