Language, Sounds and Intelligent Design

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I stumbled upon the following fascinating article!

A very interesting article. I have long believed that the language in which we express our emotions is of great importance. I think that I would be interested in the analysis of Polish, Greek, Hebrew and Hungarian in this respect. These are four completely different views on emotionality and also on the perception of time. Contrary to appearances, learning languages is useful not only to communicate with others, but to perceive some issues from multiple perspectives, to broaden these perspectives.


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When the Russia/Ukrainian fighting began, there were videos of U.S. diplomats in conversations with each other regarding the direction of politics in Ukraine and way they wanted the course of action to move forward. Diplomacy.

Of course, there is friendliness and mutual benefit that is proposed in engaging in diplomacy: agreements, ties, business, ect.

But there is tact, agendas, deception underneath these diplomatic discourses. And the ones engaging in this speak the language of manipulation.

So, we understand that that's how diplomats engage, but I think it isn't so much language they speak, but a manner in which language is manipulated - to manipulate.

On the other hand, you have language of the civil tongue. And we all know what it is... It's so natural we take it for granted. We assume we mean what we say, or at least say things in earnest, as a way to achieve understanding and cooperation.

So, we say '...those silver tongue devils: those diplomats.'
But I think language is at one end of the spectrum, manipulation, and at the other end, civility. Lies and deceit on one end, and enlightenment the other.

And it isn't reserved, I believe, for highly educated people with oratory skill, but a path. Anyone can manipulate. And from one end to the other is a gray area, but what is termed a manipulator is one who gravitates toward that end continuously. Likewise, a great speaker will inspire continuously.

But the whole spectrum of language serves a purpose, but we are inclined insofar as our understanding to use language manipulatively or civilly on a scale as rigid or elastic as our contemporaries. But we choose to speak in earnest, because it gives a sense of well being.


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But the whole spectrum of language serves a purpose, but we are inclined insofar as our understanding to use language manipulatively or civilly on a scale as rigid or elastic as our contemporaries. But we choose to speak in earnest, because it gives a sense of well being.
Civility is a pretty modern concept, given how old human language is, but I like the idea of a use-case spectrum. Unsurprisingly, I think STO/STS is a pretty good one to hang with. And it doesn't seem to me that language, itself, is bound to this spectrum. Rather it seems to me that we bring these intentions (consciously or unconsciously) to channels like language, dance, drama, dreams, logic, tools, so on.

Another layer of complexity is that context determines how words are received and we do not necessarily have control of the context. Thus our words are not our servants. As words are externalized, they may potentially serve many masters just as they are.


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I started to have the thoughts below after first listening to the Mind Matters show with Chu on language, then watching Chu’s language videos, and then reading this thread.

It might help to read this post I made in another thread in terms of some of information I write below.

Some comments on information theory

Since this thread was started and I took in Chu’s videos and the discussion in that thread, I’ve had many ideas and thoughts that I have been ‘chewing on’ and thinking about. This post is a start to these ideas and thoughts. I plan to also post in Chu’s thread.

This first post is from notes (though I added substantial material and thoughts to it now) from when I first listened to the Mind Matters show with Chu. I actually pulled my car over off the highway to write a lot of them down.

Let’s take the following as a possibility:

Frequency vibration is a mathematical expression of something, such as meaning and information. Information is a frequency that comes from a vibration. The soul gives expression to the frequency vibration of a person. The soul is a mathematical representation of information, meaning, understanding, and knowledge learned and stored by a person as they progress throughout eternity. The soul is not static in this, so the mathematical representation changes (possibly grows) as more learning, etc takes place and information is stored in the soul. It is written and then rewritten continuously in the soul.

So, in any moment the soul has a mathematical expression that is the essence, the information, the meaning, the understanding, and the knowledge encompassed and contained. The soul and person give off a frequency vibration in which others may resonate with, if they are colinear in understanding, etc – if their souls match from what the soul contains – if the mathematical expressions of the souls are similar and/or in alignment. They can have Frequency Resonance Vibration (FRV) together.

All of this may even be contained in the words a person speaks. I think the C’s on a number of occasions over the years, I specifically remember the session(s) related to the creation of EE and talk of Laura doing videos, mentioned the impact actually hearing Laura can have for a person. And that impact is from her knowledge, etc and also from her connection with the Cs. Maybe it is her being and soul composition, as described above, as well as her connection with the C’s and what she is aligned with, that is transmitted via her words. Like an aspect of her soul and frequency vibration of her soul, and what she is connected to, is able to be transmitted via her words and sounds and the frequency of same.

And this is similar, at whatever level each person is at, for every human and being that speaks. And there may be one distinct verbalization or set of words that captures each person’s essence, being, and soul in any given moment.

Other thoughts are:

What if the language for a race of people, in general, matches that group’s DNA and DNA heritage and/or a baseline soul composition for that race?

DNA is a spiral that is a ‘receiver of sorts’ that receives information from the Universal Information Field (UIF). Those that are very similar in DNA, same race, would have a very similar receiver and therefore receive the same, or similar, signals from the UIF. Perhaps this similar signal that is received is expressed in the language that was developed and is used by the same race of people.

And just as DNA is not static, such as viruses changing DNA and DNA changes via epigenetics (DNA changes from environment, experiences such as trauma, etc), language is not static. It is ever growing and changing over time. Perhaps the changes in language over time reflect in some way the changes to the given society (or race) over time via the DNA changes of the society (or race). And this ultimately is reflected in the signal that is received from UIF and possibly even with what exactly the group, be it a society or race, is aligned with in terms of orientation (more STS or STO candidate aligned?).

And the frequency vibration of the words used in a specific language by a race not only is a representation of the sounds and words used in the specific language of genetically similar people (a race) from the signal received by their DNA from the UIF, but possibly is also a representation of shared soul compositions at some base level within that race or group. This thought reminds of various discussions of characteristics of races with the C’s. I remember something like the C’s saying that Asian people are the most advanced group or souls.

And if, besides DNA, a baseline soul composition of a given race relates directly with the language that was developed and is spoken by them, this may explain why there are many different languages, since there are many different baseline soul groups that have similarities within the given groups, but also similarities across the different groups, in terms of DNA and soul composition, that possibly relates to similarities and connects between languages. Like there is a baseline DNA and soul composition, in general, that all of humanity shares and so there are, in general, similarities between all the languages, and connections for specific words within some languages (Babel book), that is reflected in this.

And all of this is related back to and connected to where I stared in terms of frequency vibration and soul, and the sounds of words for a given language related to the specific races.

So, this raises the question in my mind of their possibly being spiritual benefits, to the soul and for the DNA (receiver of the UIF), for a person to learn a different language or languages outside of the language that is from their specific race. Maybe learning other languages even changes DNA and/or the soul in some special way? Opens things up? Or perhaps seeking out and seeing the connection between languages and different words in different languages (Babel book), as described in Laura’s research and works and in Chu’s videos, has a similar effect?

I have other notes. I’d say this post encompass the first third of my notes and thoughts I wrote down overall related to this thread.


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I also found your thoughts very interesting and look forward to the rest of your notes.
The soul is not static in this, so the mathematical representation changes (possibly grows) as more learning, etc takes place and information is stored in the soul.
Just a quick note. Perhaps the mathematical representation becomes more nuanced and complex over time as it is with language learning too. With language, whether it be one's mother tongue or additionally learned languages, the more one uses them in different context and different areas of life, the more one sees all the subtleties in the language. It is also a common experience with learning a new language, that the more one delves into the language, the more one realizes how little one knows and how much more there is, to truly knowing a language.
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