Mathematical Composition of Qur'an Text based on 19 Number & Rashad Khalifa


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Hi,I'm typing from Turkey,24 years old.

I've been follower of Ra for years and became interested in C material about a year ago. Since then it attracts my attention.I was born in a religious muslim family and raised that way .Until 3 years ago I was religious but later became interested in 'spirituality' and channeling phenomenon.

During the years I was religious I encountered with something which is extraordinary.
In 1974,Muslim biochemist Rashad Khalifa announced that there's mathematical structure in qur'an text based on a prime number:19. After studying his arguments it was so clear for me that he was right.There was strict,quite complex mathematical structure which rules the amount of letters,words,chapters etc. When you go deeper it shatters.I'm really in struggle with this system because there's also a prophecy in 74th chapter called "Hidden" which corresponds the discovery or announce year of 19 system; the first sentence of surah's numerical value(based on "abjad"system) corresponds exactly 1974!
This sentence consisted of 19 letters and says "O you hidden,wake up and warn".

Before this discovery some interesting findings were present at that time.I'll just give you two examples that I hope it'll attract your attention;
-the word "day"(yawm) is mentioned in text exactly 365 times(as singular and without derivatives)
-the word "month"(shehr) is mentioned exactly 12 times with same account rule.

But the "code" or "system" let's say which is based on 19 number is quite complex and really indicates "non-human" origin since it also includes a 'prophecy' which requires a knowledge beyond 'time' as we know.As very,very simple introduction you may check this;

MIracle of 19 in the Quran

And one of quite powerful examples of the system:

Furthermore system's discoverer Rashad Khalifa claimed that "he contacted with Gabriel and said to him he's messanger of God".That really shaked the Muslim media or whatever at its time.
So there're many questions I have;
What was the origin of Qur'an? How did it prophesize its discovery year? Who-with which purpose- designed this text? Prime number? "Mystics"? How did the author played with these words so sharply?
I believe it also implies some kind of intervention to some arabic words in order to design such as system. So how did those things happen? It is really a big dilemma for me. I feel vulnerable,can't explain it with my knowledge. I feel 'forced' to accept its 'divinity' although I have negative approach to it(Islam).

I crave for help. Can it be asked to C's? Really want that.

I crave for help. Can it be asked to C's? Really want that.

Hi tky, for bigining your quest I would advise you to use the " search" function of the forum, it may bring you some informations about the subjects you're looking for...! At least what have been written about them in percedent posts. Cheers :-)
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