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Here is some blogging I did based on a propaganda piece I found in my local newspaper written by Mona Charen, which made me quite ill reading. I have to thank SOTT for their news database. It helped immensely as I had to backtrack over much of the news coverage I had read recently. Not surprisingly, some of this news is much easier to find here at SOTT than with using Google :lol:

In the article I present some brief background on the situation, go over some of the recent news coverage in Gaza and then rip apart the propaganda work by Mona Charen.

I recently stumbled upon an editorial article in my not-so-locally owned newspaper about Israel's war on Gaza. The author of this editorial is Mona Charen, a dedicated Zionist and Neo-con and the author of two conservative books titled Useful Idiots: How Liberals Got it Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America First and Do-Gooders: How Liberals Harm Those They Claim to Help. Just from the first sentence of the article, one finds the phrase "Israel's counter-attack", which appears to be the current newspeak term for "all out genocidal war" when it comes to Israeli policy towards the Palestinians. Even the title of the article, "What good can come of this fight?" leaves one with the initial impression that the author is grasping for any rationality that could possibly justify the mass slaughter of innocent civilians. I thought since this article appeared in my town's newspaper I might weigh in and try to pick apart this piece of blatent paramoralistic garbage. What strikes me as particularly shocking is Charen's complete de-legitimization of the pain and suffering of the Palestinian people. Not only this, but throughout the article she continually insinuates the Palestinians and in fact all Arabs are anything but human. This alone struck me as particularly pathological. Yes, it appears Mrs. Charen comes from an entirely different breed.

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