Learning to play keyboard


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I configured the keyboard in FL Studio as a midi device and now I play directly on the keyboard
Cool man!
I also have small midi controller (Alesis V25) for some quick sound or melody test.
I don't know if it is common, but playing via midi controller in FL (or DAW generally) has some lag from time to time. Maybe it is about USB entry or processor speed, don't know.
Anyway, playing on hardware is more satisfying to me and I prefer it, especially when jamming with a friend.


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If you want to have a glimpse in how those master concert pianist practice, I found a nice 'vlog' of top pianist Tiffany Poon. These professionals practice hours and hours a day, until they master every detail. Tiffany says she practices 2-5 hours a day (she's also studying philosophy at a university). That may sound as much, but I've heard of pianists who practice a lot more. For instance, I remember how one of the biggest names, Lang Lang, described how he at 6 years old practiced 6 hours a day, and when he was 8 he practiced 8 hours a day, and when 10...you guessed it...10 hours a day!

Anyway, Tiffany's channel has many interesting videos for piano enthusiasts, and she has a good sense of humor.

A few examples:



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Yes, thanks for links, it is unbelievable how much time they put together into this, but I guess they treat is as a job, or a job they like doing. :)
I use the method of 15 minutes of warm ups and scales practice, 15 minutes of fooling around while trying to be creative and 30-45 minutes for playing and learning to play a song.
Although I like hearing classical music, I do not enjoy playing or learning it, and I am more interested into rock,blues,jazz and chillout electronic music.
I am currently learning blues scales and am trying to compose some basic 12 bar blues piece. :)


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My meanderings on keyboard have taken me away from structured music and I am instead learning how to manipulate sounds. I've used wah, tremelo, chorus/phaser and analogue/digital delay effects on conventional piano and wurlitzer sounds. I begin piano lessons later in the year when I've got more disposable income, but until then I'm happy just experimenting with how sounds can be shaped by these types of effects. I can play basic melodies but I juxtapose different types of melodic structures and then using the delay effect I can make counterpoints out of them. It's simple, basic fun, but it's surprising what can tumble out of a simple instrument with a little coaxing.


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I have also had fun with some sound manipulation, but I do not dwell too much into it, because improving my playing is the highest priority.
But sure, when I play with a friend and we play over a song, there is a need to edit some sounds in order to properly cover the song. A whole spectrum of filter types and modulation can be done and it is fun playing around.
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My dad was a self-taught pianist, and not bad at it. I have his piano now. I also have the books he recommended to learn from. This method is like learning to read words rather than notes. It focuses on learning the appearance of many complex chords. Vincent Lopez method. It's different. I got one book from my dad and found the rest of the series (of 4) on ABE.com.


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I'm joining the club here. Bought Roland Go Piano 88 for my Mum and I must say - I'm in love. Never ever played in my life but always wanted to. And since I'm 40 I think it's now or never.
Now I'm learning basics and practising via Simply Piano app and some scripts from music school. Mother is shocked ! She never expected me to actualy do it. It gives my great joy and makes me forget all the bad things these days. And brought the two of us closer again. It is a win win situation - since she lives in other town, now she is visiting more often and feels more needed and apprechiated. Thats her thing. And for me learning is fun ! Thanks everyone for the great tips btw
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