Is Monotheism an extraterrestrial construct?

From the book i've read about Atlantis, it made me think that belief in a supernatural invisible God is a concept brought here by extraterrestrials. As, you know, Atlanteans were pagans and they have worshiped the Sun. Therefore, i can say (i might be wrong), true Monotheism might be a concept by extraterrestrials. Also by considering the three Abrahamic religions that are sent by Prime Creator, i've just concluded that.


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Sounds far-fetched to me. What book is it? How do they back up such claims? Regarding origins of monotheism you may want to read When Zarathustra Spoke: The Reformation Of Neolithic Culture And Religion by Mary Settegast mentioned here.


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Is monotheism an extraterrestrial construct? Yes and no. I think the concept of an ever present whole, an origin point from which everything cycles and everything belongs to, is a universal understanding all beings are aware of to some level and would seem to be a natural conclusion to reach when pondering the ultimate answer to all of the "why" questions. It is the great spiritual mystery which consciousness seeks to solve. This more abstract and philosophical version of monotheism exists as part of the natural order of things and is really independent of extraterrestrial interference.

There are of course beings who would love to come along and pretend they are the ultimate creator in order to enforce worship, dominance and control. This is at the root of the Abrahamic religions; it's not so much that 4D STS groups invented monotheism, they just twisted and modified it for their own ends. They were assisted by a small army of power-hungry prophets who were all too willing to act as tools in a delusional bid toward some sort of godhood. This version of monotheism is definitely an extraterrestrial construct.

As for the Atlanteans being sun worshipers, I think this assertion is more along the lines of deluded New Age notions about who they were, and someone who can't wrap their brain around the idea that we're really little more than dust-kickers growing up out of the detritus of their civilization. The Atlanteans strike me as a rather pragmatic and not particularly spiritual people, and from what I've heard about them they used crystal pyramids to gather a nearly limitless supply of energy from the sun. So for me, the "worship" of the sun is just an understanding that it was the energy source which their technological infrastructure was predicated on, and would be the same as saying that we worship our electrical grid.

I think it is intellectually perilous to draw these simplistically linear conclusions about reality, because it is most often nuanced and complicated.
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