Laura in the dream.


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After reading some of 2020-2021 transcripts in the middle of night to fall back asleep, dreamed that I met Laura and the crew at the chateau for a pool party. Pierre, just got give you props on the questions. They're very good! I always learn something new from them. Back to the dream: I was a bit star struck. Everyone seemed very well. Ark was there stating that he wanted his coffee. I had some ground coffee which I gave to him. Looking forward to reading more of the thread about hyperbaric oxygen which I caught up on today as the dream seemed to be a communication that people who needed more vitality were on their way to getting it. Also glad that I visited the HBOT thread because I found that a nearby hospital does HBOT which looks like in may be covered by insurance for certain conditions. My father may be just desperate enough to consider it as a treatment. He has completely collapsed arches in one of his feet causing a loss of cartilage and is extremely painful to walk. He also has a very bad liver. I'll suggest it and see what happens.


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Yesterday had a dream about Laura and woke up feeling really happy. I had to write a note to be able to remember it later because the dream was fading fast. It felt like Laura was sending thoughts out, she thanked us for being part of her life (at this part my brain protested that we should be the most grateful for everything she is). That she believed she could finally do the vibration link (this part is a bit unclear). Then she showed us what I thought was the final chapter in the Wave series, the title was: "Within reach."


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I had a dream of Laura recently. We were both in the chateau, sitting at a table and she was using the planchette. She asked the Cs which one of them I would become and the answer that came was "Vega". Then she told me I could ask my future Self anything since it was here, but I didn't have ideas. I eventually asked a few questions but I don't remember the answers. Laura told me repeatedly not to forget that name.

I looked on the internet and Vega is the name of a star in the constellation of Lyra. It used to be the north star until the Earth changed it's axis 12000 years ago.

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Today I woke up after dreaming of Laura.

In my dream I woke up from a nap. Laura was napping in a bed next to me.

There were two children in the room and when Laura woke up the children began to bother Laura with her games. I pushed the children aside, gently telling them not to disturb Laura.

Then Laura asked how the day was. I replied with a high level of English, simply "hot":-D. She smiled and said, "So it's hot, huh."

Then she took a walk through what looked like a small town.

I was anxious to tell him that I was a wandering star of the forum, but I couldn't find the time.

When I finally told her, she didn't respond lightly.

Then wake up.

It was not a very important dream, but I wanted to share it.


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Last night I dreamed with Laura and Ark, unfortunately I can't remember well enough to say exactly what happened in the dream, only that we were about to fix something like an engine but it was something different from mechanical reparing, because we had to do something like philosofical things, first just Laura an I and afterwards Ark came to help us.


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This dream isn't about Laura but relates.

I found myself in a kitchen with some what I perceived to be young bad males. The kind of people who can get physical and unpleasant.

I have reflected about who I am in regards to being bad or good somewhat and in the dream, it became clear to me that, perhaps, I shouldn't think myself to be bad. I had a sort of doubt about me for the future. But good guys can be tough, was my conclusion.

It felt like an eye opener and at least one of them acted somewhat as if they knew the whole thing and I was there just to get me realise something about this.

I looked at the side cupboard table where there was a bud of homegrown weed. So, I asked: is that home grown? and they got a little annoyed at me.

One of them responded to something I had said, which I won't give any details about but it was clear he sorts of AH, we can see through you.

The dream went on into another scenery where I walked with my father into a building hallway. There were some people there, other bad guys, and one came walking to me and said 'sorry that I have to do this', he was going to either rob or kill me and my father. My father was behind me. We both walked backwards, and I said something to the attacker. As he came close, I attacked in self-defense.

I was beaten to death but didn't lose consciousness. The beatings against my skull or body were like a distant thing and I couldn't see the environment as I fought back with my spirit body, me delivering punches to no avail it seemed.

Then I appeared in some other room and on a cupboard, there were the Cassiopaean Transcripts in book format. The books were made out of glass with the paper protected.

I couldn't control my arms the way of being fully aware and I picked up some of those glass books and suddenly put them down hard and some of the glas protection broke, maybe 2-3 books broke.

And then I woke up


It was night. We were all in a sub off St. Petersburg picking up people.

I don't like flying at night, but I wanted to see St. Petersburg again. So I shot up and looked out over the city. Joy came over me.
I calculated if it would be possible to walk through the city. Then I saw Laura checking the material of the submarine, so I went down and did the same.
I ran the flat of my hand over the material - it was smooth and incredibly clean. I asked Laura, "where did the salt go?"
Unfortunately, I woke up.
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