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First is an index for the SOTT book on 911. The book like the next is composed by Scott Ogrin, Joe Quinn and Henry See. In spite of its title some of the articles presented only allude to the 911 event. The book itself has 115 pages of medium sized well spaced print, and contains an interesting blend of commentary on events, and hints to Work on oneself. This made it more difficult to coin or extract one phrase per article that would cover the overall trend of the excerpt for any one of the selected days. Therefore I have decided not to stick so excessively to the desire for shortness that this double theme of the authors disappears.

Page 05: Introduction: What does one do in the face of the lie?
Page 08: The rule of fear and the trap of work. War is a sociological safety valve. The real enemy is within.
Page 20: The French bomb threat. By way of deception part one. "Any real and lasting change can only come through work on the self."
Page 35: Main stream religions and the "New Age Movement". The subtle propagation of truth cleverly wrapped in lies is the hallmark of COINTELPRO. Face the truth of reality with courage and faith.
Page 39: Madrid bombing and 911. The filters of programmed emotional responses.
Page 45: Madrid bombing. Seeing through the lies and standing up for truth.
Page 49: Nothing in politics happen by accident.
Page 60: Terrorism: A mode of government of terror and intimidation. We can try to change our inner worlds.
Page 64: Bush admits guilt in handling of 9/11
Page 70: Four dead Americans and three big lies.
Page 73: On religious fundamentalism, patriotism, subjectivity and objectivity. "The Work is possible because of the particular nasty reality in which we reside. It is up to each of us whether or not we choose to work at seeing the context, and eventually the truth, of our internal and external realities."
Page 78: Why is the US in Iraq? What are the REAL reasons? By way of deception part two.
Page 82: The lies we are told and those that we tell ourselves.
Page 89: The power of the situation. Reflections on the "The Stanford Prison Experiment"
Page 101: Standing up for the truth. Giving the lie what it asks for.
Page 104: "Fahrenheit 9/11." "WE are the problem. As long as we continue to lie to ourselves about who and what we are, it will be ridiculously easy for others to lie to us also."
Page 114-120: "Terrorising" Arabs.

Next follow some references to people and books but excluding those to articles and websites.
Page 08: Ernest Becker
Page 11: Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Illych"
Page 17: Karl Marx: "The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844", from chapter on Alienation.
Page 24: Victor Ostrovsky: "By way of Deception"
Page 47: Comment on the drawing "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso
Page 48: Quote from Fernando Valera, a Repbulican deputy during Spanish Civil War.
Page 58: The Secret History of the World by Laura Knight-Jadczyk.
Page 59: Franklin D. Rosewelt

1): I remember reading the " Bush admits guilt in handling of 9/11 " on April First 2004. In fact I could not really believe it. I eventually decided that after all it was Fools Day. That the editors where putting words inot his mouth. When one like I is programmed to look for the expected outcome the glitch is passed over as a miss. Lesson learned is to look out for the glitch, because it is always there. Ironic indeed for a ray of sanity to occur on a First of April. I mean for the person concerned.
2): The essay on the Standford Prison Experiment is very interesting. Translated to Global terms it would mean that 1/3 of humanity would follow rules of oppressing others but without exploiting them. 1/3 would bend the rules into personal satisfaction for themselves and more oppression for those that they are asked to oppress. Only 1/3 of the population would alleviate the conditions of oppressed people but would NOT counteract the 1/3 of hardcore oppressors. In the SPE there is one lady that blows the whistle after it gets too wild and the SPE is terminated before time. Does that relate to the Global Prison Experiment, the GPE also?

Next follows an index to SOTT book titled "US Freedom"
Like for the other SOTT books the majority of the articles are headed by the date of the issue of SOTT on which they appeared. What is more important the time or the sign? In one way the date is a sign of time and certainly one that most can agree on. Also the contents of some of the articles span over many subjects, so one can argue about which is the more central or more sign-ificant issue.

US Freedom
Page 05: Introduction: Mass manipulation of the American people
Page 07: The Grand American enslavement experiment
Page 14: Too young to learn to think?
Page 20: Government research into chemical and biological weapons
Page 35: How people that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions.
Page 40: Your Government and You
Page 43: Assembling the truth about "The greatest democracy on Earth" or alternatively how deep to LET the rabbit hole go.
Page 49: Having a life or earning a living
Page 58: Logical unemotional thinking about terrorists and terrorism
Page 63: Intelligence failures
Page 75: Morality and Conscience
Page 82: Are you looking at the actors or the man behind the curtain?
Page 84-91: An "opposition" in the US political structure is nothing but a myth.

A couple of other topics not contained in the above are:
Creation and Entropy: pages 64, 73, 75
The Work and the emotion of hate: pages 64, 65, 76

In the book there are several references to authors. I have left out the news articles.
Page 13: Gurdieff quoted and commented in "In Search of a Living Culture" Lecture by Henri Tracol, 1961. Aix en Provence, Franc.
Page 16: Paul Feyerabend: Three Dialogues on Knowledge
Page 36: CIA insider Victor Marchetti about The Secret Cult of power.
Page 38: Peter Knight: editor of the 2002 collection "Conspiracy Nation: The Politics of Paranoia in Post-war America."



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Hi, thanks for taking the time to do this. The Signs books are currently undergoing an editorial review and update and will be combined into one book entitled "Essays on Life on Planet earth". Each essay is being given it own title also (not just a date).

For anyone that was planning on perhaps purchasing any of the booklets, please hang on, the new title will be ready in the near future.

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