How to start? The introduction is always the hardest part of writing anything... especially when there is SO much to say. I suppose I can get right to the point of my post - what made me REALLY want to post in the first place - the subject of McFeudalization.
Don't reach for the dictionary or the handy-dandy Google search-bar because it is a word I made up while in the process of writing a paper about it. It is a paper that grew on itself: as I read more about the general subject (Ritzer's McDonaldization theory to which I was introduced in class), I ended up seeing connections to other areas, and started visualizing my original idea in a completely new light. The end result is a combination of two seemingly unrelated theories (Ritzer's McDonaldization and Mowshowitz's Virtual Organization), visualized through the historical Middle Ages and thus given the name of McFeudalization. My definition of the process of McFeudalization (as stated in the paper) is as follows:
"The elimination of the middle class through further rationalization of the human behavior and thought processes lead to the dehumanization of society, in which the majority becomes subjected to the political, economic, and psychological dominance of a relatively small number of professionals who rule through consumerism in the post-modernistic era, aided by the intangibility of the virtual organization of the fundamental systems of society, including government, economy, education, etc."
Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Well, when I wrote this paper just under a year ago as my final for English class I had NO connections to this web-site or any of the ideas presented within. I may have heard of the phrase "New World Order" but back then I thought it was purely economic, just another word for globalization (which I also thought was a good thing). Needless to say, by the time I was finished with this paper, I developed a different outlook on things and I began to think more openly and critically. I won't bore you with the whole story, but six months later, I stumbled upon Laura's Wave Series and was consciously awakened to the path of truth. And now, another four months later, here I am, thinking I have something to contribute to this amazing web-site and to the people who maintain and read it.
So, without further ado, I give you my paper, posted in a blog the same month it was finished. I don't know why I posted it then, all I know is that I had a feeling that I should (kind of like the feeling I got telling me I should post it on this forum), and over time I almost forgot about it. I recently updated the formatting of the original entry to make it somewhat easier to read. I also added a new introduction to the overall blog, but the paper itself remains purely original. Here is the link:

It can also be found on the forum of the web-site that I found recently as I was surfing the net. I was curious to see if other people might have thought the same as me and wanted to contribute, but the forum there is unfortunately kind of dead. I wouldn't recommend reading it there because there is no HTML-enabled formatting, so it's kind of a pain to read. Here is the link:

I invite you all to read and comment on it, but please keep in mind that it was written BEFORE I found Laura's written works and this web-site. I look forward to any discussion that might come about as well.

And finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank all of you here who make this site work and show us a world that is closer to the truth - you are indispensable to my ongoing process of awakening. I believe a special Thank-You has to go to Laura - your work on the Wave Series has literally opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.


Well, it has certainly been a while since I posted the above. I feel like I have changed much since then. I feel different. I've definitely read up on many important works - mostly those recommended by this wonderful website - and the knowledge therein has opened up a horrible yet liberating reality.

Finals being over at school, I decided to look over my old posts and writings. I noticed that the more I got into the Cass material and related readings, the more this knowledge impacted the way I functioned and thought at school and life in general.

A shift of priorities took place and I started remembering myself more and more. I began to see things differently - on another level - from movies, to news, to human behavior. Depression took hold when it finally hit me how messed up the world was, and how 'dirty' I was inside - my mechanicalness became almost unbearable to observe; it still hits me oftentimes. It's tough to operate in this world knowing what I have learned in this past year - and it is now officially ONE year since I found the Cassiopaea site randomly online. Integrating this knowledge and understanding it has been exceptionally hard - the process is ongoing.

To crudely monitor this process and mark any progress, I have changed the original blog that I have 'advertised' here into a collection of my written work over time. This is mostly work that I have written for school, as I do not do personal writing or blogging; nonetheless, it is stuff I have written with the mind-sets I had at the time I wrote these pieces.

If anyone is interested in reading, the new link is:

There's not much more I can say that hasn't already been said numerous times by other fellow seekers here on this forum, so let me just reiterate my THANKS to the SOTT and Cass team for being my guiding light ever since I found you. I truly appreciate your tireless efforts in bringing this vital knowledge to the world.
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