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So i've been experiencing this odd bit lately and i figured id share with the group. Everyday M-F i work from 730-4 est. Alot of the time im reading b/c my job has lots of downtime. Anyway, i usually lunch at the same time 1215-1pm everday, and since i finish my lunch in about 10 minutes i use the rest of the time to zone-out, nap, meditate or whatever. It usually begins with me consciously reviewing material i had just read, looking for insights, any "Ah Ha!"s that were buried that didnt consciously register, and then i fall asleep. Its not real sleep, b/c i wake up 1-2 minutes within where i need to wake up every time. It started as an excercise in sleeping and waking on consciously inputted intents. Like, i intend to wake up approximately around 1 oclock and it just worked out naturally. Eventually i would "fade out" by empting my head of thought and relaxing. This is the same way i put myself to sleep at night.

Now the weirdness: few the last few weeks i've noticed, maybe once or twice a week while im napping i wake up with the sensation that i've been gone a long time. Not that i've been asleep, but that i've been "gone", or "not there" and when i wake up, its more like "Coming back" or "finding myself" and regaining normal consciousness. I dont think this is an abduction type senario, doesn't feel like that. It's more as if i leave my body, do something which i cannot recall, and then return. The feeling today was so prevelant i couldn't write it off as another random feeling anymore.

I can't astral project, and I've never had an OOBE that i can recall. Its just feels in my mind that i've been gone for longer time then is possible and when i look at my watch im amazed that its the same day only 30 minutes or so later. Any explainations?


Next time you nap, before you do so why don't you add remembering to your intention. Activating your internal clock is pretty normal, and there are people who can tell you what time it is anytime without a watch. It's not too difficult to transcend the alarm clock, unless you are really tired or suffer from insomnia or something.

Your out of bodiness is probably due to achieving a very deep state where you lose all reference of recall. You are probably entering into a kind of trance or deep delta sleep in a rapid transition in and out of that state.

When you fall asleep try to stay conscious as you do so, if you persist you can actually maintain continuity of consciousness even in delta sleep, which has been described as a kind of nirvana-like void state. Personally, I don't see the use in this, but for some people it comes more naturally, and they can achieve a connection with pure awareness through it. So it might be interesting to try, along with intending to remember what goes on.

OOBE's usually have some kind of recall because your brain is processing images, unless you enter states that are difficult to reference in the waking mode, such as those where there are no references in terms of form. In these states there literally is no time, so upon returning your body automatically sets the awaken sequence through your intention, but there is no continuity with the body clock.

Deep states are often described by a sense of eternity, which may reflect on your sense of being "out there" for a "long time". If you feel rested upon awakening there is probably nothing to worry about, but if you feel drained or tired you may need to be cautious because influences can "enter" while you are "gone" although this is not really common as far as I know, especially if what you are experiencing is a natural development and not consciously provoked.

Still, it pays to intend to stay conscious even as you are falling asleep. This may take time to master so in the meantime, intend memory and see what happens.


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i've had similar things happen when reading.. even while reading 'secret history'.. where i would fall asleep while in the midst of important bits.. almost like the dreams were some sort of intentional distraction, even in terms of content, of keeping me from further deliberation or meditation
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