Laura in the dream.

Vos rêves me donnent la chair de poule tant ils m'impressionnent... Merci pour vos partages...

Your dreams give me goosebumps as they impress me. . . Thank you for your shares. . .
A little background to the dreams I've been having recently. I'd been taking 20 drops of 10% lugols solution each day for about 6 weeks prior to this first one, which was a nightmare that woke me up and was hard to shake. All I remember was there was some man who’d taken over my home and was rearranging the furniture with no regard for my preferences, which greatly annoyed me and made me feel like I was not in control of my life any more now that he’d arrived. This is where it became a nightmare in that I felt completely dominated by this person with no will or life of my own, as if being sent away to a concentration camp with no recourse for resistance.

My crystals haven’t arrived yet but probably will soon. The afternoon preceding the next 2 dreams, I drank the water that had been in the bowl with a large amethyst crystal which I’ve had for many years, and into which I recently directed my intent (develop higher consciousness, move forward against obstacles, etc.)

The night I had dreams involving Laura and the chateau crew (something that rarely occurs), after the first, I woke up and went back to bed an hour later and had a second dream. For what they’re worth, here are those 2 dreams:

Dream 1: I’m a gathering with Laura and everyone at the chateau on a dark evening. The mood is upbeat, lively anticipation. We’re outside on a terrace and there’s excitement about seeing “the comet” appear up in the stars. When it becomes visible (one of the “stars” begins increasing in brightness), thick fluffy clouds, (which are bright as if in the daytime) roll in and block the view.

Dream 2: I’m about to share a meal with Laura and the chateau crew. The mood is upbeat, comfortable fellowship. Before I can sit down to enjoy the meal with everyone else already seated, I must assemble some utensil for the meal, as everyone else had done. I have the concept that it requires 4 pieces, but I’m a little frustrated and confused because when I get it assembled I’ve used only 3 pieces. Ark kindly reassures me I have assembled it correctly.
I have a dream logged from 6-2-16 where Laura was in it. Laura seems to be quite busy in everyone's subconscious in this thread! Here is the log:

'I overheard Laura Knight talking to someone (maybe me) about the place to go when things get dangerous. This place as I understood it was similar to or actually in the Himalayan Mountains. I then traveled to this location (by remote viewing maybe? I've never done that before) and it was absolutely beautiful. It look similar to Rivendale which is the City of the Elves in the Lord of the Rings Movies. I remember seeing a waterfall and lots of blueberries! It certainly seemed like a nice place to go. Dream end.

I couldn't help but wonder if I got a glimpse at 4d in that dream!

BTW is this how the transition to 4d is going to be like? Laura just calls up everyone on the subconscious phone and says, 'Okay now its time to go to 4d! Leave your material belongings, we are going to use our new bodies to fly through this gate, land softly on a pond below a waterfall and then eat blueberries together!'
Last night I had a dream about Laura and the Chateau. Laura gave me a lengthy hug and I was feeling such a native and comforting energy! I felt I wasn't alone... :flowers:

My crystals haven't arrived yet, besides it's been over a month. :( Hope they'll show up soon...
Ce que je me souviens de mon rêve dans la nuit du lundi à mardi et qui m’a marqué : J’avais pris un vêtement de Laura qui lui appartenait (je pense que c’était un sous vêtement, mais c’est vague) et une fille m’a vu le prendre et a été le dire à Laura et aussitôt après, Laura est venu et m’a embrassé sur la bouche avec amour, j’étais agréablement surprise, je m’attendais plutôt qu’elle me fasse un reproche d’avoir pris un vêtement sans le lui demandé.

J’ai hésité à le raconter, mais j’aimerai connaitre la signification de ce rêve ?

I remember my dream in the night of Monday to Tuesday and struck me: I took Laura clothing that belonged to him (I think it was an undergarment, but it is vague) and a girl saw me take it and was tell Laura and immediately after, Laura came and kissed me on the mouth with love, I was pleasantly surprised, I expected it rather makes me a reproach of having taken a garment without asking him.

I hesitated to tell, but I like to know the meaning of this dream ?
I woke up very early after an intense dream with Laura/Chateau crew. They had come to visit but the only one I recognized was Laura.
Even though it was only a couple of hours ago I have lost parts of the dream.

Just before I woke up Laura was telling me ( not speaking ) that the time was now and I could no longer do what I had been doing. Its still very much with me Thank you Laura, and crew.
Welcome to the forum sylra.

Interesting dream there! Since this is your first post on the forum, we would appreciate it if you could post a brief intro about yourself in the Newbies section, telling us how you found this forum, how long you've been reading it and/or the SOTT page, whether or not you've read any of Laura's books yet, etc.
Welcome sylra, and what an interesting dream. It must have been intense indeed if it had you write your first post here.

I second Pashalis' suggestion about making an introductory post so we can get to know you better.
On the night of 30/31.08 I had a very vivid dream about a visit to the Chateau. I was not going to mention it but today I saw the photos of Laura's new kitten and I thought that maybe I should. Here is the end of the dream as this is the most interesting part.

I come to the room where group of people was sitting at the table and eating supper. I was supposed to join them but I was afraid so I decided that I need to wash my hands, to delay the meeting a bit more. When I come back to the room it changed and there were only Laura and Chu sitting on the sofa in front of the tv. I went toward Laura, introduced myself, genuflected and shook her hand. I immediately felt a heat wave flowing through my body. I thought that it was because I accidentally touched Laura's right leg which was injured. At that moment Laura nodded her head and said "It is beautiful." I turned around and on the right side of the tv I saw a dark grey striped kitten wrapped in a blanket. I asked Laura if she was referring to the kitten and she nodded. I came closer and touched the kitten gently. It started to squirm and I was scared and thought something like: "oh no, I did something wrong again..." and immediately I woke up. After waking up I still felt the heat in my body for a moment.

And today I saw the photos and began to wonder if Opal is the kitten from my dream...
Very weird dream I had last night and on some way Laura was part of it. The dream was about a part of the last session. About this: said:
(L) Thank god it wasn't chupacabras. And the night that I thought that my dog jumped up on my bed, was that Sebastian?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And what was he doing?

A: Protecting from ethereal stalkers.

Q: (L) And how come there were ethereal stalkers? Was that because of the energy around at the time?

A: Close.

I was watching some kind of a TV show where they were showing most interesting and weird video clips.
And the winner was the video clip where Laura is filming this bizarre case. It was filmed in the first person as Laura is filming.
I saw the ghost of Sebastian, jumping on the bed and around the bed and barking to some other smaller spirits around him in the room. The spirits would appear and disappear in a few moments, and there was some Electromagnetic interference in the video on some places like it was filmed by an old security camera.
On the show, the video was represented by 2 young girls that run on stage very happy when the video was announced as the winner of that show.
Since I got dream stone which I call "Brownie" ;) I have much more vivid dream, actually my dreams are totally different then my dreams before.

Day before yesterday I had a dream which include Laura. Title of this dream could be "Thief".
I was very keen to came in one church to try to find one girl that was very important to me. When I came to the church I was surprised how the church is so small and narrow. I saw the girl, but she wasn't interested in see me, so I realized that my journey was in vain. So, I decided to go away. In the backyard where was garbage I have noticed interesting box of wood. When I opened the box I have found cherry tomato (on the side of the box closer to me) and potato (I'm not sure about potate, it could easily be some other vegetable). I fought that it will be wonderful if I take this, obviously doesn't belong to anyone when is in the garbage. But soon as I try to walk away with this box the priest from the church came in and accused me that I'm a thief. When he was talking I saw a video on some screen which appeared of nowhere. In the video Laura was talking that I'm a thief. Also, my full name was on the screen to everyone see and be noted who I'm. I was so ashamed, especially because Laura think of me in that way.

Last night I had also interesting dream. I usually before sleep ask my Brownie to guide me in my dreams or ask C's to send me message. Because they always said that we should ask if we need a help I gave my self small chance that that could really happend. Last night I asked C's to send me message about this next 35 days, or at least a clue. I had this dream that I'm gonna call it "George Soros".
Earwen (my friend and user on this forum) and I have found house of George Soros, before that we found out that his is dead. Earwen was eager to found out about his stuff on his computer and I was like a butterfly, half naked just jumping from one spot of his big bedroom to another. Earwen found a hidden room where he kept his computer and important files. She was instantly making an article on his computer because she found bombshell. I have noticed that he has only two suits and couldn't understand why, like he couldn't afford much more. He is pretty boring guy. Earwen warned me not to touch anything and making a mess. Suddenly in the bedroom came in man from our village (which has a PTSD) and ask why dinner is not serve. I was ashamed because I was half naked and didn't know that my obligation was to make him dinner. Also, he wasn't surprised that we are in the house, like that was normal.

Usually I don't post my dreams because I think that generally it is just my brain defragmentation or processing, but this two dreams was unusually, they are totaly different that my usually dreams. Also, I had dream about Laura couple of times, but in this dream my feeling of disappointing because she thinks that I'm thief was so strong.

Maybe will be good idea that everyone pay a little bit more attention to dreams in this days and share it with each other. We never know what could we find in our dreams.
Ever since I read about the Cass crystal connection network and received the crystals selected for me, a dream I had about four years ago before finding the Cs and the network has more meaning for me and some family members. Six years ago I began keeping a journal to include events, dreams, excerpts of reading material, and thoughts I and some family members were experiencing. My mother and I were coming out of the restricting beliefs of evangelical Christianity and messianic Judaism and becoming open to a bigger picture of reality. When I had this dream, there was anticipation of a spiritual change connected to 2012. So with that brief background below is what I recorded in the journal.

8/8/2012 - I was with a large group of people in an old gymnasium. The people were sitting in the bleachers and some were leaving and walking up the stairs. I found myself on the floor in front of a large stone cauldron that was filled with what looked like salt crystals or sand in purple, blue, yellow, and green. A late middle aged heavy set lady with gray curly hair and glasses stood behind the cauldron. She began to pour some kind of liquid into the crystals. The crystals started to congeal and a mist or vapor began to rise from them. The lady said something like the vapor will reveal those without form to those in form. As the vapor rose, I began to see figures of bodies where the vapor was. Next, a stone column began rising from the cauldron. On top of it were large hexagonal crystals of blue, red, green, and yellow. Each crystal was hollow in the center. The lady said each crystal was designed to hold light just like a lamp. I saw a picture of an old kerosene lamp with the wick lit. I felt like that was a description of what our crystalline light bodies are for.*(Note - old lamps represent search for knowledge) Finally, I and others were laying down on the floor. Out of our bodies rose a bright yellow-white ball of light. As the light rose into the vapor, a body figure formed above our fleshly bodies. I knew inside that this was a depiction of our "light" rising from 3D to 4D. As all the ball of lights rose and stopped at the ceiling in the vapor bodies, I heard that these are getting ready to ascend to 5D. Then there was a loud explosion and I "knew" that I was not allowed to see what happened after ascension to 5D.

Seven months later, in early March of 2013, I found Sott and began reading Laura's book Amazing Grace. When I saw Laura's forum profile picture she looked almost identical to the lady in my dream. This year as the crystal project began, the dream with the crystals took on more meaning and significance for me as part of my journey in increasing knowledge and being. I knew participating in the Cass crystal connection network is an important next step of commitment and growth which also includes applying for membership in the FOTCM. This network and knowledge has truly helped me to see the bigger picture and reveal those without form (4D) to those of us in form (3D) and then being able to apply that knowledge into appropriate actions for continued development and serving others.
The dream was done with my personal crystal and the dream stone under my pillow. If I had to name the dream, I would call it "The global vision of the universe according Laura". In fact, it was like a drawing, showing me the universe as a bubble, an elongated shape, with, in the left corner, the "source" (like red colour) and the differents worlds/civilizations all over the universe, representated along the bubble, as if they were placed in a specific aerea of the universe according to their awareness evolution or something like that. Clearly, some civilizations were "superior" to others ones. There were books associated to somes civilizations. What strok me, was that the bubble was "finished", like if the universe was limited or maybe like in the film "The truman show" when he hits the wall of blue sky... It was the Laura worlds vision. I think this dream is related to my own vision which is limited and restricted.... work in progress....
Re: Dream of Laura

Guille said:
Joe said:
Guille said:
Now to the dream:

I was in a place unfamiliar to me, seemed like a house in a rural area. Laura was there, as well as other people that I didn't know. It was a somewhat festive environment, with lots of food and people being in a generally good mood. As the day was wrapping up, and people were leaving, Laura asked me if I was staying to study with them, and she had a book that I couldn't see in her hand. I remember feeling unsure, and being new to the environment, I felt that I didn't want to overstay my welcome. I didn't leave right away, but didn't end up "studying" either. Eventually I got in my car and left, noticing how nice the scenery was, and liking that there weren't many cars and houses around.

Please help me interpret this, since I'm having trouble with it...

The most I can get out of that one is your possible doubts about fully engaging with what you think the work of this forum is.

I thought of that interpretation, but it is hard for me to understand how it could be so(or I don't want to face it). Since I began reading Laura's books in 2011, I have become increasingly more determined to align myself with the ideas and things being done here. I consciously think about this daily, and changed my daily behavior to be more aligned with seeking Truth. I've made it a habit to check the forum daily, although I haven't posted as much in the past week or so because I've picked up more hours at work. But perhaps you are right, and there is an unconscious doubt that I need to find and address, so it doesn't hinder me in engaging this network and the Work. I think you might be right, since as I think about this more, I'm beginning to get a fear reaction.

Thank you, Joe. I have some introspecting to do.

Last night was my first time actually singing to the crystals, and this brought me a deep feeling of connection. After this, I had a dream that relates to the one above. I was again, in a house like the one described above. This time, I was staying for a few days. I remember in the dream a sequence of Laura and I talking. Still in the dream, I went to sleep and woke up the next day, apparently the first one up, and I was unsure of whether to start cooking breakfast or even getting out of bed because I didn't want to make noise, also because since I was a guest, I didn't know where ingredients and such were, and perhaps it would be out of place for me to do that. After an indefinite while, I heard others beginning to get up, and I went to the nearby bathroom. Walking around I still felt groggy, very distinct "just waking up feeling", and looked outside the window to see a very rainy day, and thinking that we'd probably be doing things around the house inside rather than work outside today. Not too long after that, I remember feeling more awake, and seeing others wearing tuxedos made of out gift wrap! I was the only one without a tux like that. I remember feeling a bit unprepared, although not in a debilitating way, but rather accepting.

I'm thinking the gift wrap tuxedos might mean others were "present". Just imagine the task of making and putting on, let alone wearing around, a tuxedo made out of gift wrap. Seems to me like it must take an incredible amount of patience and delicacy, and seems to me to be symbolic of developing awareness.

The setting of me staying, rather than leaving, like in the previous dream, I think is a good sign of progress(in light of my recent increase in involvement), yet the rest of the dream indicates to me there is still work to do, and a simultaneous call to patience as well as action.
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