Iggy Pop's Back - 2020


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Well, see, I am in the process of selling my records collection. It is a process because there are so many records in my shelf (was a non pro DJ for almost 30 years). It is easy. I have no emotional attachment to them any more. From my now point of view I see clearly how manipulative most of the music was, not only the lyrics, also bass and beats. No wonder we were all so distracted from real life. I cannot tell WHAT agenda is served by Iggy, but I am pretty sure he serves one. One that I do not bite the bait anymore.


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Well said. I feel much the same and see/feel Lizzie agenda in pop culture. Feel stupid that I spent so much of my youth buying into an identity being preached by music, film, tv, magazines etc. I thought i was sooo trendy! What a joke, but glad i have woken up a bit now.
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