Laura's Book "From Paul to Mark" is out!!!!


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I join the chorus of thanks for Laura's arduos task required to produce this work 🥰, as I was also looking forward to the release of this book since it is a subject that is very close to my heart. It won't be easy for me to read it in English because of the complexity of the subject and the "language for the layman", but I can't wait for the translation and I know that the effort will be worth it! Just ordered and it will arrive next week !!!:thup:


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Congratulations Laura!!!! :perfect: I really can't wait to read the book, I've been waiting for it quite impatiently!

It's still unavailable on Amazon and I'm hoping to order it from Pilule Rouge. I'm currently out of the UK and there's not a chance I'm waiting to read it until I get back :-D If the Kindle version comes out first I'll order that to start reading straight away but eventually I'm looking to order both the print version and the Kindle one.
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luc, since you have read the text in its beta version, perhaps you could tell others just a bit of what they might get out of reading it?

Of course - it's been a while, but I remember that while some parts of the book were difficult (especially for those like me who know precious little about the ins and outs of bible studies) and required some stamina, the immense curiosity never left me while reading. Plus, there are many parts that are super accessible and even entertaining!

After finishing it, I felt kind of a massive relief, because finally, FINALLY Christianity and its history made some sense. Before, it seemed like such a mess in my head - you could tell and feel that most of it is a bunch of lies, but you could also feel that there is so much beauty and truth! And there were so many contradictions and opposing points of view that you couldn't just dismiss entirely, but neither could you bring them together: was there a historical Jesus? Were the Gospel writers good guys or bad guys? What about Paul and his role? Is it all allegory or history? Not to mention the confusing and often contradictory theology - in early Christianity and later down the line. And so on...

One thing that struck me is how important it is for you (Laura) and the reader alike to have amassed some insights into human nature, not least from observing what went on during the last 20 years or so. You make the conflicts and players of early Christianity very palpable, and I could quite imagine the kind of people the various characters were. So this is another great thing about the book: the combination of distanced academic rigor and human insight based on experience.

I don't want to spoil anything right now, maybe we can talk about some of the most striking conclusions later here, but it seems clear that there was an epic cosmic battle being fought around Christianity and its foundations, resulting in massive confusion. Laura clears that mess up, to the degree that's even possible, and again: reading the book was a very cleansing, exhilarating experience!!


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Whoo-hoo! I ordered the book yesterday morning and can't wait to receive it!

The thing about Laura's writing style is that she can read all of the almost non-comprehensible books out there, digest them all and, then, write very understandable books for the layman. Plus, she is quite humorous in many instances in her writing. Understandable + humorous makes for a wonderful combination. Especially considering how dry and difficult the books she reads are.

For me, reading any of Laura's books is always pure pleasure (also, quite intellectually stimulating). :love:
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