Lyme disease - treatment and options


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I would start on the doxy straight away and then maybe try to add metronidazole.

Starting with doxy would also palliate any detox reaction. The protocol is basically what zak posted earlier. Horowitz is a member of that association. There are several options and the most practical is to do doxy, metro and perhaps finish with some amoxicillin or azythromicin. If I were you, I would say that you have an intolerance to fluoroquinolones (ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, etc). In my experience, people of Caucasian descent fare much worse with fluoroquinolones.

The protocol includes plaquenil which makes the doxy work better. It is a drug used in malaria and rheumatoid arthritis. If you take alternative support, I think that could be obviated.

Remember to take doxy with a tall glass of water, without any dairy, don't get exposed to the sun or you'll get a rash. Don't lay down after taking doxy either.

Treatment success sometimes depends on antibiotic tolerance. You have to rest. Stressful activities would likely make you nauseated. Make sure you tolerate the probiotics as well.

Should you take metronidazol, make sure to take a good complex B vitamins.


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Remember to take doxy with a tall glass of water, without any dairy, don't get exposed to the sun or you'll get a rash. Don't lay down after taking doxy either.

And don't take any alcohol with metronidazole - bad reactions!
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Hi Luc,

I just saw that on my FB page today and fwiw, here's a screenshot:

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #067 - 'Facebook' - www_facebook_com.png
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Some interesting links to Gandalf's post:
Eva Sapi, Ph.D. - University of New Haven

A short video: this video is a 10 minute clip, part of a 70 minute interview with Dr. Sapi from the University of New Haven. She is credited with being the first researcher to demonstrate that Lyme spirochetes can actually create their own complex biofilm community to survive indefinitely within their hosts; both human and animal.

Two video longer:

And to sum up shortly:
Dr. Richard Horowitz M.D. - 2017 Lyme Conference - Presenting ideas from his latest book - YouTube
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Fascinating, thanks Gandalf! Just ordered pure Stevia extract and will experiment with it by gradually increasing daily intake. The study you referred to has tested Stevia's anti-Lyme properties in vitro, and it seems to do something even in the lab. Here's the abstract:

Lyme disease is a tick-borne multisystemic disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. Administering antibiotics is the primary treatment for this disease; however, relapse often occurs when antibiotic treatment is discontinued. The reason for relapse remains unknown, but recent studies suggested the possibilities of the presence of antibiotic resistant Borrelia persister cells and biofilms. In this study, we evaluated the effectiveness of whole leaf Stevia extract against B. burgdorferi spirochetes, persisters, and bio-film forms in vitro. The susceptibility of the different forms was evaluated by various quantitative techniques in addition to different microscopy methods. The effectiveness of Stevia was compared to doxycycline, cefoperazone, daptomycin, and their combinations. Our results demonstrated that Stevia had significant effect in eliminating B. burgdorferi spirochetes and persisters. Sub-culture experiments with Stevia and antibiotics treated cells were established for 7 and 14 days yielding, no and 10% viable cells, respectively compared to the above-mentioned antibiotics and antibiotic combination. When Stevia and the three antibiotics were tested against attached biofilms, Stevia significantly reduced B. burgdorferi forms. Results from this study suggest that a natural product such as Stevia leaf extract could be considered as an effective agent against B. burgdorferi.

Added: I'm still taking the doxycycline (200mg/day), and upped my iodine intake. So far, my Erythema Migrans hasn't become bigger, but hasn't shrunk either (it's definetely EM as far as I can tell). It also hurts sometimes, especially if I'm more active than I should right now. I'm planning to observe it for a bit longer, and if I don't see the EM getting better (if that is a good indication at all?), I'm planning to go back to the doctor and ask her to add another antibiotic and/or prolong the treatment. The Stevia thing sounds interesting as well.

Hororwitz' book takes forever to arrive, I think I'll just go with the kindle version to hopefully get some basic understanding of this strange disease.
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I was bitten by a tick in the spring of 2015, got a rash (no bull's eye) but didn't pay attention to it until symptoms started to manifest early 2016. I started taking iodine around the end of 2015 and symptoms started to appear around the time I stopped - it's possible that the iodine fed the bacteria and kind of triggered the infection (it's just my take on it), or I didn't take enough iodine to nuke it. But I had to stop the iodine because my TSH levels had fallen very low (bad case of hyperthyroidism, which might have been partly caused by the infection… this Lyme stuff really wreaks havoc on your whole system).
Anyway, I did the Elispot test at the end of 2016 and it came back positive for Borrelia (just "above the threshold-positive"), along with a co-infection of Chlamydia pneumoniae.
Here's the protocol I was prescribed by my doctor: amoxicilline + azithromycine (the latter for the chlamydia) for 3 weeks along with a course of homeopathic and herbal remedies. 2 months later: a 4 week course of metro (+ homeopathy and herbal remedies). I alternated between different remedies and supplements, including coffee and probiotic enemas, various supplements, acupuncture… I also took several courses of an essential oil complex very similar to Tic-Tox: Alternativ' Aroma, by Salvia (in liquid form). Though it took almost a year to get over it, that did it for me. You have to attack the critters on all possible fronts and leave them no respite! Hang in there :hug2:


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attack the critters on all possible fronts: I agree. Adding vit C (IV if possible, high dose) and Mg (magnesium) locally and generally (per os or IV intraveinous) will help too.


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A little update - I did the following protocol: 21 days of doxycycline, moderate dose of iodine, plus grapeseed extract (a supplement) which according to Horowitz helps killing the Lyme bacteria when they retreat to their cyst form, and high doses of stevia extract (as per the research Gandalf shared). I also took Serrazimes that Horowitz recommends and thar are supposed to help the immune system deal with the disease.

Horowitz says that the doxycycline alone kills the bugs in 70% of the cases if it is taken early after the infection (which I did), so I hope that between the doxy and the supplements, I got rid of it. The rash disappeared in the course of the treatment and I have no symptoms, but that isn't a guarantee that I got rid of it completely.

If you want to be completely sure, Horowitz recommends a very intense protocol with doxy and 2 more antibiotics and for an even longer period of time. I was considering going that route, but the doctor was completely unwilling to go there. I tried to play it nice at first with her (doctor), but that way I kind of had no way out other than telling her what a complete incompetent waste she is! She really was incredibly clueless, and probably would never have prescribed me more antibiotics anyway. Definitely the last time that I see her, and a good lesson about how to (not) deal with doctors. But frankly, I just didn't want to bother making the rounds to find a doctor I could bully into giving me the prescriptions, so I just left it at that. I hope the protocol did the trick, and if not and I'll develop symptoms at some point, at least I know.

Thanks again for the excellent advice everyone!


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There is some real breakthrough information I have found after listening to the first 5 talks on the Lyme Summit on 15th April.

I only got access from 5pm our time so had to stay up until 3am to complete notes on all the Day 1 talks. I suggest that anyone with Lyme – and that could be you! -purchase the full set, as I have not found better information to date. I purchased a set for $99 – for 35 talks. There is also a book of transcripts from the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit.

I have obtained permission to share this information and think you will be as shocked as I was, by the latest findings. I am now seriously pacing the time I spend getting through the talks as my left eye socket was heavily inflamed the next morning.

The person I was most impressed with is Dietrich Klinghardt – MD PHD, who luckily trains doctors and has clinics in Germany, USA, UK and Switzerland. It is definitely the protocol I choose to do myself – as it is the least invasive, and has been very cleverly researched. Also inspiring is the fact that it is not expensive for people to be able to duplicate the healing, with his training!

  • Lyme is more common than breast cancer, and has a link to breast cancer.
  • It is a link to many illnesses and there are over 150 symptoms to Lyme,
  • It is the plague of the century – worldwide epidemic.
  • ‘We have not found a single breast cancer patient that does NOT have Lyme. We find Lyme patients that do not have breast cancer but not visa versa.
  • In fact with this test it is VERY RARE to find ANY illness, including high blood pressure, high chloresterol, heart disease – where Lyme is NOT involved.
  • It has pretty much seized the ENTIRE POPULATION.
  • These pathogens – aka ‘Lyme’ just like to clog up cardiovascular lymphatic tissue, the breast is such a vast amount of lymphatic drainage points.
  • Lyme actually likes to live in the lymph nodes and causes a huge alteration in our immune system functions, and it explains a lot of illnesses – that need to use a compromised immune system to get started from.
  • Talking with geneticists Borrelia and Bartonella can be two totally different bugs.
  • Most Borrelia bugs have 30 genes we are now finding them with 800 genes. ~The lower the number the easiest to treat. However, those with 800 genes are MAN-MADE!!
  • The man-made variety is FAR HARDER to treat than the naturally occurring variety that has been around for over 5000 years.
  • There are over 100 strains of Borrelia in the USA – over 300 across the world.
  • The strains have been determined on the PCR testing. {Your genome may be as long as the sentences are in the entire bible. When you do PCR testing you take one page of that book and compare it with what you have in the petri dish.} So may be far more strains still.
  • What genetists have found is that some strains of Borrelia Burgdorfii may have 32 genes and other strains of B.Burgdorfii cannot be differentiated from any of the tests that are available – they have 837 genes – being much more adaptable, have much more penetration, being much much much more difficult to treat.
  • Even though in the lab that is currently available – both LOOK the same but different DNA. We are not going to easily crack that one.
  • Spread of Lyme: Bartonella is MORE PREVELENT THAN LYME. It is CARRIED BY FLEAS.
  • 90% of cats in USA carry BARTONELLA. This transfers to humans. Main carriers – pets eg dogs etc. – that are in many homes now. There is an infestation of cats in homes worldwide. The flea gets bored from the blood of the cat so bites the kids or teenager. THAT CAN VERY WELL SPELL THE END OF INTELLIGENCE AND HEALATH FOR THE NEXT 30-40 YEARS. Until someone makes a diagnosis and treats is appropriately
  • People have been so overly obsessed with the tick bites. I get sick when I hear those saying tick-borne disease. Most mutations, of severe, persistent Lyme disease, have NEVER had a tick bite, they had a spider bite or a flea bite – borne diseases but NOT
  • Tick borne disease. The ticks are there too – but most people know when they are bitten by a tick. Most people do NOT know when they have been bitten by a MOSQUITO, or a small SPIDER, that has come into the house in October, when small spiders come into the house. Everyone remembers the tick bites, but not the OTHER bites, that ALSO carry the SAME MICROBES – OR EVEN WORSE!
  • Of 200 people we tested, ONLY 3 people did NOT have Lyme.
  • Lyme is connected with many cancers.
Latest on Lyme Testing and Treatments
How Ultrasound can help Lyme testing
Pathogens causing mitochondrial dysfunction
Treatment to penetrate biofilm safely

Sophia Health Institute –
Autonomous Response testing
Chronic Pain and Illness

Proper Lyme testing – Autonomic response testing – Applied Kinesiology.
A conglomerate of EDV electrodermal screening, energetic testing.
Energetic testing – Procedures
Found more patients than lab tests
Blood test is insufficient

Found that Lyme is highly compartmentalized. It sets up sanctuaries in different body compartments. Lyme is NOT LIVING IN THE BLOOD in chronic Lyme. It may be in the acute Lyme, but not in Chronic Lyme.

The tests look in the blood for something that is not living in the blood.

Sanctuaries ie: in the right hippocampus but not in the entire brain. Maybe in the brain stem, but not in the liver. Maybe in your disk 4 or 5 but not in other disks etc.

It does NOT normally stray into the bloodstream and the blood is where the immune system is. It lives in biofilm – it lives in the cell but it doesn’t stray. ANY TESTS that use the blood as the tissue where the Lyme is looked for, is like looking for gold in a bakery. It is a great mistake made in medicine looking for the immune parameters you may find in the blood. But in real chronic Lyme the white blood cells are NOT in contact with the microbes. You also don’t get the immune activation that you can check in the lab. So MANY chronic cases go undiagnosed for these basic reasons

Dr Marco Ruggiero is the world’s best ultrasound technologist.

We know that when you put ultrasound on a cellular compound or a group of cells it squeezes and relaxes cells at a very high speed. And squeezes out things from the cell that should not be in there.

Ultrasound Technique
Dr Marco Ruggiero
Squeezes and Relaxes Cells
Forces Microbes out
Excreted in Urine

If you apply ultrasound to an area where you suspect Lyme etc., then those microbes are forced in to the connective tissue and some of them will stray from there into the blood, and some of them will be excreted through the kidneys into the urine.

We found an incredible increase in patients. With this procedure most of the people we suspected to have Lyme, didn’t just have Borrelia Burgdorfii, but also many other strains of Borrelia as well!
AND different types of Bartonella (+4 of the major groups of pathogens – nearly ALL of them.
And this is for more like 95% of patients.

And Bartonella, on its own, seems to be more prevalent than Borrelia.

So we set up a certain sequence of using ultrasound on the brain, on the thymus, the spleen, the vagus nerve, brainstem and we drive out the microbes and then we collect the urine and find the microbes.

This is by far the best test.

We use the PCR testing, looking for whole strand of DNA of the bugs in the urine, and then we know what is there.
I have published a paper in the American Journal of Immuniology with all the details of this technique.

Sophia Institute – every patient gets this test.

Out of 300 tests we only had 3 patients that did NOT test positive for the Lyme or co-infections. Only 1.5% don’t have it!!

This is the ONLY accurate test to do.
Using an $800 therapeutic ultrasound machine – very standardized.

We are publishing in the Journal the EXACT Frequencies and Duration.
The whole treatment takes less than 10 minutes
It is the FIRST urine test that occurs AFTER, that is collected.

$800 Therapeutic U/S
Frequencies and Duration
Less than 10 minutes
First urine collected

Then we sent it to the lab for the PCR testing.
There are other labs that do the PCR testing. It can cost up to $500 to test for 14 of the co-infections.

Heavy metals are similar – when you run the standard blood test for them too. The target organ is NOT the bloodstream.
We do the same with our heavy metal testing now,

If someone has Multiple Sclerosis we are not concerned about the HM’s in their liver or tissue, we are concerned with the HM’s in their brain.
Glycosphate test that way.
All related co-infections that way and
Test for cancer that way

And SELECTIVELY mobilize cancer cells in suspected tissues, and then look in the blood or the urine.

Ultrasound the brain for mobilizing mercury, aluminium HM’s and then collect the urine to see what was mobilized from that.
It is a revolution not to only use muscle testing to get suspicions, some mercury in the brain, sulphur compound or lead in the brain. Most physicians do not have the skill for this.
The beauty about U/S is that ANY clinic can do it so long as you KNOW what frequency and what duration and where to put it.
So it is a very simple method that even a medical doctor can understand and do.
This is a rational test, easy to do, that uses equipment that is FDA approved and leads to far far higher yield in DIAGNOSTIC information than any other test.


Antibiotic Myth – only useful for fresh bites 3 – 6 weeks only. Difference with Chronic Lyme – use BioPure Cocktail. Antibiotics – 1/3 help a bit. 2/3 make symptoms WORSE.

Chronic Lyme – No future for the treatment of pharmaceutical agents.

On average our patients have seen 23 other medical doctors BEFORE they see us. Plus others perhaps 100’s of other alternative providers and most have had I/V antibiotics for 1 year, 2 or 3, at some point, and have failed at treatment. So I come from that base of client/doctor knowledge.

We use a special proprietory process of preparing herbs that have known anti bacterial or anti fungal effects. We prepare them LIPOSOMALLY and we INFUSE them with different REIF FREQUENCIES and create a cocktail. Liposomal herbs have been shown to EASILY PENETRATE BIOFILM and Eradicate Microbes INSIDE biofilms, and these prefer the INTRACELLULAR environment.

CAUTION with Mitochondrial illness

Many of the Liposomal herbs have been shown to go up into the intracellular environment, and of course, in persistent Lyme and co-infections, the bugs live in the intra-cellular compartments.

It upsets me when people make the diagnosis in a Lyme patient of a Mitrochondrial illness and then treat them with Acetyl-Carnitine and/or B vitamin instead of remembering this long-published Ehrlichia and different forms of ‘Rekitzier’??? invade the mitochondria and are the Main Cause of mitochondria illness.

So to use Liposomal herbs to get INTO theses compartments. Found that when microbes establish their housekeeping, their ‘sanctuary’ in the body, in order to do that they have to DEFLECT FROM THE CELLS OF THE IMMUNSE SYSTEM, in order NOT to go into that area, and the Mechanism that is NOT published in the American Immunology Journals, but IS published in Germany, Russia and China – the MAIN MECHANISM is of an ELECTROMAGNETIC nature.

The Microbes set up a field similar to the Positive pole of a magnet and the cells of the immune system and antibodies cruising in the tissues have the SAME POLARITY and are pushed away from the area where the bugs are.

The cells from out immune system CANNOT enter those sanctuaries and the trick that they are using comes from BioPhysics. So basically our treatment of lyme disease is using liposomally prepared herbs plus simple forms of Bio Physics that ALLOW the cocktails to enter the sanctuaries where the microbes live. And in order to test the polarity of those spheres where the bigs live you need to use methods from Bio Physics.

I used my AUTONOMIC RESPONSE TESTING (Kinesiology) – he teaches this method – and we TWEEKED it until we understood this part of the language of the microbes and we CAN OPEN ACCESS TO ANY SANCTUARY now. So with drug uptake enhancement we can make the EXACT AREAS where the bugs are VULNERABLE TO THE MEDICINE. And we can use the ULTRASOUND again as a DRUG UPTAKE TECHNIQUE.

In short, you give somebody an effective medicine for Lyme and then apply ultrasound with CERTAIN FREQUENCIES in the are where the bugs are hiding, and then the area will preferentially take up the medicine. So there are different methods of Biophysics that we use in order to enhance the drug uptake. AND THAT HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC AND MIRACULOUS.

And changing the equation we can work with very gently, mild remedies, and make them hugely effective in getting them to the area where the bugs are.
We don’t need to use nuclear bombs like everybody else to explode the sanctuaries of the bugs invading the patient’s own tissue.

Importance of Biofilm
Liposomal is Key
MIC Value
Kill Pathogens
Preserve Healthy Bugs

Every body compartment has its OWN microbiome.
The liver has different DNA inside from our own
Every Tissue in the body has its OWN microbiome and healthy bugs, even the brain.
Bacteria that live in the brain are very important for ALL brain function.

Unfortunately, all the HEALTHY BUGS that we need ALSO LIVE IN BIOFILM. And most of the biofilm attempts in the Lyme field are VERY WRONG INTENDED.

We want to KEEP the healthy biofilm for the healthy microbes.

Make herbs, even antibiotics liposomal, and they will get taken up into the biofilm. But then come the MICROBIAL INHIBITION CONCENTRATION VALUE (MIC) – homeopathic.

The Lower the concentration of say garlic, that is needed to kill a particular bag, the MORE effective it is, for that particular bug. So we want herbs that have a LOW M.I.C. VALUE for the healthy bugs.

So when we enter biofilm everywhere in the body, we want to kill the pathogens but not the healthy bacteria. An that has NOT been carefully looked at. I studied for the last 15 years and our cocktail herbs have a low MIC value so a huge concentration of it would be needed to kill our OWN healthy bugs. This is the outcome of a lot of hard work and weekends instead of skiing – exploring these issues.

There is a SMART way of doing this, and I personally hold the idea that going through a HERXHEIMER REACTION is an INDICATION that you are DOING THE WRONG THING.


It can tear apart our Biofilm which can then have detrimental effects on our body. Absolutely.

Mitochondrial disease
Ehrlichia Jams electron transport
Infections invade
Oral protocols FEED pathogens
Intravenous NAD

(Paper 10 years ago.)
Ehrlichia Jams transport in electron transport which is responsible for Mitochondrial illness. People have mentioned Epstein Barr etc etc. But NONE of the teachers EVER mentioned infections INSIDE the mitochondria.

The trouble if you give someone with mitochondria problems Acetyl L? Cisteine, the first person that gets it, when taken orally, is the parasites in your gut. They get really blossomed under the influence of MOST mitochondrial remedies. They LOVE VITAMIN B1, B2 is fantastic, for the worms thriving on it, so taking ANY suggested ORAL protocols you end up feeding the pathogens in the GUT and OTHER tissues. AND the ACTIVE DRUG will never get to the mitochondria and the brain, where you really need them.

You can use Niacin – if it works – but I/V options are better. You can use intravenous NAD is fantastic. I/V options are better. There are less pathogens on the way from the drugs injected to the target. But you are still not getting the microbes OUT OF the mitochondria.

So we developed an amazingly stupid technique of dealing with mitochondria illness. We know that the FAVOURITE FOOD of many of the mitochondria is Hyaluronic Acid. So we put people on subligual Hyaluronic acid and we see the bugs and look in the dark with a microscope. The pathogens come out of the cells, into the bloodstream to eat the Hyaluronic acid that you are feeding them. So if you can combine that as bait, with a good anti-microbial treatment, you can tease the microbes out of the mileu of the cell, then out from the cell into the bloodstream. And you can do this very elegantly, without having to kill anything inside the cell, without having to put any poison inside the cell.

It is not difficult. You have to use biology and biological thinking. I consider myself one of the last biological practitioners in the country.

When I look at the university teaching they are treating Lyme disease with antibiotics. Smart doctors use herbs to treat Lymes. So how paradoxical is that? How screwed up are we?

Streamlined Protocol
Cilantro Tincture
Ionic Foot Bath
Bio Pure Cocktail
Hyaluronic acid
Cistus Tea

Aluminium toxicity amounts that we have is one of the reasons Lyme is spreading so quickly. Air is so full of aluminium dust we inhale. It seems to be the growth medium, We need to detox aluminium with Cilantro Tincture before each meal. It also turns on the digestion.

Ionic Footbath to turn on the kidneys to excrete Mercury, Aluminium, Lead and all the major toxins.


Which I have used for 30 years.

My Lyme treatment is basically 3 things:
Bio Pure Cocktail
  • We always start with tiny dose of 5 drops 2x per day
  • Gradually increasing to 4x per day
  • Then gradually increasing the number of drops
  • If the patient has ANY sign of a Herxheimer Reaction we go back down to the last dose patient tolerated and slowly take it up
  • We give them Hyalauric acid – a sub-lingual non-tasting fluid.
  • Have them drink 6 – 8 cups of Cistus tea a day.
  • Mediterranean Rock Rose – that we actually get from Sardinia. Has been shown to have a HUGE Borrelia side effect (ha, my land is full of them, my own cure!).
  • But it also has a HUGE Biofilm breaking effect.
  • In addition to that we use ultrasound or infrared light to break up the sanctuaries where the microbes are.
  • Also we have to treat the tonsils because a lot of our Lyme patients also have PANDAS or STREP. So we have to use additional Immunotherapy as an additional tool.
  • And IT WORKS!

  • Sophia Health Institute (also on Facebook)
  • Chronic Pain and Illness
  • Autonomic Response Testing.

  • He would be a brilliant guest on our Health broadcast. I am sure he knows far more than this, but this I wrote down verbatim purely from the Lyme Summit. And he was time restricted to 1.5 hours.
  • I am sure there are many questions to ask
  • I would be interested in hearing his take on iodine/Lugols, Sea salt, Supplements, and Diet. Dentistry/Gut connection.
  • I also took copious notes on alternative health in Asia – 7 countries in 7 days – again necessitated late night a few days before this conference.
  • Important takeaway: Biopsies
  • It is like bursting a capsule to do a biopsy – which then allows the cancer etc to disperse, become more invasive throughout the body.

  • Sorry cannot edit the dots out!


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Thank you happyliza, for posting this. It was truly very interesting. I really appreciate the fact that you stayed up into the early hours of the morning to make this information available to us.
Seems that ultra sound and infrared have far reaching benefits.


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Thanks Ocean. It is a really serious plague - the more I research. I have more notes that I will type up and post tomorrow - that I have written down over the last few days. Especially how it can cause ANY and EVERY type of brain disease!


The Living Force
3 Phases of Lyme and Rife Technology
Kevin Conners DPSc FICT FAARFM
Tools to help in Phase 3 Lyme
Why Lyme and H.pylori have similar survival mechanisms
Frequency Technology for Cancer and Lyme Patients
Specializes in: Integrative cancer therapy, Anti-Aging medicine, Botanical medicine
Different Phases of Lyme
Acute – Can use antibiotics if fresh bite
Chronic – Beyond anti-biotic use – Intracellular stage
Autoimmune – Antibodies attacking your own body, only kills what is outside the cell not inside the cell. Use herbals to stimulate the immune response

Stage 3 – Know first HOW your immune system responds

Th1 response – First attack to quell the infection
Th2 response
Hyper immune response
B cell response – makes antibodies against it.

Phase 2 Acute to Chronic
Bacteria in the system
Live, survive, start replicating
Immune response – not killable by immune system
Window for antibiotics – depends on species of Borrelia, and health of person – 2 hours – 2 months to kill it, depending if your system is already compromised.

Kills gut flora. Only for Acute – phase 1. Symptom relief. Did symptoms return? How do you know if you are already chronic stage by then?

Autoimmune/Immune Stimulant
Hides inside your cells like H.pylori. Survive and multiply and mix DNA with your healthy cells
Th2 Cytokine excretion
Fools the immune system to stop attracting them.

Autoimmune response
B cells make antibodies – or neurons of your brain – so attack your own system. Th1 – Th reaction. So it kills what it has antibodies against – eg can be your own tissue!
Autoimmune disease – kills your body (like cancer cells).

200 conditions are now categorised as autoimmune

Supporting your immune system

Test of autoimmunity
Antibody test, Cyrex Labs (best lab).
Response to immune stimulants
Normal immune response

Do cat’s claw, echinachea, garlic make you better? Or do you crash, or they make you worse? Eg Vitamin C made me a bit better today
If not better then you are adding fuel to your antibodies and feed the pathogens. You are weaponising them.

Herxheimer? Or making you worse? Herxheimer reactions warn that you are toxifying yourself.
Stimulating Th1
Secondary detox
Detoxing vs re-toxing
Antibodies & Inflammation – the sicker you become, plus increase the inflammation further. Speed is not the way with Lyme.
More likely you are destroying your neuronal pathways. Autoimmune cascade.

Phase 3 – Reif Technology
ONLY way to non-reactive treatment
Bacterial Infection
Frequency Technology
Light Frequency

Killing without stimulating an immune response
Everything vibrates – at a certain frequency – hit SAME frequency as the pathogen
Tesla Tube – put light through to generate the right frequency.

Borrelia bacteria
Cancer and Microbes
No immune response
Homeopathy as an option

Has great efficacy. Use same time as homeopathy
Rife is costly, therefore homeopathy can sometimes work just as well and cheaper.
Rife and Homeopathy is ideal.

More Phase 3 Therapies
Lyme Frequencies
Sweeping/Eliminating Therapies
Binds and fuses with NORMAL microbes and fuses DNA together. Morphing into a morphed bacteria. So they can change their frequency to try to stay alive. So they can go through many generations in a 24 hour period.
At least with Rife you can sweep it quickly. It is safe and effective. You have to be able to recuperate.

Lyme constantly morphs whereby cancer does not
Lyme is like a cockroach is bacterial form doing anything and everything to stay alive. It is similar to Syphillis.

Rife MUST use Light THROUGH a TESLA tube.
Light Technology
Plasma Discharge
Stimulate Cell Function
Kill Cancer Cells

If you do not have any illness it cannot damage anything, so child safe.
360 degrees bulbs can purchase for home use
NOT for detoxing Mercury. It is for stimulating your cells to function better
It kills BIOTOXINS: Pathogens, Parasites, Viruses, Cancer Cells
Does not kill pesticides. But it is good for liver function

He had 16 terminal cancer patient. All were cured after using Rife.

Home Tools – Phase 2 and 3
Genetic Profile – know your genetic defects for diet symptoms
Brain based Therapy – (3)
Detox Tools
Don’t be a Victim

Neuronal Problems – Experiencing a lot of Emotional Crises. They cannot THINK straight. They have LYME BRAIN
You have damaged pathways
Need to do Neurofeedback
Home Exercises

NEVER STOP LEARNING!! Just CONSTANTLY be pushing your brain to be learning new things. Be doing new tasks. Take online courses. Listen to programmes like Lyme Summit. Don’t go Ugh “but I don’t understand that, that is over my head”. Well listen to it 4 more times, Take notes and learn like you have got to teach it tomorrow. Because that is what builds the neural pathways. And that is what is going to keep your brain alive. That is ultimately your key.

(Knowledge Protects – Literally). I also said in the last session thread that learning also helped me to take your mind off the pain. It focuses the mind elsewhere.
Detox Tools to do at home too – Different detox baths – clay, magnesium, saunas. There are different ways that you can help yourself at home

And maybe the BIGGEST thing that a Lyme patient has to fight against, sometimes on a daily basis, is to fall into that Victim mentality. One of the biggest struggles I have seen with Lymes patients, is that they have tried futilely for so long, and they have so much inflammation in their brain, it is easy to slip into this ‘poor me’, I am a victim, I have Lyme, I am going to tattoo it on my forehead because that is WHO I am. You CANNOT allow THAT to be who you are. Do not IDENTIFY yourself with the disease. You have to keep fighting this or it is over. So never give up. There are answers out there. Never Quit. Never stop asking Why? – keep trying to figure it out
You are Not Lymes, or any other illness. You are just going through symptoms of it.


The Living Force
Brain Injuries and Disease - Dr Kenneth Stoller
(The Lyme Summit – Dr Jay Davidson)

Functional/Integrative medicine
Chronic untreated infection
Lifetime member of College of Hyperbaric medicine. Pioneered the use of hyper-oxygen to felt alchoholic syndrome (brain injuries).
Uses natural supplements and bio-chemical hormones to help patients heal their brains
Book – Oxytocin – the hormone of healing and hope.

It is criminal that many poorly recognized infectious agents are actually the root cause of many mental health problems.

Lyme can cause anything from Bi-Polar to Depression, to SEIzures.
Countless patients have been mis-diagnosed with a mental illness when they have an untreated infection.
With Lyme being the most recognised of the medical illnesses that will cause anything from one or a few.
Alzheimers Disease
Lyme Neuroborreliosis
Early-onset symptoms
Stealthy and Devastating
This is kicking a hornets nest because it is probably going to be another 10 years before it is recognized that Alzheimer’s Disease is actually a Lyme Neuroborreliosis. And the information is already out there but there isn’t anybody doing anything about it! And I can explain why.

It is an infection. And it is causing Alzheimers – infections in people as young as 30 and 30 years old. If you are lucky it doesn’t hit you until you are 70 or 80, but it is very sad, it is very discouraging, that information can come out in the medical literature. I mean, not speculative information, but information that’s meta analysis in peer-reviewed journals, and it just sits there because apparently no-one has a way of making money from it.

There are many infectious disease agents, Lyme is obviously the germ de jour, that can affect people’s cognitive and behavioural health. It is like the infectious disease field in conventional medicine has been asleep at the wheel, and I am not sure I have a good explanation for it other than in pharmaceutical companies, and selling or something, they don’t really see it. It is not there.

I mean Lyme disease, no one is coughing in your face, your are not bleeding from every orifice, you don’t have some ugly shankan on your genitals It is a VERY stealthy infection, yet as stealthy as it is, that is how devastating it is as well.


Multiple Pathogen Infections
90% has Neurospirochetosis
Borrelia burgdorferi
Conventional Testing

The meta-analysis that was published in 2011, it reviews everything that has been published in the literature. They found that 90% had the Borrelia burgdorferi organism.

But you usually had more that one organism going, B burgdorferi is the infamously recognised cause of Lyme disease, but there are actually 18 geno species that fall under the umbrella of Borellia burgdorferi. So you could have many more of the different species. They will cause Lyme disease too.

You will not test positive on the Western Blog test for them, because it is very synchronised Borrelia burgdorferi. That is why when your hear that conventional testing for Lyme disease can miss up to 90% of infected individuals – that is why! That is crazy.

There are immune suppression issues if you have had it for a while. The CDC removed the two most sensitive bands – at the request of a vaccine manufacturer. We can talk about the ill-fated LYMERIX vaccine also, if you want to. But worst case scenario you are missing up to 90% of cases. That is huge.

Not all, but many, of those geno species cause serious dIseases.
Conventional doctors would think we are speaking Greek right now, they are CLUELESS about this.
Let me tell you why I think things are the way they are:
Undiagnosed Lyme
Asymptomatic Individuals
Poor Testing Procedure
NO evidence-based treatment
Let’s say you are an employ of the CDC, and you have figured out that 1/3 of adult americans might be infected with Lyme disease, a disease that can bring you to your knees, right away. Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. And yet, clearly, most people are asymptomatic, from a very very long time. Just like 90% of people who get tuberculosis are asymptomatic. So not everyone who gets tuberculosis is coughing in your face.

We have a situation, that if you know anything about Lyme disease
1) You know the testing procedures are not very good. They will miss 50%, if not MOST of the patients.
2) And then, EVEN IF, everything is diagnosed appropriately, what treatment do we have for these people? What evidence-based treatment do we have that we KNOW is going to work on Most of the people, Most of the time?
3) What testing do we have to confirm that the infection is gone?
NONE OF THIS EXISTS. I mean pretty much TPTB have been denying that there is ANY such thing as chronic, persistent, Lyme Disease!
Dr. Jay Davidson :
‘They will say for the most part ‘It is rare’ ‘They will say a short course of antibiotics will solve the problem’ ‘And I have NEVER heard them even say Lyme = Psychiatric Issues. What is going on? How to we begin to start changing that?’
Pandemic Affliction
Fear Mongering
Financial Interests
Lyme Spirochete
Ok, Let’s go back to the astute CDC employee, who realizes here is a horrible pandemic – A PLAGUE that has afflicted maybe 1/3 of the American population. And there is NOT a reliable testing procedure, and there is NOT good confirmation on HOW to treat it. Whether you are treating it Acutely (Fresh bite, Stage 1), or Chronically (Stage 2), and there is NO TEST that can really be done to tell you when you are done treating the infection. And there is NO pharmaceutical company covering your rear end with a big product they want to sell. Because the CDC has not trouble scaring you. They stay in bed with somebody who wants to sell you something.

So, when the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak came in, there was a vaccine ‘ready to go’ co-incidentally. And so the CDC had no problem doing a press conference telling everyone how many body bags were going to be needed. How many people were going to be dying in the streets. That was OK to scare you (in buying the vaccine), because they had something to SELL> Bute there is NOTHING to sell, here!

Now, recently, they have come out with a monoclono antibody to surface Antigen 31. Which is like the most sensitive surface antigen for Borrelia Burgdorferi on the WesterN Blog test. An if someone who does NOT have Lyme disease gets these monoclonal antibody injections once or twice a year, they probably won’t get Lyme, it they get bitten by a tick. Because you have these antibodies ‘all ready to go’, And I am sure they are going to be VERY EXPENSIVE, and so they are going to try to sell these to people who are NOT sick, who might be in a high risk situation. They are going to have to do a marketing campaign that will SCARE the pants off these people, for them to sign up for these monoclone antibodies. Well, that can only benefit everyone who DOES have Lyme, because it will raise public awareness about it. But that is the only thing in the pipeline that I know about.
Most of the antibodies used to treat Lyme are generic, so nobody is making big bucks from them.
You know they know of the pandemic, but they won’t scare the public until they have something to sell. And they are not going to have something to offer them until they get their heads out of their vaccine rear-end. Because, that is where all the money and research has been going into. Having a vaccine. So why is there not a vaccine for Syphillis? That has been around for a long time. Because you cannot get rid of it with antibodies.

Well Lyme is Syphillis on Steroids. It has 132 genes. Syphillis only has 22 genes. The Lyme spirochete is a much more sophisticated organism. And it doesn’t matter how many antibiotics you have, you are NOT going to get rid of that infection.
So let me tell you what happened with the ill-fated
Western Blog band 31
Reactivated Infection
Persister Cells
Negative Reaction
It came out about 15 years ago. It was the cause of the CDC removing Band 31, or surface Antigen A, from the standard Western Blog test. Because, obviously if they were going to come out with a vaccine, that was using Band 31, they didn’t want to confuse testing procedures.

So they rolled off the vaccine, and most people who requested it, were people who previously HAD Lyme. They didn’t want to get it again! So they got the vaccine and guess what happened to these people? They got very very sick! And you know why they got very sick? Because, they NEVER ACTUALLY GOT RID OF THEIR LYME DISEASE. Because Lyme leaves persister cells. Sleeping, quasi-dead, persister cells. And when they got injected with surface Antigen 31, it re-activated the persister cells. I reactivated a dormant Lyme infection. So ALL their symptoms returned, all their bands went up, and the vaccine was quietly removed from the market. Almost as soon as it was released.

NB watch – as it could be available for pets?
Alzheimers (90% of autopsies found spirochetes present)
Alzheimers – not always the Borrelia burgdorferi, and usually there was MORE than one species involved. Multiple species were going at the same time

Many cases of Parkinism and Parkinson’s disease is Lyme disease.
We will never know now, but I am convinced Robin Williams had Lyme disease.

It can devastate your emotional, mental and physical health. Like the X-Files – the truth is out there, it IS in the medical literature. It is NOT getting translated. The public is NOT being informed about WHAT we actually KNOW about things that seriously affect their health. Because nobody is making money:
Marketing campaign
Informing people
Putting pressure on our leaders
‘I would do all this if I was a billionaire’

Connection to Schizophrenia
Bipolar and Dementia
Mosquitos, Congenital, Sex
Financial Interests

I worked 2 years in a mental hospital. I was seeing 3 – 5 new cases of Lyme EVERY SINGLE DAY. It became hugely evident that many people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar, dementia ACTUALLY HAVE A BRAIN INFECTION. First, I thought it was a fluke, due to the mental hospital patients spending a lot of money there because they were not getting answers in other places. But the odds were that if you walked into my office in that clinic there was a 90% chance you were going to have Lyme. Because that is just what ended up happening.

I don’t want to blame everything on Lyme. But what I would tell people is ‘all of your symptoms get put on the table’, and once you get treated for Lyme Disease turn to that table, and see what is left.
Are you still bi-polar?
Are you still having memory issues?
Are you still having Parkinism?
And if those symptoms linger, because, not everyone who gets ‘ treated for Lyme – I cannot use the word CURE because we really don’t have a way of objectively verifying a ‘cure’ for Lyme’. I get lots of patients who get re-bitten, even after they have been treated. So they have to go on the protocol again. And getting bitten by a tick is NOT THE ONLY WAY to get Lyme. You get it from mosquitos, fleas and small spiders that come in the house in October. Humans are the longest living host. You can get it congenitally. I have treated several of such cases. And, technically, it is a sexually transmitted disease as well. (Though getting Syphyllis would be a greater chance). But is IS possible to transmit that way. So there is more than one way to get Lyme.

It is beyond pandemic. THIS IS A PLAGUE. This is a scourge.

In Australia they finally passed a law NOT to prosecute doctors who are treating chronic persistent Lyme Disease. In the literature in Australia they indicated that 40% of the ticks in some ares had the Borrelia organism in them. Yet if you ask the Australian Medical Board if there is Lyme in Australia they say ‘NO – there is no Lyme Disease here. Why?
USA, standard guidelines for treating Lyme – LOOK WHO IS ON THE BOARD, and is financially connected with insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Follow the money – it is always connected somehow.
It has become completely dysfunctional.
Lyme – if it gets into your brain:-

Mental, Emotional, Cognitive
Testing and Interpretation
Acquired ADD
Sudden onset of Symptoms

It is capable of creating and producing ANY mental, emotional or cognitive symptom KNOWN.


Depending on what part of your brain it decides to set up a community in. And then, ultimately, Alzheimer’s disease

Testing Results
It depends what Lab you go to. Who is interpreting the tests for you. And if a positive result is found (so many are false negatives), WHO is treating you?
If you are not going to someone who treats Lyme full time, who is up to date on ALL the latest developments, you are going to the wrong person
If they give you 2 weeks of Doxycycline because you tested positive for Lyme by the CDC criteria, well, you may have had Lyme for 20 years! That won’t do much for you except guarantee you that you are going to be a persistent Lyme infected individual.
If you are of a certain age and you start developing memory loss, attention deficit disorder, that you never had before, symptoms consistent with PTSD. These things don’t just come out of nowhere. There has to be a trigger. There has to be a cause. And you have to start looking for them.

Psychiatrists in general like to treat neural transmitters, they don’t like to look under the neural transmitter stone to see WHY the neuro transmitters are NOT BALANCED. What is causing that imbalance? They will give you drugs, but if an infection is causing your problem, they are just painting over rust. Not treating the cause.
Aggressive Autism
Panic Attacks

There is not ANYTHING you Have named or ANYTHING you Cannot name, that couldn’t be caused by Lyme Disease in the BRAIN

Nobody has been educated on this, and MSM is silent.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • 160mL of mercury pressure
  • 100% oxygen under pressure
  • Persister Cells
  • Penetrate Biofilms
Lyme Organism – it is a facultative anerobe. Which means it will tolerate oxygen. It does so only up to a point. 160mL of mercury pressure the Lyme starts really stressing out. As you go higher, it will kill the organism.
Now this is assuming that you don’t have any other CO-INFECTION – which is very common. This is a multi-infection, multi organ system problem
I mean this is some serious stuff.

Breathing in 100% oxygen, under pressure, eg 60ft below sea water pressure. Pushing oxygen into the deepest recesses of your bone marrow. Into the 100’s, 400’s, 600’s mm of mercury. Partial pressure of oxygen tension. That is lethal to the organism. And the hyperbaric oxygen goes a long way into penetrating the biofilm too.
In the Lyme infections there are two ways in treating it.
The persister cells, unless you catch them my pulsing your therapy, they like to protect themselves with these glycoproteins called biofilm. While it is protected in the biofilm, if you are not penetrating them, you are not killing all those organisms. So this is why you have a lot of people targeting these biofilms.
Protozoal infections
Rips apart biofilms – aka Alinia, Doxycycline, Azithromycin

15 years I have treated it a little different, and I try to stay on top of my game. I use a drug NITAZOXANIDE, approved by the FDA to treat protozoal infections. But what this drug does is it rips apart biofilm of several different organisms. Ehrlichia, Strep, E-Coli. If it rips them apart then maybe it does Borrelia. I call it the bunker buster and it is very well tolerated by most people. If you have deep-seated Lyme, if your detoxification has been compromised by being sick for so long, I start people on minute doses of this stuff. Because I don’t want to make the cure worse that the disease. So they can handle the die-off, the Herxheimer reaction. I get them into a protocol where they know how to handle these reactions, by taking a lot of Omega 3’s or Curcumin or doing saunas, Epsom salt baths, sage tea, colonics – the list can get long.

Then bring them up until they get the full dose of Nitazoxanide. There is probably about 30% of the population who could probably get rid of Lyme all by itself, with just this one drug. I don’t know who that 30% is though. So I use a combination of Doxycycline, Azithromycin and Nitazoxanide for most patients. And then I pulse them, once we are done with the first round.

You are really feeling great. Your symptoms have gone for the most part, and you are not having any die-off reactions for the most part. Now you are eligible for your first pulse. This is where I bring in the hyperbaric oxygen. So in 6 weeks or 6 months after, they then see if it can provoke a die-off reaction. If we cannot provoke a reaction then that is really good news, because we can then go off everything and see if we can last for 3 weeks without any return of symptoms. If so, then we do a 3 week pulse, back on everything – all at once – for 3 weeks.

Some people never make it to the 3 week mark, some people get return of symptoms on day 8. Well their anabolic holiday just ended on day 8, and you start them again. You do this as many times as you need to do this, until you are not getting any die-off reactions. Then ultimately it is a clinical call, when to stop treating a Lyme patient.

We could look for antibodies up/down, or DNA of the organism – the PCR, well, that is only positive in 30% of patients anyway. So that is not a good test, because 70% chance you would be negative. So we do not have a good test to determine someone is done. It is a clinical call.

Hyperbaric Oxygen for home use: Home chambers only go 12 feet below sea pressure. It is just the first layer. Not the 60 feet which is far better dose and 60 feet is a purer oxygen and a far more effective dose for Lyme.
Detoxification Support
Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs
Manganese Chelation
Antibiotic Therapy

Borrelia is Manganese dependent. Anti-tuberculosis drugs chelate manganese out of the body. So temporarily crash your manganese levels for a while. It adds another stressor to the organism. (It needs manganese more than you do).
If the first round fails, this can be taken as a need to take more aggressive steps if necessary after the 3 antibiotics (which attack all kinds of different pathogens and cancer) don’t work.

Infections and mental disease is REAL
In the above summaries (by happyliza) there is a positive view on treatments with a Rife machine, namely that this would be the only way to a non-reactive treatment.

Well, I have a Rife machine, which could be used by forum members. There are two restrictions, however:

- the plasma lamps don't like to travel and the machine is in southwest Germany
- a successful treatment is only possible with a proper set of frequencies. At present I do not know the proper frequencies for lyme.

At least there are some hints in Hulda Clark's work. According to her, the frequency range of borrelia burgdorferi is from 378,95 khz to 382 khz(or maybe a multiple of same, a higher harmonic). This frequency range overlaps with the frequency ranges of some other common bacteria and viruses such as alpha and beta streptococcus, chlamydia trachomatis, Epstein Barre virus, spirillum serpens, staphylococcus aureus and some others. As a consequence, a successful treatment of borrelia burgdorferi will result in a mass die-off of other bacteria as well.
If so, then I would expect very serious herxheimer effects and, of course, the need of multiple treatments over an extended period of time.

If any Rife practitioner should be able to treat lyme without such side effects, I would consider it a miracle.
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