Is it still possible to share youtube videos on the forum?


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FYI the &list= at the end of the embed src seems to be what's breaking it.
If you plug the src into a new browser window it also says 'Video Unavailable', remove the &list= and it works.

Can confirm that removing "&list=" at the end of the src attribute works for me as well. It seems the forum software is automatically appending the list parameter without a value, which breaks the YouTube API. However, videos that already contain a value for the "&list=" path parameter (those which are in a playlist) appear to be working:

I searched the Xenforo forums and it doesn't look like this is a known bug yet.


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XenForo 2.2.6 Patch 2 Released​

XenForo 2.2.6 included support for YouTube embeds which contain a playlist ID which allows an embedded video to be viewed within the context of the playlist it is part of. While this was working perfectly fine, YouTube seemingly made a change yesterday which prevented all YouTube embeds from displaying because many of them would have had an empty list parameter in the embed URL.


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So, YT changed something yesterday which broke the change that XenForo had added in 2.2.6 to support playlists - which explains why it didn't stop working immediately after I applied Patch 1 some days ago.

Since the forum is using oEmbed, that probably means that when the forum makes an oEmbed call to YT to get the embed code for a video URL, it's being returned with the empty '&list=' URL param, which then breaks the embed.

That would be YT's fault - twice. Not only should a blank 'list' param not be returned if the vid URL is not for a playlist, but the fact that there IS a blank URL param in the embed code URL shouldn't break the embed, either. Bad programming!
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