The Force is Strong With This One
The following topic is based on my own personal experience, as well as my studies and several cross-references with and in-between esoteric, spiritual, physical, mathematical, practical, psychological, biological, and all kinds of fields of study, for All Is One.

It has become a crescent source of discontentment of mine to see fellow, kindred souls, just like mine and yours, undertaking ailments and/or distresses for unnecessary periods of time just to learn the so-called necessary lessons. Because of this, I’ll try and see if I can be of any assistance to this process:

First of all, the main cause of suffering, distress, burden, unsettledness, unpleasantness, displacement, loneliness, sorrow, uncertainty, mildness, and all other kinds of dissonant patterns: all stem from an emotional unbalance within the individual, and more especially an inner unbalance between the feeling and the intellectual centers of an individual.

There has been some work done under this field of study, and you’re probably familiar with Freud’s concept of “unconscious”. From what I’ve come to know, this concept is, as a matter of fact, an individual’s feeling center.

Modern society isn’t very much catering to the feeling centers of individuals. People are often emotionally uneducated, and in extreme cases, illiterate. This can cause all sorts of maladies, and even physical ailments, for it is from the emotional centers that stem rationalized behaviors that indirectly try to justify their sources and experiences.

For instance:

An individual might have pre-incarnatively chosen a specific childhood background in order to, as current human development shows, form a certain personality framework to work with. Such a framework can be understood like an Operating Systema programmable one.

If your personality framework is your software, your body of manifestation is your hardware. This is why diet is so important and why it was overstated by Cass on multiple occasions.

You want to have the best physical conditions to tune in to your Spirit and to express it throughout your body – though you need the proper tools to do it. The study of nutrition is of paramount importance, as much as a vehicle mechanic would want to properly tune in their vehicle. You want the best quality nutrients inside your body. Foods with low glycemic indexes. You may want to keep your insulin levels in control. You may want to have an appropriate influx of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, fibers, and good quality fat in your body. By taking proper care of your hardware, you may be able to better work with your software.

People, as Cass has said on multiple occasions, are currently run (and sometimes even governed by) a system of beliefs (the so-called automatic pattern recognition software ran amok). These beliefs are based on expectations.

Expectations are based on referentials.

Referentials are often based on wishful thinking. Desires. Eros (ἔρως).

Referentials have intensity, which, in turn, are directly proportional to the amount of time lived when facing a certain experience and the energetic intensity of it (you may want to check the topic about Chaos and Unity for further detailing: Chaos and Unity: how do you handle it?).

This is why childhood experiences often shape an individual for a whole lifetime – because one day is proportionally (from a veiled 3D time and newness of experience perspective) means much more when you’re a month old in comparison when you’re, let’s say, a hundred years old.


This is the closest I can get, up to this point, in representing what is time in a static pixelated image and my vast knowledge of drawing [/ironic].
This is a spiral, the effect of a singularity. It spins, much like a galaxy center, or you.

Such is time: the more intense an experience is to an individual, the closest to the center of the spiral it is. The more time is “elapsed”, the more outwards the spiral goes. Yet, it still has the origin, the center, as a reference. This is why people often seem to repeat certain “karmic” patterns in their lives: because these issues are often left unsolved, so they keep cycling and repeating themselves until they are balanced, healed, and done with, so there is no more necessity to suffer because of them.

In this matter, ideally, the big spiral would be a lifetime (and/or also the total sum of 3D incarnations of an individual, but this is a matter for another topic, which may be discussed later). Each smaller spirals would be equivalent to time “periods” of a certain frequency. Note that there are differently colored spirals, which means there are different correlated frequencies associated with them.

Such are emotional states. Emotions have a certain frequency bandwidth, and people often seem to struggle with certain emotional states.

I, myself, often struggled with a whole plethora of low vibrational emotional states, so I have somewhat of a good first-hand experience in dealing with these things.

Because I’ve seen both bad and good, I have accrued, throughout effort, the privilege to be able to discern between both. When I see a conflict that comes from an emotional unsettling, it is clear to me the reasons where the conflict stems.

As this is a huge, huge topic by itself, I’d like to preliminarily present information sources for whoever is interested in learning more about the overcoming of personal difficulties and struggles:

First of all, begin studying your own dreams. This should be your starting point.​

They are emotionally tailored messages for you. Don’t handwrite them, that takes too much time. Type them out, it is faster and you’re able to maximize your hypnopompic states. It doesn’t matter if you can only come up with a word, a phrase or sentence that may be recalled about them: write about them. Record them. It doesn’t have to “make sense” at the beginning. Cass has stated the importance of that more than once.

By knowing your own emotional messages you can trace your own emotional patterns, so you can begin to get to know your own source code, so to speak. This will enable you to delimit your own extent of capabilities: you will discern what you can do from what you cannot do. This is the beginning of the process of acceptance of self, of other-self, of the world that you’re in.

Keep in mind that you haven’t had the privilege of incarnating in this timeline, in this particular space and time conjuncture for nothing.​

Discernment is paramount. Not only because of the so-called “Wave”, but for you. “The Wave’s occurrence” is not set in stone, though your existence is already here. As the saying goes, “it’s better to be a warrior taking care of a garden than to be a gardener in a war”. So, take care of your own garden.

Empower yourself – and this takes effort.
It takes time. It takes energy. However, it is the only 100% certain bet and investment that you can do: it’s you, your biggest equity. The return of such investment is directly proportional to your care.

Don’t be casual about your Self. Don’t be casual about your health, your mind, your emotions.

Casualness leads to casualty.

you’re more interested:​
  • Study Psychology. Learn the basics of Freud, especially his dream material. Study some Jung, some Ra Material, some Cass Transcripts (read them again; after all, the dudes there are beyond linear time, wouldn’t you think they were trying to convey the most they could especially in the beginning? It’s the spiral image/interpretation/metaphor again). Study Skinner. Study Lacan;
  • Study Mathematics. Don’t stick to the easily digestible, elusive esoteric stuff. Tackle the hard stuff, because Mathematics is the language of the Universe. Not just algebra. Study Geometry. Study Calculus. Study Fractals. Learn about the mathematical constants of life;
  • Study Physics. Learn how stuff works outside yourself and consequently get to know how they work inside yourself. Learn how electromagnetism works. Learn how quantum mechanics work. There is a whole myriad of subtopics under these umbrellas. Study Tesla;
  • Study Anatomy. You have, presumably, a human body. Learn how your own body works. Learn about your physiology. Learn about nutrition. Know how hormones, neurotransmitters, nutrients, etc. work in your body;
  • Study History. Learn from the mistakes and the positive references of the past so as to do right in the present and in the future. Keep in mind that History is written with specific objectives in mind; yet even from the most corrupted sources, there is valuable information to be extracted, even if it means what not to do, what not to look for. Study The Bible, and other religious scripts. Study Mythology;
  • Study Social Sciences. Learn how human beings work in a social environment. This means philosophy, this means anthropology, this means behavioral psychology and all kinds of collective behavior. Study Plato. Study Socrates. Study Epictetus;
  • Study your Self. Learn what turns you on, and what turns you off. Learn what excites you, and what displeases you. Harmonize your Self with your own intuition, with what your Spirit tries to convey to you. This way, you can be of better service not just to yourself but also to the society that you live and commune in. Learn Neuro-linguistic Programming.
Honor your body, for it is also an honoring to The Creation as well. A healthy mind cannot thrive in an unhealthy body. Even more so to the manifestation of a Spirit.

Keep in mind that everyone will die and the lessons that are not learned will have to be learned sooner or later. So, why delay the inevitable? Be at the vanguard, at the forefront of a new dawn, and reap the rewards that await those who go first.

Bonus: a personal chart for your use, free of charge. This should give you a personal, basic guideline to work with.
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