Last Goodbye??


If anything, I'd say this was a positive "haunting" experience. In April 1990, my brother was dying. We lived on opposite coasts (of the USA) and three time zones apart. He telephoned me before he died to say goodbye. That was about 8:30pm where I was and 11:30pm where he was. Pretty depressing evening to say the least. I literally cried myself to sleep that evening and the last time I saw the clock it was just after 2AM.

I was awakened by what I thought was my cat's whiskers or breath in my face. I opened my eyes and expected to see my cat staring at me (which would not have been unusual) but there was nothing. I smoothed the covers down around me thinking the cat had moved off to the foot of the bed, but the cat was not there. Now all this happened in a few seconds. By this time my eyes are focused and I am no longer "groggy". My eyes catch this small box shaped light right in my face again. As I focus on it, it begins to grow in size as it backs away from me (I'm lying prone in bed). The shape continues to grow in a rectangular shape, sort of, and there are bands of colors though they are "see-through". I also either hear or feel a very even, low vibrational type hum. It was like no sound I'd ever heard before, not in an eerie sense, but so low pitched (?) and extremely steady. I wasn't able to ascertain whether I actually heard sound or if I felt the vibration. I was not frightened at all. I'm not certain why I was not fearful; I still wonder about that looking back. I do recall being very intent on trying to sort out what I seeing and hearing/feeling. The shape was rectanular but seemed to have a depth to it. I could see the furniture in the room behind it. It just hovered there and faded away. Then I "remembered" that my brother was dying and I turned to look at the clock and it was somewhere between 3:00 and 3:30am. I fell back asleep. Midmorning, I recieved the awaited call that my brother had passed away. I asked what time he died and was told just after 6am (3am my time). It didn't occur to me until much later in the day that what I may have seen was my brother's energy with a last goodbye. Well, that was what I concluded about what I saw.


A Disturbance in the Force
I think that what you concluded about what you saw is, in fact, what you saw. Connections are connections and the veil, despite what we experience every day, is not that thick. When my grandfather died seven years ago, my telephone rang. I picked up the phone, but no one was there. My mother called within the next ten minutes to tell me that Grandfather had passed ten minutes earlier.
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