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For those who are curious about cryptocurrencies, you can download CryptoTab (developed by Google) to your PC and Phone.

You can use it as a regular browser like Chrome and it mines Bitcoin at background. If you download it from the link I gave you, we will mine it together by forming a network (picture below). Once you are member of a network, you get commission for each hash (Bitcoin hash) that is cracked...


So, if any of you wanna earn a bit of Bitcoin (obviously this will not make you rich) please download CryptoTab from this link: [link removed by moderator]

Btw, it doesn't require too much battery power or RAM. Think like Whatsapp always sending information at background in your phone... So let's mine together :-D.

Thanks for reading...
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- CryptoTab mining Bitcoin or is it just another scam?
No, it is not a scam. You can go and read about it on web.

It will never make you rich but it will get you some Bitcoin. The reason why people use it is because whenever you are online on CryptoTab, it mines Bitcoin online. So, you do not have to do anything extra, just use their product.
A review from coinpedia.org:

Crypto Tab Browser Pros and Cons


  • It has built-in mining features
  • The interface is user-friendly and customizable
  • The browser is lightning fast and lightweight
  • Crypto tab offers users accessibility over mobile phones.
  • Import data from another browser and sync across multiple devices.
  • The referral program is attractive


  • Overwrites google chrome after sync
  • Automatically becomes the default browser without permission.
  • It starts automatically every time you start your system.
  • The support is not up to the mark
  • It does not block advertisements and trackers

Concluding Thought

Crypto Tab browser could be proven a good source of income for the crypto lovers and followers. The real potential of Crypto Browser is for those who can recruit others. The more friends on social networking, the more chance of income.

Personally I don't see the attractiveness of it. If it was also developed by Google, that has its own separate Pros and Cons list.
@VITRIOL, did you do the math for electricity consumption? For any additional CPU usage, even 1%, your computer will consume more electricity, which you will pay for in the end. I never looked into crypto currencies, but I could imagine that on such small scale mining and with lower efficiency (CPU instead of powerfull GPUs etc.) you might end up paying more for the mining than you earn?
It's a clever ruse to be part of a botnet that skims most of your earnings. Don't do it.

Edit: There's loads of Malware out there that essentially does this very thing to your computer under your nose. Instead this is where you get a small cut.
VITRIOL that browser is a waste of time and money. Recommending it wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't for the fact that you posted your own affiliate link so you could grow your own potential income without disclosing that little tidbit of info. That makes your attempt to paint the suggestion of using the browser as good and useful in its own right (which it isn't) seem rather duplicitous.

From what I gathered skimming through that document it's not a nuanced take on the subject and not really related to the subject at hand, but since you bring it up here's a more thorough and enlightened analysis of Bitcoin:

Essentially, Bitcoin and cryptos are like the internet. The internet was created by the Deep State for control, but here we are using it as a tool for our liberation. Likewise, the rise of cryptos has been and is being used for the rolling out of more control mechanisms, but they can also be used for liberative purposes should we be so inclined to use them in that way. Up to us to decide how we use these technologies, or not.
Yep, looks like you want to raise your earnings by getting members to be a part of it. That's a bit cheeky if that's the case.

I get the same impression, it reminded me of a cousin a few years ago who was hellbent on getting me to sign up to become a seller for a herbalife type product, and after telling me all the "benefits" of the product, he then proceeded to tell me how easy it would be to become rich if I only convinced some people to sell under me.

He showed me videos of the conferences he attended to with rich people, the "before I drove my lambogninii, I used to drive a used toyota..."
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