Mother Cassiopaea



Feeling Poetic Today. Here is a quiet note of thanks to you, LKJ, and the C's.

Mother Cassiopaea

Mother Mother whom Loves, Shows, Knowing
One the Law whom Is, Knows, and Sees
Teacher the Way, Hands not Held
Heresy to Quit, Hands not Held
Easement of Anxiety, Humorous, Smiling, Knowing
Rise with the Wings of Angels

Complex of UNITY, Hands not Held
Ask and It Shall Be Given, Gifts of Love
Say the Word, Hands not Bound
Speak the Heart, Hands not Bound
Incoming the World Breakers, World Shakers
Oscillation is Vibration, Rise Children
Peacemakers are Blessed, the Fetters are Cut
Allowance for Growth, Expansion is the Future
Enter the New Ones!
All are ONE after All
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