Meet 'Mikey', a very furry feline


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Hi, just wanted to show you a picture of my cat 'Mikey'. Ten years ago he made his way to my sister's house on a cold dark winter's night. He was a tiny black furry kitten and, according to the vet, his pads were so raw he must have been walking for miles. He was very dehydrated but my sister took him in and nursed him back to health. Unfortunately her other cats didn't like him around so I offered to give him a home. Recently he was injured, which unfortunately was my fault. I accidentally injured him reversing out the driveway. He was bruised, in a lot of pain and very traumatised but thankfully he's making a good recovery. It was a close call but he's still around thank goodness:-)😺

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Pleased he's making a good recovery. Mikey looks a lovely cat.
Hope your recovering as well from the traumatic experience of injuring him.
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