Moksha - Remote Viewing Freedom from Reincarnation


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Moksha - Remote Viewing Freedom from Reincarnation

MOKSHA is a hindu which means: "freedom from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth". Brett Stuart is a remote viewer. He and his colleagues (4 persons altogether) made a project to examine this "moksha" term. They ran this project blind, didn't know what the target really was. It is interesting that they don't do channeling or they don't refer to written records of any tradition. They simply use remote viewing.

Description of the target side: "fence or grid around a place, that acts as barrier, that traps people or objects". This is a checkpoint for an external force. It acts as a cage. A form of perverted injustice is occuring. A net has been spun around the planet, an operation of catch and release on a grand scale.

How does it work? earth is shielded by a compangnion object. An object, that squeezes tightly around the globe. A chemical process, that involves chemicals. There is a mechanism, at the time of death that is lensing/curving your light back down to earth. This act of lensing generates energy inside the mechanical structure.

What is happening to the soul? To the souls there is a fractioning occuring. The mind and body of a person is fractured, rendering them confused and angry. Something is being taken from them. Analogy: bees in a box, the harvest of honey. The amount of souls reincarnating on this planet, creates an instability, that adds to desired results at this harvest.

How did this begin: Long ago in the past this planet was watched by an outside force with great envy. On earth reincarnation did not exist, souls were not trapped at death and were able to leave this sphere. Then a massive war occured. The fate of earth was decided. The outside force took over. Every time someone incarnates, that what is chipped off as astral shells of the person, is like fuelwood for the system. We are one tiny piece of a power plant.

How to achieve moksha?
1. At death some specific particles become charged and create an emission. This shoots out of the being like a bullet. This occures from the center of the being. That is the soul. It is being sent to a "super highway" for the soul. The mechanical object around earth prevents the soul from reaching this highway. If you reach this highway, you're safe. In order to be free, the position in the angle whith which you exit the body is very important. A 45° degree angle is crucial.

2. There is a safety rope for you, that if you exit in a right angle, you will be helped out the rest of the way. The problem is fear. Because of the fear at death prevents most people to find the safety rope.

Why was this object created around earth? The adversaries running this system are like demons. The mayhem down here is intended, it feed the system itself.

Who is responsible? A council of organic entities, they operate from a place that freezes time. A void, black hole seems to be the place they exist in. They create void zones throughout the universe to enter our realm. The council themselves think they are gods. They are extremly service to self.


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Interesting. Even though this description might be symbolic and not actual, it sure gives one explanation for the extreme limitations we humans are facing constantly.


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This looks like a very good attempt to describe the paraphysical realities the upper echelons of the 4D STS system operate in. That's pretty much what I would imagine it to look like. Yeah, some of it had to be described in metaphorical terms because the technology is so advanced. I imagined the blazing eyed beings living in the timeless black hole space to be the "royalty" at the apex of the Orion STS civilization, sitting close to "Ormethion." There are a few points I wasn't sure about, like the 45o angle thing, that sounds like a mixed metaphor for something else, but overall worth watching.


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Neil said:
This looks like a very good attempt to describe the paraphysical realities the upper echelons of the 4D STS system operate in. That's pretty much what I would imagine it to look like. Yeah, some of it had to be described in metaphorical terms because the technology is so advanced. I imagined the blazing eyed beings living in the timeless black hole space to be the "royalty" at the apex of the Orion STS civilization, sitting close to "Ormethion." There are a few points I wasn't sure about, like the 45o angle thing, that sounds like a mixed metaphor for something else, but overall worth watching.

Yes, I think it is a metaphor for the 4D system. But it also seems to me that 4D STS have inserted some red herrings there. If 4 D STS has abilities that we suspect, they would be entirely capable of warping the view of any remote viewers. Here are a few excerpts that may bear on the topic:

7Oct1995 said:
Q: (L) But isn't the nature of a person determined by their soul and not the physical body?

A: Partially, remember, aural profile and karmic reference merges with physical structure.

Q: (L) So you are saying that particular genetic conditions are a physical reflection of a spiritual orientation? That the soul must match itself to the genetics, even if only in potential?

A: Yes, precisely.

Q: (L) So a person's potential for spiritual advancement or unfoldment is, to a great extent, dependent upon their genes?

A: Natural process marries with systematic construct when present.

Q: (L) Well, if that is the case, and the aliens are abducting people and altering their genes, can they not alter the genes so that higher level souls simply cannot come in?

A: Not incarnative process, natural biological processes. Incarnative involves strictly ethereal at 5th density and lower, and thus is enveloped in triple cycle "veil" of transfer which is impregnable by any means. However, any and all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th processes can be manipulated at will and to any degree if technology is sufficient.

14Oct1995 said:
Q: (L) ... Now, in the Matrix material, there's a section extracted from the L. Ron Hubbard teachings that talks about technical abilities to jerk people's souls out of their bodies, insert other souls, reprogram the memories, essentially that there is no congruency...

A: False.

Q: (L) OK, so the jerking out and the manipulating of souls as described by L. Ron Hubbard is false? In a general sense?

A: Yes.


Q: (L) OK, now this brings up the question about... We were told that there was, and this was... last week we asked about this thing about the death... and we were told that there was an impenetrable triple veil that prevents some of this "L.Ron Hubbard" type of activity, that he describes happening. How can this be reconciled? Well, the explanation that I see is that it happens that they do this before they go into the tunnel, into the light. They catch them in the transition before they go to 5D. Is that correct?

A: Time adjustment.

Q: (L) Does that mean that they know that they're going to, and they go back in just before they die, or just at the moment of death, or...???

A: Close.

Q: (T): Now, what are the aliens doing with these bodies? With the humans that they replicate and duplicate and reanimate? What are they doing with them?

A: Serve them.

Q: (T) So these humans are becoming servants for the aliens?

A: Workers.

5Oct1996 said:
A: Each soul has its own patterning, which is held in place by the three bodies of existence [planchette swirls a few times] ... “thought center, spirit center and physical center,” there are specific methodologies for adjusting these, and travelling into or out of other planes of existence. When one does not properly utilize these, one tears the fabric of their trilateral continuum when they seek to travel. This can be very problematic, and may lead to the soul being unable to reconnect with the body, thus causing the physical center to perish!!!

10Oct1998 said:
Q: ... There are people who claim to 'remote view,' and I think that it is possible and probable. In specific, when a person is remote viewing, are they able to view other densities when doing this?

A: Sometimes.

Q: Is there any way to tell when you are viewing other densities as opposed to 3rd density? Is there any distinguishing characteristic?

A: That would be up to the awareness of the viewer.

Q: Is a person who is capable of remote viewing in higher densities, generally capable of perceiving higher densities in a 'normal' state?

A: Maybe.

Q: So, if a person is unaware of higher densities, are they still able to remote view higher densities?

A: The viewer must have a "clue" as to the view.

Q: What do you mean 'a clue?'

A: Review your previous question.

Q: I see. So, it IS connected to the ability to perceive higher densities in general awareness. Okay, in particular, is it a condition of remote viewing higher densities, assuming one has the general awareness of higher densities, that one is able to look in all directions at once; that is, to sense oneself as a 'point' of consciousness and to perceive material reality as being somewhat amorphous or fluid; is THAT evidence of viewing higher densities?

A: It could be.

Q: Is there anything that one could look for in a remote viewing exercise that would clearly indicate that one is NOT viewing higher densities?

A: These questions are a bit elementary for you, when one thinks of that which you already know.

Q: Well, my opinion is that, depending upon the scenario that is presented, and the way it is presented, that one could tell. And, there are a great many people who are doing remote viewing, who are claiming to be remote viewing higher densities, and getting information that is clear to me that it is what somebody at higher densities WANTS them to think, or WANTS them to see and MANIPULATES them to see.

A: It is a two way street.

Q: So, individuals COULD remote view higher densities to see what the higher densities are up to?

A: No. Expectations... ? Anticipation... ? Prejudice... ? What have we told you?

Q: Is it possible that, when one person gives a target to another for a remote viewing exercise, say, as just a code number, can the person doing the remote viewing use this exchange as a means of locking in on the frequency of the person giving the assignment?

A: Close.

Q: So, if I were to give an assignment to someone, this person could then lock in on our frequency here and remote view us?

A: Maybe. Try it.

Q: Well, Ark doesn't want me to because of his work. He thinks everybody is a potential agent.

A: Spies do not ask.

Q: I just have a lot of reservations about remote viewing in general. I think that it is just a different name for practicing clairvoyance. And, I am not so sure that people who claim to be able to do it as they claim, are really able to do it. In other words, it is like a talent, some are better than others.

A: Yes, you are right.

22Jan2000 said:
Q: As you know, the morning after the last session, I woke up in extreme pain. It took
several weeks to get this under control, and all the physical efforts seemed to have little
or no effect. I went to the chiropractor, I had acupuncture, massage, ice, heat, you name
it. I would like to know what was the cause of this physical attack?

A: Tenseness, aggravated by sleep posture and psychic tear in medial collateral veil of
etheric body. This leads to "opportunistic" invasion of energies intent upon harm.

Q: What was the cause of the weakening of the etheric body, or the "tear" you have

A: Emotional/psychic distress relating to original malady, and weakened resistance of
etheric protection system.

Q: When you mention an "original malady," what do you mean, specifically?

A: Muscular. Think of it as the etheric equivalent of bacteria invading a cavity.

Q: So, something broke through the veil of an etheric nature?

A: Yes.

Q: Can we identify them?

A: Represented by those who wish you were not as aware and as communicative as you
are; i.e. 4th density STS.

Q: Was it a spirit attachment, or was it more like a pipeline pumping in negative

A: Closer to latter. Recent events indicate attack. Vigilance should be powered up! Ark
has also been "under the gun."

Q: So, we should be expecting attack?

A: Expecting it then countering it thusly.

Q: What aspect of our lives, which of our activities, was the origin of the weakness:
financial, emotional, or what?

A: The origin is not nearly so important as the awareness/vigilance.

Q: Well, the upcoming attack mode you have identified: is it going to be psychic,
emotional, financial, or what?

A: Psychic, of course. This can affect all other realms obviously! We have discussed
this before. And, be always aware

28May2013 said:
Q: (Belibaste) So this guy we were talking about then, he got lightning struck seven times. He was really afraid of thunder. And his wife was struck once when he was next to her. What is specific in this guy because nobody gets struck by lightning seven times! What is specific in this guy?

A: His inner connections.

Q: (Belibaste) Inner connections are just... (Perceval) Genetic?

A: Can be.

Q: (Belibaste) Inner connections, it means the inner connections are faulty because it's a kind of disintegration that was mentioned before? What kind of connections are we talking about?

A: Triple cycle veil of consciousness bodies.

Q: (Perceval) You asked! (L) I ain't openin' that can of worms! I’ve got other questions to ask. (Belibaste) There are three bodies? What are they? (Perceval) Triple cycle... (L) Triple cycle of what? (Belibaste) What are the three bodies?

A: Psychic/consciousness, genetic, high soul family.

Q: (Athena) That makes it so much clearer! (Belibaste) If it's not correctly connected... (L) Once they said something like hypnosis was opening a door to the unconscious. So I would say then the unconscious is connected to the superconscious, and then the superconscious is connected to other superconsciousnesses at some other level. But an individual must have... (Perceval) It seems like it's an anomaly with this guy. There's something about his makeup that is different. Otherwise he would not be hit by lightning seven times. (Athena) He just really needed a shock. (Ailen) And they're talking about a veil of consciousness. (L) I don't want to go in that direction. If we start going there, we'll never get all of our other questions in! But I think I remember them saying something about some kind of triple body. And they were talking about tears in some kind of veil, tears in the ethereal body. That's what they were talking about.

{The reference is to session 7 Oct 1995 already quoted above}

(L) Okay, this is kind of shooting in the dark, but... Could it be that somebody who has some kind of genetic, or even an inner consciousness connection to like a negative or entropic entity could attract that sort of thing?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) It's like an exorcism by lightning. (Belibaste) And actually we asked during the last session to what extent having this problem... how they attract these cosmic or electrical events. I think it was said it was partly electric, and partly other. I guess this consciousness connection is... (L) And while you could look at somebody on earth that didn't ask to be born this way, but the very fact that they were born and connected in some higher consciousness way to an overlord of entropy so to speak, is just kind of the way things are. Some animals are born lions, some crocodiles, some are dogs, some are cats. We are what we are. (Ark) Let me take opportunity to ask about ball lightning. Are they purely electric phenomena, or are they also related to consciousness or...?

A: Transdimensional portals made manifest.

Q: (Ark) Does it mean that the current theory of electromagnetism is really bad because it has nothing to do with transdimensionality?

A: Yes.


The Force is Strong With This One
Yes, these excerpts are on point for the broader discussion which ought to be had on this topic. It is never enough to blindly believe in something at face value, because countercurrents tend to run as deep as currents do and everything winds up on a grayscale as a result of this.

I'm glad to see this thread already started, highly related to this is the second webinar discussing project red dog, briefly, an artifact of considerable significance in northern Canada:

In watching this and connecting the topics discussed back over to Moksha, one can't help but wonder what the Atlantians were dealing with, how similar it was to what we are dealing with now. Also closely related is another upcoming presentation regarding Antarctica. That there are artifacts of significance in geographic locations that are now at the extremes of the planet speaks of how long ago this may have been. But then, how long does it take to wipe clean almost all evidence of a previous go at using planet earth for farming up a civilization?

And what's the deal with the asteroid belt that used to be a planet?

Remote Viewing is indeed similar to clairvoyance in the sense that ultimately, success is going to have more to do with alignment of the individual than with whatever skill they think they've developed due to practice. Although practice is necessary to clear away noise from the signal, the raw energetic alignment of the individual is what gives them a chance at picking up a signal at all in the first place.

Otherwise, they are, metaphorically speaking, just tuning that radio dial up and down in the hopes of hitting a station, and you better believe that the station they are looking for is NOT the only one broadcasting.

So absolutely, there is the potential to get much worse than just bunk make believe data, you can pick up rather intentional misinformation as well.

One safeguard against this is corroboration of multiple RVers.

But ultimately, the focus should probably be on pure receivership capability regardless of what particicular carrier/modulator combination you decide to use (RV, clairvoyance, ouija board, etc.)

Now, all of this discussion is to create a bit of context for the main thing I'd hoped to discuss in a new thread, but may as well just try and lead the conversation in this thread towards instead.

This artifact discussed in project Red Dog, in the other video, is almost certainly to be used for the purpose of bypassing the grid trap around earth, and the context given about it being for "those left behind" suggests a kind of mass exodus that is not entirely clean. There would be something like a massive staged escape from this grid trap surrounding earth but the line separating those able to go and those unable to go would not be so neat.

When we think about disappearing civilizations, it's not too hard to imagine something like this synchronized with something like what we are starting to see now, the incredibly gradual planned demolition of a society, done in such a way so as to make them think it was by their own doing.

It's not as though we ever had a chance at developing a sustainable civilization, we were forced to grow in wildly unsustainable manner and there was no way Tesla or anyone else would be allowed to correct the course.

In terms of creating the largest possible amount of the kind of energy we generate within this trap before we evolve to the point where we wake up to what's going on, this is probably the way to do it, I suppose. Get it while the getting's good.

Designing the ideal collapse of civilization takes practice, you can't keep each power plan(e)t on indefinitely, but as long as you have a good network of them across your conquested part of the universe, your overall energy levels won't slip much when one planet goes down here or there, ready to be wiped clean for another cycle.

Anyhow, it's important not to go too far into this as it paints too pessimistic of an outlook for our future.

Some RVers such as myself focus on more fringe areas of the field, such as RVing the probability matrix of the future. Our probability matrix has been improving steadily over the past decade or so.

This has everything to do with the help described by the C's and the form it will take. Without them needing to tell us directly, it should start to become evident to us how this is going to take shape over the next little while.

Sometimes I suppose they must find it challenging to have to communicate with us in our own language. The channels receivership was ultimately meant to transmit on bypasses this completely, allowing for a much richer broadcast so long as our minds expand in scope to allow for the additional spectrum.

In doing our work on ourselves, we should not forget to check in from time to time as to whether we are receiving. It may be that many are receive-ready and just aren't tuning in, perhaps too humble to believe themselves capable of doing so on their own.


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Came across this topic again and it is interesting that there are various sources talking about people being tricked in the afterlife into reincarnating again. The Farsight remote viewers came up with similar results in their "Death Traps" video. The preview of it:

In some ways, even ancient texts like the Tibetan Book of Dead are similar. In it, people are instructed to see that whatever or whoever they see after death is an illusion and instead to focus on their Higher Self connection basically. Which is what is supposed to bring liberation from the reincarnation cycle.

The whole "Food For The Moon" idea that Gurdjieff and others talked about seems to suggest some sort of extremely advanced etheric machine or matrix around the planet and on the Moon. Which could very well include deception mechanisms in the afterlife - to make us use our free will to agree to further enslavement. Just like it happens on Earth during incarnation.

The question is: Which parts of all this information about the "afterlife" are deception and which are true?
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