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Here are some of our albums, we just made a data base of some of our work over 10 years and came up with twenty plus albums... Now is time to spread the sounds... If you make music now, join us on this thread so we can share and connect.

Our next album: LIFE BITES, will be released through Bandcamp/ Soundcloud etc. soon:
On the stove I am also preparing some soundtrack stuff:
MissRoBee (Ann) has an album that we are rereleasing for Oct.21st also:
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING AND PLEASE IF YOU ARE AN INDEPENDENT COMPOSER, SONGWRITER, ETC, CONNECT YOUR DOTS WITH BLUETOAD, one never knows when music may become a most important way to connect with unique like-minded people, as if it wasn't always? Artists, authors, musicians, thinkers, let's tinker through together rather than isolated!

_ Daniel (Ann is busy right now...)


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That MissRoBee's album has biggest potential I think. The previous two are, imho, too monotonic, not so inventive, without real gradation or impuls. But who am I to criticize? Great you are creating stuff! I would definitely enjoy jamming with you if I found some time for it. I have put collective playing on a side for a long while now and although I am not technically skilled at all, I do have a good sense for rhythm and melody so anytime I pick up my instrument the energy flow is instant. Wish you all the best with your projects!


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Thank you Anka,
it's important to have a critical viewpoint and thank you for your observations. I mostly agree... Do you have any work onlline we can listen to?

On the other hand, the beauty of today is that we can also make a difference, once we've decided what should be changed, we can work together at great distance as in the following songs which we are all done in collaboration with artists we mostly have never physically met. Freestying it of sorts! The result can be stunning:



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Hey thanks for the sharing of your stuff. Nice work. Recently got some music equipment and put some instrumentals on SoundCloud too:
Thank you alkhemst - we will listen for sure!

This album has gained some traction as I learn to use social media and promotional tool! Though we make #indiemusic and do it out of passion for creation, a little ego boost never hurts. :-)

An Zéro / Year Zero, an album made up of 14 #songs in french. Recorded between 2014 and today, my #spokenword pieces range from #blues to #EDM. Mostly #chill though. Emphasis on the #poésie, #chanson. This #playlist version is available on Soundcloud.

Voici 14 de mes chansons/ spokenword sous le couvert d'un album intitulé AN ZÉRO. #québécois #chanson #variétés #spokenword
Merci d'écouter notre travail:

DanleMiel / MissRoBee @BlueToad
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NOPE! The Russians didn't did it, it's a BlueToad album, fool!!!
Either life bites, or we bit chunks off to mix our songs from it, you go figure?! It’s perpetually in progress like the rest of the univers(e). Hope you like it.

My life partner's english version of a pretty cool slow dance song! Or so I feel?!

eng.above) Nah! Les Russes n’ont rien fait, c’est un pavé de BlueToad.
Soit la vie mord, ou nous en avons mordu des bouts pour colliger nos chansons! C’est en perpétuelle évolution comme le reste de l’univers. Nous espérons que ça vous plaira!
Radargram – original compo
MissRoBee - remix, vocals, addl instru
DanleMiel - Lyrics


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JAKE DASILVA - "let it go and move on" - Soundcloud indie artists
  • Thank you for listening. Please only follow me if you like my music. I only follow people I listen to. What’s the point otherwise.
  • +++Fortryllende Skog – 6 new piano tracks available to hear on the website+++
  • Broken Bones (Instrumental), by Jake Dasilva
You never know where a song is going until it reaches the end. I always listen from start to finish for that very reason.

Love collaborating with anyone from any genre.

I make music to help get stuff off my chest so I can let it go and move on.

Please also listen to any of the tracks I’ve reposted. They are all fantastic tracks by creative geniuses and humble souls.

A singer songwriter from the south coast of England. Inspirations include creative and innovative artists like Kate Bush, New Order, Human League, Annie Lennox, right through to Mumford & Sons, Missy Elliott, Tiesto, Florence & The Machine, The Killers and The National. Old skool pop, rock, hip-hop, r’n’b, soul, and house all the way.

The source and inspiration for the music comes from personal experiences, observations, daydreams, nightmares, and hopes for the future.

Epic vocals, relentless beats – love and light from the darkness always triumphs.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2016 – 2019

« BlueToad really enjoys Jake Dasilva’s composition, lyrics and vocal interpretations. In the last 3 years we have listened, and watched him become a truly vibrant artist in the independent music world. Present on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, his work denotes a strong will to share sometimes very dark feelings through music. That is something we have in common with Jake, whereas we think his work is of a superior order than ours. He is focused while I am all over the place! Did I say I can be jealous? Ahaha… We love his work and you should give it a listen if you enjoy #synthwave #synthpoems #spokenword and #artrock #sonic #folktronica – for a LACK OF BETTER TAGS. »

  • DanleMiel


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Making music for us has been a therapeutic process that knows no bound. Our machines keep us alert and busy, just yearning to get up the morning and move to the next step, project, connexion, meeting!

We started working our vocals in collaboration with a young french self-taught electromusic composer based in Lille, Fr. (Ludovic aka RADARGRAM) Creating the music takes time, whereas - for a poet - if the music is already there, even better than mine, here we go!

Beginning with one instrumental, I wrote 2 songs, one in french one in english. Ann did the english demo, and got more involved, adding instruments, moving stuff around:
I stuck to the french lyrics and had Ann do some backups.
Here are our latest updated versions, these are exclusive: (smile)
Have a great holiday season, and thank you L & A & familly & co & the C's.
We'll have a more 'in the spirit song' here for you all before soon!
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Thank you C's children for listening to our work. Here is a demo that MissRoBee put out from a series we are working on in french. The album will be called; MIEUX ICI QU'EN FACE (Better here than across the street) which has 13 french indie artists from France contributing to songs begun in French Canada or Québec if you like!

With the events happening in France for more than a year, we feel it is important for the Québécois to wake up to the international turmoil (here all we ever see or hear is: Washingtonne this Washingdone that!

is an Ode to the Gilets Jaunes movement from the perspective of Québécois with FRENCH artists living in France now - for our 2020VISION TOUR...

MissRoBee (Ann Robitaille) & DanleMiel (Daniel Guimond)
= BlueToadBand
#funk #latinFunk #indiemusic #indés #poésie #spokenword #québécois #francophone #neoJazz #postpop #deeppop

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