Maybe getting a dog – any advice?


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I can see your bolding. I don't think it is a Brave problem. I use Brave and can see when I make text bold or italic, as soon as I type here.
Yep, same here.
Use Vivaldi, I have both Vivaldi and Brave and after trying both, I now use Vivaldi.
I have them both, too, and for me Brave is better as I can't get a toolbar to come up on Vivaldi. Plus, it's a bit too complicated for me as I'm not that computer savvy.


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Whichever way you go, best wishes for a new loving family member!

Yes, good luck aragorn in whatever you decide.

Fwiw, have had both pure breed and rescue, and the latter, each one, have been great dogs - brought to us when young (and be aware of psychological problems) wherein positive imprinting is achievable and the vet has given them a good going over. Most importantly, there has been connection with the doggie in the first place, and not the first pick.

PS. Mutt in North America is sometimes referred to in slang as a Heinz 57. The rescues above were just that, some type of cross, although slightly dominant to one breed.

Regarding Brave:

I have them both, too, and for me Brave is better as I can't get a toolbar to come up on Vivaldi. Plus, it's a bit too complicated for me as I'm not that computer savvy.

Recently switched to it and was surprised that it copies formatted articles really well (fonts, colour, quotes) unlike what was being used (Firefox).


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In the midst of everything around the world going downhill, our project of lifting up our spirits in the family by getting a dog is almost completed. After a lot of searching and many phone calls (in which dog breeders interviewed me extensively :scared:) we've now been promised a puppy at the end of August. It's a standard Schnautzer (boy), and we just visited the breeder (for the second time) a couple of days ago, and held the puppy in our arms. I'm attaching a (cropped) image in which our daughter is holding it. We've been thinking hard about a name for the dog, and so far the winning proposal is Igor. Isn't he cute!? :-)



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Okay, a little update to this thread and a couple of questions.

Two weeks ago the day finally arrived when I picked up our puppy from the breeder and brought him home. It was a three hour drive and I was alone, so it was a bit of a challenge. The first 5min he howled and whined, trying to get out of the wooden box I had built. Slowly he 'accepted his fate' but during the drive he threw up 4 times probably due to excitement and stress. Luckily I've handled dogs previously, so I didn't panic or anything. :cool2:

I'm sure you know the 'puppy routines' so I don't have to repeat them here (nipping, chewing, exploring, 'potty training'), but it's been an intense two weeks! I've slept on a mattress beside him during the night, and now the two of us manage to sleep without interruption ca until 5:30 in the morning (luckily I'm an early bird anyways).

Igor has brought a lot of joy to our family and an appreciated distraction from the craziness and stressful things that are going on right now. The kids are full of joy as they wake up and as they come from school – they can't wait to greet Igor, and he's eager and happy to greet them (the nipping as he greets is sometimes a problem). My wife, who's never been a dog person, surprised me right from the first day by being very 'cuddly' with him, but I guess he's so adorable and cute you just can't resist. Igor has from the start accepted me as the leader of the pack, so I seldom have problems with him nipping me, and as he get anxious or tired he often wants to sleep in my lap. It's a bit funny, but I find myself talking to him, as some sort of therapy, saying things like, "You know, it is a really crazy world out there...".

Right now I think I'm on top of most things, but I wanted to ask those of you with experience and 'dog knowledge' about two things, the diet and vaccinations. I've read the mainstream manuals, but as it is with human dietary recommendations, I don't trust those sources.

So, could you point me to some reliable source/book/page about the healthiest possible diet for a dog (there's probably not one truth)? I've consulted @Seppo Ilmarinen and got good advice (thanks!), but I'd like to dive deeper. And puppies' diets are surely a bit different than adult dogs', yes?

And what's your take on the vaccinations? In my country there are mandatory vaccinations that I probably can't avoid him getting, but I'm curious if you've had any problems, and if you've given any prophylactic remedies before/after your dog's vaccinations? I've noticed, for instance, that they sell vitamin C for dogs – would it be an idea to add that to his food a couple of days before and after the vaccinations?

Attached a picture of Igor with a 'treasure' he found in the yard...:-D


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Awww, little Igor is so cute! What a lovely addition to the family :love: While I don't have any advice on vaccinations or diet, I would like to share a dog training person who posts a lot of informative videos on their Instagram. I don't even have a dog and I can't stop watching how he trains the dogs and what tips he shares. I remember there was a couple of videos on biting, but I'm sure there are ones on how to act when greeting your dog as well so they don't get all riled up and over excited. The guy's company is called Southend Dog Training.
Here is a link to a short video on puppy biting:
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I hope this helps a little. Enjoy your wee pup!


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Il est trop beau ce petit amour d'Igor... Faites lui tout plein de caresses de ma part... Merci beaucoup pour cette si jolie photo...
Pour les vaccins, d'autres sauront mieux vous dire que moi, les miens ont été vaccinés les 3 premières années, je n'en ai pas refait depuis...
Pour la nourriture, c'est encore un bébé, Deckard devrait pouvoir vous dire ce qu'il faut faire, il est vétérinaire...

He is too beautiful this little love of Igor... Give him a lot of caresses from me... Thank you very much for this so nice picture...
For the vaccines, others will be able to tell you better than me, mine were vaccinated the first 3 years, I have not done any since...
For the food, it is still a baby, Deckard should be able to tell you what to do, he is a vet...


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But Igor is so cute that I want to eat him! What a little beautiful dog. I laugh when you said talking to him about our crazy world. Dogs understand everything. They even read our thoughts and our soul. They are better then Freud.

About vaccinations, personally I gave to Arturo the first and second shot, that protected him from many bad virus but for now I still not gave him the rabies shot. I mean there is no rabies in my country apart the politicians but I am far away from them. If I have to travel, then I will give him the vaccine but I think I will not travel anymore if things continue as they are.

You can put more pictures of Igor, if you want... It is always so a pleasure to see wonderful dogs.


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Igor is an adorable little fella! :-)

I don't have a dog, but my brother has two: 12+ year old breton and a 6 month old black labradorian.
As he is a recreational hunter (mainly grouse), he takes the dogs to accompany him on the hunting trips.

Although the older one is advanced in age, he has not had any illnesses and seems to have quite a bit of energy for a dog his age. Likely the diet has played a part in his good health, which has been raw meat only (like @Jones suggested): minced meats, bones, organs, eggs, et cetera. My brother fed the younger one some kibble that the breeder gave him, but once it ran out, it was carnivorous diet from then on. He also purchased "extra virgin cod liver oil" capsules (I think Rosita is the only brand that makes the oil the old-fashioned way and it is supposed to be the most "natural" version of the stuff), and breaks a capsule into the puppy's food a couple of times per week.

Makes sense as dogs' ancestors, wolves, were/are carnivore.


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Faire attention avec les os, ils ne sont pas tous bons, surtout pas d'os de lapin et poulet...

Be careful with the bones, they are not all good, especially not rabbit and chicken bones...
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