Laura's Book "From Paul to Mark" is out!!!!


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I don't care if I have to bankrupt myself (really), not suggesting anybody do this, but it would be a spectacular exit from the financial system, the technology system, that has entrapped adults, and entranced our children and the youth of our society, for the past 50 years, or more.

To give insight, into the real meaning of living, in a social, moral and ethical way., can't wait to read it.


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Congratulations Laura for your magnum opus and to The Book Project Crew for bringing the great work to us!
Ordering the Kindle edition as soon as it's available.
I'm can't wait to be able to scrutinize the magnified Kindle-version images for specific details mentioned in the book: its like visiting a museum with an expert tour guide!
I hope, the original high-resolution images are included, or we can get them as an appendix reference to study.
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