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It was June 16 1996. I decided to time travel and visit the German Nobel Prize physicist Max Planck. He invented the quantum of light, gave birth to quantum theory. An interesting person. Quoting from Wikipedia

Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck (23 April 1858 – 4 October 1947) was a German theoretical physicist whose discovery of energy quanta won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918

Planck argued that the concept of God is important to both religion and science, but in different ways: "Both religion and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations … To the former He is the foundation, to the latter, the crown of the edifice of every generalized world view".
In February 1944, his home in Berlin was completely destroyed by an air raid, annihilating all his scientific records and correspondence.

Furthermore, Planck wrote,

..."to believe" means "to recognize as a truth," and the knowledge of nature, continually advancing on incontestably safe tracks, has made it utterly impossible for a person possessing some training in natural science to recognize as founded on truth the many reports of extraordinary occurrences contradicting the laws of nature, of miracles which are still commonly regarded as essential supports and confirmations of religious doctrines, and which formerly used to be accepted as facts pure and simple, without doubt or criticism. The belief in miracles must retreat step by step before relentlessly and reliably progressing science and we cannot doubt that sooner or later it must vanish completely.[42]

Noted historian of science John L. Heilbron characterized Planck's views on God as deistic.[43] Heilbron further relates that when asked about his religious affiliation, Planck replied that although he had always been deeply religious, he did not believe "in a personal God, let alone a Christian God".

In 1996, while living in Poland, I was corresponding with a strange fellom Arizona who convinced me that I should talk to Planck, that Planck had some secret discoveries that he did not want to reveal being afraid that they can be used for evil purposes. So I decided to visit Planck in his Berlin villa, before he died in 1947.
maxplanck villa.jpg
Max Panck villa in Berlin.

For that I needed to do a little time travel. Which I did. After that I wrote about the results to my friend. That is what i wrote:

That was my first attempt in travel. My visualisation is poor. I need to exercise. It is better if I try to draw. But the reception
is poor. Need to tune in. Need training in tuning. Tried to do automatic writing. Not too good. Don't know what is real and what artefact.
Seems Planck is not convinced he should reveal. He is curious - being a physicist. He would like to see for himself how 1996 looks like. He would not believe words. He needs proof. He wants to be shown that he can also fly through the portal. Even if just for a while. Just to
see that his discovery is more than just a fantastic idea. Then he would tell. He would wait until this can be arranged.
Nothing better comes to my mind.

Here are my drawings that I have made during the time travel session:



An here are the notes that I have made during the session:

So I go. What Planck is doing? I do not see, but I can behave as if I would be seeing. OK I am penetrating through the walls. Berlin. The villa. Gas lamps. Light in the upper floor window. Tht's attic. From exterior I am looking through the window. And Planck is there.Standing in front of a bookshelf. With his back turned to me. I enter. As in half-dream, barely visible. Mr. Planck... Mr. Planck.... "Ja" (in German). Mr. Planck, I am coming from the future. Will you talk to me? "Who are you?". I am coming from the future. Not from very far future. From 1996. I am a physicist, a Polish physicist. I know you got a dilemma. World needs your help.... "How do I know, you are a good spirit? How do I know it" Mr. Planck, ask yourself, see for yourself. "OK. Perhaps I am..." (my scribled world unreadable). "How can I help the future?".
I know you have a dilemma. I know your work has been destroyed. Like your life. But there is something in your work that should not disappear forever. It should reappear when the time is ripe. It has something to do with entropy, with extra dimensions, with phase transitions, with negative mass, with time travel. What is it that? Which is your discovery?I have been sent here from the future and I do not know for what purpose. I know some of your works But it seems you did not leave one clue as to what to do? Probably you have discovered something. And we should know this something. Even in 1996 the conditions on the Earth are not yet satisfactory. But time is ripe to start the research NOW. The research that you have started, the research that you hide so well. Can you tell me your discovery?
He wouldn't tell me. He did not believe. "To belive I must take travel into the future. Is that possible... Must be.

And so I didn't learn anything from Planck. My time travel was unsuccessful. But the experience was for me very real.
Wow! That’s fascinating. Did you ever try again? Would you like to try again now? I know very little about physics but all my heroes are physicists and I am very fond of Max Planck. I would love to hear more.
Very interesting Ark. This experience of yours reads like a remote viewing session complete with sketches. Either way if Max was reluctant to part with information then he probably was very concerned about what might arise from making this information publicly available. He may have had a strong ethical character and also seen the direction that Science was taking to fuel war and misuse of technology.
Merci pour le partage de cette expérience Arkie, dommage que vos objectifs n'aient pas été atteints...
Feriez vous un nouvel essai, maintenant ?...
Il y a une vingtaine d'année, je participais à une séance de développement personnel, je devais me rendre chez une personne présente dans la salle et ramener, en paroles, ce que je voyais, quand j'ai raconté cette expérience à la personne chez qui je m'étais rendue et que je ne connaissais pas du tout, j'ai décrit son appartement comme je le voyais et elle a confirmé que c'était bien comme chez elle... Etonnant...
Je n'ai pas recommencé parce que je trouvais cela "indiscret"...

Thank you for sharing this experience Arkie, too bad your goals were not reached...
Would you try again now?...
About 20 years ago, I was participating in a personal development session, I had to go to the home of a person present in the room and bring back, in words, what I saw, when I told this experience to the person I had gone to and I didn't know her at all, I described her apartment as I saw it and she confirmed that it was indeed like her home... Amazing...
I didn't do it again because I found it "indiscreet"...

Translated with (free version)
:cool2: I am still laughing how Mr. PlanCk wasn't adventurous mind to open up to you, that if I will somehow be You Ark, it will make me think is it real Mr. PLANcK when he is doubting the possibility of "me", who is indeed also him, but coming "from the future" to project myself into an episode of his projected life in the "past" of his Berlin phisical and projected existency in 3D Earth of that earthly time ...

Any how thx for sharing this lovely memory ... it is funny what are we imagining that will be a good thing to do just to "break through" ... haha ... some of us will do anything! ... but what do you think today about the idea of "time travel"?
Totally fascinating but it would seem scary to me. (I am a bit of a coward) I salute your bravery in taking a path unknown (to you at that time). Did you feel at all anxious during the actual journey to visit Max Planck and what did the actual portal look like to you? I feel very sad to be a descendent of the nation that was probably responsible for destroying his very valuable work.
Just some observations and reading from Wikipedia. I've downloaded one of his books to read.

"Present Floor"- (written in a parallelogram)

Planck started a six-semester course of lectures on theoretical physics, "dry, somewhat impersonal" according to Lise Meitner, "using no notes, never making mistakes, never faltering; the best lecturer I ever heard" according to an English participant, James R. Partington, who continues: "There were always many standing around the room. As the lecture-room was well heated and rather close, some of the listeners would from time to time drop to the floor, but this did not disturb the lecture."

Man at desk - with the word "Bye" above it- ?

He retired in 1951 to a house in Mill Road, Cambridge, and was looked after by an aged housekeeper. The house was filled with books from cellar to roof. According to Joseph Needham, he became something of a recluse, rarely stirring from his writing desk.[11] In 1961 Partington received the Dexter Award for Outstanding Achievement in the History of Chemistry from the American Chemical Society[12] for his numerous articles and books on the history of chemistry, particularly his multi-volume A History of Chemistry. In 1965 he was awarded the George Sarton Medal, the most prestigious award of the History of Science Society.[13]

Elise Meitner (/ˈliːzə ˈmaɪtnər/ LEE-zə MYTE-nər, German: [ˈliːzə ˈmaɪtnɐ] (listen); 7 November 1878 – 27 October 1968) was a leading Austrian-Swedish physicist who was one of those responsible for the discovery of the element protactinium and nuclear fission.[1] While working at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute on radioactivity, she discovered the radioactive isotope protactinium-231 in 1917. In 1938, Meitner and her nephew, the physicist Otto Robert Frisch, discovered nuclear fission. She was praised by Albert Einstein as the "German Marie Curie".[2]
On the drawing board. Step by step.
Like a "printer" or like a drawing automaton of Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin?

Do you think of us, if we want to time travel, we need to be like those who are drawing reality? Like "Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings" not like "La Linea" ... or ... ;) ... hm but if time doesn't exist how we can travel through time? If it is not existing it is not even conceptual, or it is in the world of IDEAS that creates the butterfly effect that creates cymatics that in the end creates the material form of all we can imagine all the way through vertical densities ... ? Like in 7th we don't care, but form 6Th we can project IDEA to the CAVE and the shape and form will depend on the fine-tuning of the automata projector at the lower densities all the way to 2D ... ?


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Thank you Ark for sharing, that's a really interesting experiment!

I mostly disregard the remote viewing phenomenon as a New Age technique, similar to OOBE, that has certainly some substance to it but is not, as of now, worth pursuing for its elusive and subjective nature. However, after reading your description, I'm beginning to wonder about the methodology of the above mentioned experiment.
A spark of curiosity mixed with a pinch of inspiration of how exactly this "time travel" happened.

So, if I may ask, and I apologise in advance if those questions are elementary and obvious but what was the first preparatory step for this "journey"?
Was it, for example, to sit comfortably, visualize Max Planck villa in Berlin and then note the distinct images/feelings/thoughts that poped into your mind?
Or maybe focusing/holding on a piece of paper that has the year and Plancks' name written on it?
What was in general the method that you tried?
What was in general the method that you tried?
In this case it was different. My strange friend have sent me a tape. I was listening to the tape. It was kind of a "leading tape", quasi-hypnotic, leading me to the "portal". From the portal I was left alone. Unfortunately I do not have this tape anymore, but any tape would probably do, like Laura is sometimes doing her online "guided meditations". A guidance of some sort is really useful.
I don’t know much about remote viewing only read one book many years ago and never experimented with it but, I was wondering if you can remotely go into the future. You may then ask someone that trust you, yourself in that future for help. I guess you can fix a rendezvous with yourself at a precise location and time in the future and your future self may have the answer that you seek. I don’t know if it is possible to travel in the future but if yes it may be worth a try.
I don’t know much about remote viewing only read one book many years ago and never experimented with it but, I was wondering if you can remotely go into the future. You may then ask someone that trust you, yourself in that future for help. I guess you can fix a rendezvous with yourself at a precise location and time in the future and your future self may have the answer that you seek. I don’t know if it is possible to travel in the future but if yes it may be worth a try.
The future is always open. At least to some extent. Therefore traveling into the future is always "iffy", it must be "fuzzy". Making use of the information form the future, for instance from "us in the future" requires utmost care. It is an art of some sort. It is so easy to be deceived, to overestimate the "information", to make wrong use of the "predictions". If you use it for "learning lessons" - it is ok. If you would try to use it for "personal gains" - it may be very dangerous.
I have built a psychomanteum and, from what I understand, it can be utilized as a time travel vehicle.

I know that the C's encouraged you all to make one as well but you, Laura et al., seemed hesitant to do so.

I would like to open the door to discussion on this matter as I am taking it very seriously and have been waiting for the appropriate time to actually use my psychomanteum.

Let me add that I am more interested in divining past and current events, not so much for scrying the future.
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