Imminent Alien Disclosure?


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This is all over the news internationally

So now the liberals are making sure we welcome extra terrestrials with open arms:

“ I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because 'aliens' is a derogatory term for anything," they said in the interview. “

“Lovato also hit back at "misconceptions" about UFOs, such as the idea that "they're harmful or that they'll come and take over the planet".

“"I really think that if there was anything out there that would want to do that to us, it would have happened by now," they said. “

"I think that if there were beings that could harm us, we would have been gone a long time ago.”

Good grief! Get ready for the SJW brigade defending the “Lizzies”.!
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry
Next they will call for people to stop calling Sasquatch “Big Foot” because they might be offended. Unbelievable.


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Next they will call for people to stop calling Sasquatch “Big Foot”
"...we have to stop calling them aliens because 'aliens' is a derogatory term for anything..."
This is just someone's subjective opinion. So what is the media's reason for covering it? A psychological ploy to discourage use of the word "aliens" in general. Promotion of Newspeak. Very common now.

Even critical race theory is now called "social emotional learning" - an attempt to escape the backlog of articles and social media commentary against critical race theory.


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@c.a. ,

The Sarfatti interview is interesting I think. Jack Sarfatti is was in several of the Cs sessions. Trump's uncle had access to all the Tesla papers he says in the interview. Strangely very pro Trump. He has already voted for Trump. He does not mince words. Is he on the right track? I don't know.

Some session references:

Session 26 December 1998:

Session 20 August 2001:

Session 11 August 2018:

There was another mathematical physicist who is probably more credible by the name of (Roger) Ruggero Santilli (kind of thought of him by mistake) He was at one of the Cs sessions and asked very interesting questions at the Cs urging. He in now 85 years old.

There is a lot to reference in other sessions too so I will just use this first session as an example:

Session 27 May 1995:


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I inadvertently posted the above post before adding my newer discovery of George Bush's involvement with the "Philadelphia Experiment".

Here are some references:

Session 19 November 1994:
Q: (T) Why are they coming out with this story? Besides disinformation...

A: Slow revelation to effect gauge of public response.

Q: (L) Should V____ stand behind Terry and put her hands on his shoulders for energy?

A: Not necessary because Terry has adequate energy of his own. George Bush was involved with Philadelphia experiment.

We are not that far from a president who has had more of a "deep state" awareness of 4D time travel.

I think this may have many implications for the strange turn of events we are witnessing.

Navy aviator George H.W. Bush and his squadron attacked

George H.W. Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94

If a previous president has that much of an awareness of such things as time travel then it makes one wonder how the "deep state" is trying to control public reaction to any disclosure.

In the same 1994 session they ask about Al Bielek and his story:

Q: (L) Is Al Bielek really who he claims to be?

A: No. Was technician but not aboard vessel.

Q: (L) So he did not go back and forth in time?

A: Correct.

Q: (T) So he's trying to make himself out to be more than he actually is?

A: Yes.

Q: (J) He is a wannabe?

A: No. He is an agent of the government.

Q: (T) Is Preston also a government agent?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Why are they coming out with this story? Besides disinformation...

A: Slow revelation to effect gauge of public response.

I think this a possible reason for the UFO tidbits being released.


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I realized there was a recent video which might have direct proof of alien technology used on humans. Takeover can also be orchestrated on the nano-level, subduing the target population. Especially if we are an older model, now deemed obsolete and the Lizzies wanna create a new slave model - "build back better" - for their purposes.

Stew Peters Show: EXCLUSIVE Pfizer Vial Images Released - Patriots vs The Machine

Dr. Carrie Madej repeatedly shows mechanical sphere formations and moving mechanical stuff that looks like nano robots in action. There is a transparent glass-like nanorobot, which looks like it has a sort of a Predator-invisibility cloaking turned on
and it mechanically circles a black sphere - in the Pfizer-vial liquid sample - in a ragged, staccato machine-like fashion.
She describes growing formations, where something under the microscope is building tendril-connected structures. What-ever is built there its growing. Besides there is the tentacled Cthulhu alien as well: which at one point appears to have become aware of them - that humans are watching it - and appear to turn its kraken head towards the doctors.

For comparison Dr. Carrie shows a humans-made nano-robot, which looks like low tech, compared to the saucer/clam-shaped thing circling the metal ring (as if it were a train on a rail) in the sample.

She states multiple times, she never seen anything like this - Pfizer vial contents under the microscope - and to her it looks like this is not human science. As if these techniques were borrowed from aliens. The video also feels this might be demonic technology on display. Especially when she recounts parasites swimming happily around in the sample under the microscope. I got the crazy idea / feeling that the earlier video showing a live parasite-bath, which is a vaccine vial sample under the microscope - is (looks like) some amniotic fluid from a demons womb. Considering the spike protein gets concentrated in the womb of women, this appears to be some kind of the demonized / satanized version of the "immaculate conception".

This whole video felt like a script from a Hollywood alien invasion movie, except more creepy, as it is happening in real life before our eyes.

Kevin W. McCairn Ph.D states that the released covid bioweapon has now been aerosolized - like the DDT sprayings of people in the '50s - and is affecting crowd behaviors around the world. Only the sprayer machines are not needed anymore as people are perfectly used to breath out the aerosol. This bioweapon - according to neuroscientist Dr. McCairn - is making people lose their inhibitions (we have Samenow's research about this on the forum here) and helping turning them more aggressive losing all conscious control. Into the new, fast & crazy Hollywood-style zombies?

I stated last year, if I were an alien general, I would spray the targeted planet with an insecticide to make invasion way easier consuming much less war resources. Well, we appear to have reached the point, where it appears that Lizzie Pest Control was turned ON.
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I watched one small 1m clip this afternoon, among many ones you can watch when you follow some channes on Telegram.
I was not impressed enough to repost it or whatever (or i could spend all day to do so).
But here just read a comment on another post referencing this clip, of a lizard speaking at the UN (united nations !?)
So i searched again on it, found the longer version which is 2m31s, it seems to be produced by a sub group of the UN (UN development), and it's about COP26, here's the tweet and clip :

Is this a kind of predictive programming, using well known "Jurassic Park"s velociraptor" to help people to get used to a smiliar event in the future ?


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I like what little I know about Jack Sarfatti. He said this:

The material universe has a super-conscious cosmic mind...Also it is testable scientifically - not a matter of faith. "Consciousness" is a simple physical phenomenon like "gravity". I am quite serious here. This is a great discovery - perhaps the greatest ever.
- Dr Jack Sarfatti

With regard to the OP question, Is Alien Disclosure Imminent?, I would say no, because of the danger of disrupting what little is left of orderly civilization. However, I could be wrong. Recently the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), remarked that extraterrestrials could be responsible for UAP phenomena experienced by US Navy pilots. I take it that "extraterrestrials" means the same thing as aliens, but I prefer to think of it as a non-human intelligence, possibly a super-conscious cosmic mind.


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Pentagon announces new group to investigate reports of UFOs near certain military sites​


Government report on UFO investigation released
A declassified version of the government report presented to Congress on unexplained a...Read More
U.S. Dept. of Defense via AFP via Getty Images, FILE

November 24, 2021
In the wake of a UFO report last summer, the Pentagon has announced the formation of a new group that will investigate reports of UFOs close to sensitive military areas.

The new Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group will specifically look at reports of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) near U.S. military facilities. UAP is the military term to describe what is known as UFOs or Unexplained Flying Objects.

"Incursions by any airborne object into our SUA (Special Use Airspace) pose safety of flight and operations security concerns, and may pose national security challenges," said a Pentagon press release using the term that includes restricted military airspace, military operations areas, firing ranges and places restricted for national security and other uses.

MORE: Few answers in unclassified UFO report
In a memo outlining the group's formation, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks wrote that unidentified aerial phenomena in special-use areas "represents a safety of flight risk to aircrews and raises potential national security concerns."

PHOTO: This video grab image obtained April 28, 2020, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense shows part of an unclassified video taken by Navy pilots that have circulated for years showing interactions with unidentified aerial phenomena.

U.S. Dept. of Defense This video grab image obtained April 28, 2020, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense

The new group will synchronize the Pentagon's efforts with other federal agencies "to detect, identify and attribute objects of interest in Special Use Airspace (SUA), and to assess and mitigate any associated threats to safety of flight and national security."

MORE: Upcoming UFO report to Congress creating lots of buzz
It will be overseen by the under secretary of defense for intelligence, who will head an executive council including the director of the Joint Staff and senior officials from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Last June, the U.S. intelligence community released a report requested by Congress that provided the first unclassified assessment of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena.

MORE: Pentagon declassifies Navy videos that purportedly show UFOs
Compiled by the Navy's Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, that report could not explain 143 incidents and said 18 of them appeared "to demonstrate advanced technology." The UAP Task Force will now be absorbed into the newly formed group announced by the Pentagon.

The UAP report also identified the need to make improvements in the Pentagon's processes, policies, technologies and training to improve its ability to understand UAP.
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