My experience 20yrs ago


The Force is Strong With This One
So 20 yrs ago I was finishing up 4 yrs of college. During the last summer I believe. This occurred.

I lived in a small town near a big city with my parents. My room was situated front of house top floor. The head of bed was under window. The window faced north and the street. If you climb out my window you would stand on garage roof. If you jumped off side of garage roof close to window you would be on the front step of house.
I got home from a night out very late. I'd say midnight to 2am
Now I can never fall asleep fast. So I'm awake for some time before I go into sleep. On my back..window open. I hear the front door slam but not tru the window which I normally would if someone used it but I heard it thru the house. Odd. Then eyes closed something creates shadow effect across face. My thought was "oh must be someone crossing a path between street light and my window. This happens back and forth a few times. Like a scurrying across The light. Then I realize wait, how can someone be there.. Maybe a bird or squirrel but unlikely.
Then I get that" somebody's watching me" feeling. It was so strong I could sense someone on each side of my bed. The foot of my bed. And peering thru window down at my face. (still makes my hair stand up.) as a grown man I still thru covers over my face and refused to open eyes. Scared you know what less. Now a sound I can explain is similar to microohone or guitar feedback ringing in ears. This became so loud it physically hurt until I blacked out.
At this point I do not feel I was asleep.

I then woke up. It was dark. Quiet. I was in what I later contemplated to be a cocoon shaped bed or something.. (seemed enclosed but not necessarily a room. I climb out. It is dim yellowish light. And I'm walking down a hall turn a corner and there is group of small beings. Not greys. Eyes were smaller. Beedie. Slit of a mouth. Hairless. Kinda wrinkly skin. Not much for muscle. No noticeable genitalia. They stop and look at me. No verbal communications at any point and walk towards me.. I fight and fight hard. Kicking and screaming trying to fend them off but I can't. (I'm 6'5 230 then)
They pin me down and jab me with something.. I black out.

Wake. Up again. Now I am in a huge room. Most of the walls are windows. I'm on a bed I walk over to the "front" window. I am in a building similar to only what I can compare to as a cloud city building from starwars. But glass windows. I can see movement in other windows. I can see vehicles going to an fro. But... All was above the clouds. No ground. The sky was the most amazing sunrise/sunset colors. Purples and oranges yellow and red. Etc.
I get interrupted by a man. I turn and he is easily a foot taller then me at least. My perception is he was lean. Older. And of some status. He had a very defined goatee black hair and bony face features. If human I'd say age in 50s as reference.
He was wearing a blue robe thing what would remind you of something an old king would wear in midevil times.. He was speaking to me but telepathy.

We must of talked for a very long time. Questions.. And answers. He was kind and patient. Apologized about those that brought me there.. Saying they were just doing what they do.
Whatever we talked about I do not really remember. I do however remembering I was not ready to leave. I asked if I would be back and response was "they haven't decided yet"
Who's they? Dunno.
He then explains I must go as I came and I was extremely upset to have to see those beings again. He said I wouldn't remember anything.

I woke up in my room in the morning feeling like I just worked a double shift. I was whipped like I didn't sleep.

Anyway. I have not told many that one. It's still as vivid as when it happened.
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