Laura in the dream.

Quel beau rêve qui nous montre bien la Force Tranquille de Laura et la Foi que nous avons en Elle...
Merci de l'avoir partagé et pour le don aussi...

What a beautiful dream that shows us Laura's Quiet Strength and the Faith we have in Her...
Thank you for sharing it and for the gift too...
Bonjour @ Perlou, it was a very intense dream, and yes beautiful to have such a positive outcome! Your insightful comment regarding ‘Laura’s Quiet Strength’ is very accurate. In the dream she was helping me stay calm and have Faith.

I forgot to mention that Laura’s back was to the missiles - possibly indicating someone trying to ‘attack’ her, that possibly she is not seeing? Or perhaps it was a message that the C’s have ‘got her back’.

As the missiles came toward the building she was in (which was very solid) I could see Laura through the walls, sitting down (almost as if she was in meditation). I was able to see her through the building walls physically but also I could see her through my 3rd eye. She was communicating with myself and the others who were there through our 3rd eyes, but I could ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ her communicating simultaneously. It might sound weird but I don’t know how else to describe it. I was aware we could all see/hear/feel the same thing, at the same time.

I also forgot to add that after I woke up from the dream and was reflecting, it almost felt like we were packing up books / knowledge / animals a lot like the caravan was an ‘Ark’. That things of great importance were being saved or preserved. Perhaps some of this impression appeared in my subconscious via the dream because I had been reading Laura’s ‘Paul to Mark’ and reflecting on how deeply important this knowledge is for humanity. I was feeling so strongly that it needs to be preserved carefully and many copies distributed around the planet into the safekeeping of those who are awake. (But I guess since people such as ourselves all over the world are purchasing the book, that’s exactly what we are doing.)

Dreams are such weird but interesting things, I find.
Sometimes I’m not sure how much actual ‘sleep’ I get!


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C'est un si beau rêve, ce que vous avez ressenti " nous pouvions tous voir/entendre/ressentir la même chose, au même moment."
Je souhaite que grâce à Laura, les Cassiopéens, le Divin Esprit Cosmique, nos âmes et nos cristaux nous puissions tous avoir ces expériences quand le moment sera venu... Merci...

It is such a beautiful dream, what you felt "we could all see/hear/feel the same thing, at the same time."
I wish that thanks to Laura, the Cassiopaeans, the Divine Cosmic Spirit, our souls and our crystals we can all have these experiences when the time comes... Thank you...


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I had a dream last night with Laura. Im out the back of this centre and i hear this demonic voice. it really distresses me so i go and take a shower. in the shower cubicle the air suspends, and im pushed up against the ceilling as if something is trying to take me. Suddenly Laura bursts through the door and grabs my hand. I let out like a croak because i was sort of paralysed and manage to tell them they aren't taking me. And with Lauras help We rush out of the room down the hall over this sort of Threshold of the centre.

Anyhow i wake up from this dream pretty distressed. My computer that was on sleep suddenly wakes up by itself and I have tears streaming down me cheeks. Was very intense. needless to say i got up, checked the time 2am and went and had a cigarette. Knocked me around a bit.

It certainly wasn't pleasant but if Laura didn't show up in the dream who knows how it would have gone.

and just a quick note to add, when i did wake up i had pain in my back. but it was in a different place that where i injured myself a few weeks ago, quyite out of the blue. Its still there now. very interesting

Kay Kim

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Suddenly Laura bursts through the door and grabs my hand. I let out like a croak because i was sort of paralysed and manage to tell them they aren't taking me. And with Lauras help We rush out of the room down the hall over this sort of Threshold of the centre
It seems like Laura really saved you! I do believe that because, I did saved my son few times in the dreams too. And I found out later that something really bad happened to him, but he got away. Anyway, after that he asked me to warn him if I have such dreams again!

Session 9 April 2011

Q: (L) And so one must keep that in mind while this heavy beaming is going on. One needs to be extra careful in all respects of hygiene: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

A: Yes. As we said a moment ago, there are forces seeking to interfere with the process.

Q: (L) What about the things that have been breaking and strange dreams everyone has been having?

A: SPA {See Previous Answers}

Q: (Galatea) That’s also why I had that Darkman dream?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I would say that having that kind of dream, is because of being aware of negative energies trying to get in. (Galatea) Was it really for real that a pale, humanoid creature tried to get in?

A: Yes.

Q: (Galatea) Scary!

(Burma Jones) Did I really go and help her in her dream?

A: Yes.

Q: (Galatea) Thank you!

(Burma Jones) You’re welcome!


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@Kay Kim I tend to think so mate. After waking and going out for a smoke i was so creeped out, weird sensations on the side of my head, weird feelings. I basically held onto my crystal for 15 minutes in prayer just to feel a little better better so I could muster the courage to go back to sleep.


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Yesterday I had a dream about Laura Knight J. We had a very nice conversation and she was very attentive and nice. It all happened at my parents' house and there was another woman but I don't remember who she was, Laura laid down on my mom's bed and she indicated me near her solar plexus and with her index finger she made a circle there I did it too and then she asked me what I did for a living and that's all I remember.


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I've had a few, but this one stayed with me...

I was at some kind of casual, friendly social gathering with a few dozen people in a large and comfortable lived-in family house. There were rugs and dogs and comfy couches and people milling about enjoying snacks and conversation. It wasn't my house or one I've ever been in before; I think I was visiting on some sort of semi official business in a nearby town (a library talk?) and was spending the day in this place.

Anyway, I was sitting on my own, reading a well-worn book which I'd found (at the library?) and had been pleasantly surprised to find. It was rare.

It had a deliberately over-long not-very-serious title.., something like.., "How to work, play, travel and live your Best Self" (Or something along those lines. The "Best Self" part is for sure, the rest foggy).

Turns out, the book was a history of Laura's activities with the C's and all the various stories surrounding, like the 'Adventures' series, but written by an outside observer, a journalist of some modest stature. I was about half way through it, when Laura, who happened to be sitting on the window bench across from me inquired about the book.

I showed her the cover and she frowned and huffed, "Ugh! More slander."

"No, I'm actually really enjoying it. The guy writing is being very fair. It's quite a favorable account. Funny, too. I'm about half way through. I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends."

Laura was both surprised and delighted and asked if she could borrow it. I was happy to loan it to her.

"I can finish this off and have it back to you tomorrow," she said.

"Cool! I need to return it to the library in two days. That gives me enough time to finish it myself."

I got the feeling that the book covered everything up to that very day and perhaps a little bit beyond.

I woke up feeling both happy to have been able to chat briefly with Laura, but also feeling a little sad/worried, thinking that the end of the book was going to come sooner than I'd have liked.

That's it. I just thought I'd share.


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I saw Laura last night. In the dream, she appeared as a younger version of herself (per her picture on the forum). She was wearing jeans and a peasant style blouse. We were just chatting, and I asked her, "what's it like as a Southern girl in France?" She sort of laughed, touched her nose and turned her face up and said, "they're a little snooty".
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