Human Resources: Social Engineering In The 20th Century

This video by Scott Noble discusses the scientific management of life in the 20th and 21th centuries bringing up many relevant points on the schooling system, workplace, hierarchical systems and how different countries implemented these strategies on the masses. The division of labor as a way of de skilling to break workplace democracy and the frustration-agression theory are covered as well as many CIA military and medical tests/torture. It is disturbing content in the video and when you hear and see how these bastards think and treat normal people it's sickening! What the documentary informs the viewer about is mechanistic philosophy and exploitation in this hierarchical society we live in and how ponerology never changes it's dehumanizing effects (though psychopathogy is not mentioned).


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While looking for SOTT articles related to mind influencing and programming I saw the recommendation for the documentary in this article Mind control research and freedom --
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The film is by Scott Noble, who has made other works, which can be found on Films | Metanoia Films
In the YouTube there are some notes about sources and excerpts from reviews:
Anarcho -- Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?
Beissinger, Mark R. -- Scientific Management, socialist discipline and Soviet power
Chang, Iris -- the Rape of Nanking
Cockburn, Alex and St. Claire, Jeffrey -- Whiteout: The CIA, drugs and the press
Gatto, John Taylor -- The Underground History of American Education; Dumbing Us Down
Goliszek, Andrew -- In the name of science
Klein, Naomi -- The Shock Doctrine
Kohn, Alfie -- What does it mean to be well-educated?; No contest: the case against competition Lemov, Rebecca -- World as Laboratory: Experiments with mice, mazes and men
Noble, David -- Forces of Production: a social history of industrial automation
Ritzer, George -- The McDonaldization of Society
Shepherd, Harold & Herrick, Neil -- Where Have All the Robots Gone?
Smith, Sharon -- Subterranean Fire: A History of working class radicalism
Szulc, Tad -- The CIA's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
"A viscerally overpowering film and at the same time a thoughtful meditation on the human condition." - Walter A. Davis, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University
"Brilliant...Riveting...The amount of material the filmmaker covers and unifies is astounding... Human Resources diagnoses the 20th century." - Stephen Soldz, Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis; President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility
"Powerful...Must See...It will leave you Spellbound." - Andrew Goliszek, Author, In the Name of Science: A History of Secret Programs, Medical Research, and Human Experimentation
"An important work...terrifying in its implications.... Human Resources is a must see for those of us who still take democracy seriously." - Bruce E. Levine, Author Commonsense Rebellion: Taking Back Your Life from Drugs, Shrinks, Corporations, and a World Gone Crazy
"It scared the shit out of me...A powerful and methodical dissection of the dominant culture." - Derrick Jensen, Author, Endgame
"A masterful examination of the mechanization of human existence... It is a rare occasion when watching a film can help open not only our eyes, but our minds." - Andrew Marshall, Centre for Research on Globalization
"A Masterpiece. Unless you weep, you may be damaged by this film. Viewer discretion, and love, advised. - David Ker Thomson, Professor, Language and Thinking Program at Bard College
"Scott Noble's work is a pioneering development in documentary filmmaking in its content, documentary technique, and even distribution method. Watch his stuff, use it, and build on it." - Chris Simpson, Professor, School of Communication, American University
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