Jordan Peterson: Gender Pronouns and Free Speech War


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The Antifa clone project starts in Elementary school. We will lose generations more if we do not act swiftly. Until we are truly outnumbered.

It's not about destroying white supremacy of course, which is a myth. It's about destroying anything that offers real progress.

And how is erasing ''perfectionism'' and "quantity over quality" not a contradiction. I guess logic is racist too.


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I found a mini lecture of Jordans that I transcribed over a year ago, and sent to someone I was assisting.

I have been seeing that most of the Ancestral Healing issues that I am being asked about recently, are Father issues.

Using this advice from JP has helped "turn around" the focus for several people.
Good hearted people who were unable to release strong "attachments" and long held identifications of anger and resentment towards their fathers, even though those men were long gone dead.

"You have an endless potential.
That potential reveals itself in the re-construction of your being.

That’s the rescuing of your Father from the belly of the beast.
You make yourself into the full manifestation of your ancestral possibility.
That is within your grasp.
I think that is true metaphysically.
I think it’s true psychologically.
I think it’s true biologically.
The way you do that is by voluntarily confronting the suffering and malevolence that is a consequence of limited being.
That way, you get to have your cake and eat it, too: you have all the possibilities that limitation in combination with potential opens up for you, and you have the means of coping with it.
Then you think, “is that just naive?” The answer to that is, “no, actually; it’s not naive.”

What you see in the clinical literature is that people who turn around and confront the things that have terrified them, even if they have post-traumatic stress disorder, even if they have been really hurt—and by true malevolence, often.
Not just suffering, but true betrayal and evil.
They get better.

That’s a fact, and it doesn’t seem to be a limited fact.

There are a couple of interesting things about that.

The first is that, if you turn around and confront what is terrifying you, it gets smaller, and you get bigger. There doesn’t seem to be a real limit to that.

That is a psychological truth.

So, that is where you find meaning, and the meaning in your life that sustains you through the pain of the limitation."
Dr.Jordan B Peterson



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Today in Canada, is our Traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Day.
JP and Family are together in Toronto, Canada.
From the depths of my Being, I Send Divine Cosmic Mind Blessings and Love to Them All.

Message to All from Mikhaila:

"So incredibly thankful to be at home with my family.

We made it through 2019 and 2020 by the skin of our teeth.

On the right you see my wonderful brother @julianpeterson1 and his wife @jillypetes and they’re little squish Elliot.

At the back are my mom @tammymoropete and my dad @jordan.b.peterson.

On the left my lovely husband @andreykorikov looking concerned because I was leaning very far back to fit everyone in the picture.

Scarlett is beside me, we didn’t make it in but isn’t this warm and fuzzy?

It’s been more than a year and a half since we’ve had a dinner like this and I missed it so much.

Love you guys
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!"


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Twitter is run by radical Leftist ideological zealots who hate Trump. Soon they can hate him for another 4 year.

The silicon tech giants have become the de facto propaganda arm of antifa and the Democratic party.


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Don't like the politics of your family, rat them out to the authorities and off they go to the gulags.

Humza Yousaf, the advocate of this bill recently complained that in Scotland to many white people are in a position of authority. Scotland is 98.2 % white. That's like saying that to many blacks in Nigeria hold government positions.


You need to watch this all the way through, and her other video. This is crazy.

Vanessa Vokey Will Not Be Cancelled​

The 26-year-old has been fired and censored from Etsy, Redbubble, and Printful—but she refuses to go away

A graphic designer for a small Ontario pizza shop, Vanessa Vokey is hardly the face of cancel culture. Vokey didn’t have a particularly big audience or online presence, wasn’t in a prominent or public position, and certainly didn’t have any upcoming book deals or Netflix specials. In fact, if she hadn’t been cancelled, you might have never heard her name. But after being fired from her job for expressing feminist beliefs, Vokey finds herself on the front lines of a culture war. The 26-year-old creative is now leading the campaign against censorship on internet retail platforms like Etsy, Printful, and Redbubble.


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I listened to a recent Joe Rogan podcast with Douglas Murray (author of The Madness of Crowds) a few days ago. They talk about, among other things, the radical leftist ideologies and BLM protests. Here's a short excerpt where Murray talks about the importance of not going along with the crowd, the value of truth, and how going along with even the little lies diminishes your soul. I think Peterson would agree with his take on things. I just wish Rogan and Murray would apply a similar level of critical thinking when it comes to the plandemic.



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Anthony, thank you for sharing that. I shared it on fb because I think it's a message that needs to be sent out to as many as will listen.
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