how to prevent being abducted

Take up smoking and eat bacon.

Be the stinky chicken which will make a big fuss and draw blood if you aren't vigilant and bring help.

If the bastards persist, just make sure it costs them double what they'd have to spend on the next chicken down the line.

Hold grudges. Let them know you'll be collecting with interest when the time comes. In another life, I'll be the evil tax collector or the guy who runs you over on the drive way. I will break your heart and your body. How did you think Karma worked? This is how.

Seriously. Pass me over. I'm happy to get off this carousel, but you first. I can be the best and most giving friend in the world, but if you hurt me or my people I will not forget.


See how this works?

Is that scary? It should be. It should be terrifying. It's how it never ends. -A part of me struggles with those feelings of darkness and hate. I work hard to let that stuff go, to forgive and be the first off the the carousel.

I have a feeling that once you've processed that stuff, genuinely forgiven, then you won't be needing to hurt somebody next time around in payment, and thus need to fill the opposite role when it's your turn again on the receiving end.

Knowledge of this process and choosing not to engage in it... That might be the answer.

But either way...

The bacon is good. And smoking if your body tolerates it.
I think you can alter the outcome, if you start to resist they'll change their approach and it becomes something of an arms race. I was taken regularly up until early '95 when I really focused on stopping the abductions and things appeared to change. Up until then I fought like a cornered beast, doesn't work.

They used to stick a needle in my left testicle, how do I know this? Since thirteen I would sometimes wake up with the dull ache a man has half an hour after a kick to the groin but orientated to the left and there'd be tiny puncture wound on my scrotum, also on the left. In December 1995 I needed an operation down there, (left again) and the pre-op ultrasound revealed 4 needle marks precisely in the epididymis. You should've seen the imager's face! He cried, 'someone has been sticking needles in you left testicle, look!' He scanned from left to right, back and forth to compare the 2. Then he stopped scanning and looked for the corresponding marks on my scrotum, there were none, they had healed months before and the internal marks had yet to heal. I had some imaging done in 2006, nothing, no more waking with that dull ache either and everything's in good working order!

They have wand like device, in my experience if they tapped you on the head it can knock you flat, tap your shoulder, intense pain and paralysis flows through your body. Things seemed to change after I changed my approach. I would wake up with one of their wands tapping on my temple and it was like a flash bulb going off in my head. Pressed directly into the centre of my forehead, I slapped it away.

They visited often in '96, '97 and '98, they appeared to be getting frustrated. I made devices to record magnetic anomalies (got one hit) and record sound all through the night. The sound recorder was shut down sometimes so I never got anything except me sleep talking and farting.

I awoke early one morning to the point of a wand pressing hard into my forehead 50mm above my left eye. I didn't stir, just said mentally, 'what is it now?' There was a flash and intense pain inside my head, I sat bolt upright and a brief 'movie' played in my head. It showed my body as a 3D transparency being invaded by cancer cells, a robotic voice with an American accent narrated, 'the myeloma spreads throughout the body'. All day following this, every 90 minutes I had flashes of debilitating head pain. It would begin at where the wand touched my forehead and zap to the back of my skull. These incidents suddenly stopped the same evening but the site was still tender and a lump appeared which is here to this day, doctor said it was a cyst.

In '98 they sent a love bite. I fell for it, bad move, took me a while to extricate myself out of that!

They still pay me a visit now and again, seems to happen during and after I've said something they don't want me to talk about. It looks like they're trying to scare me as my heart is often racing, not a good thing at 56. When this happens I try say mentally, 'if you kill me you'll only make me stronger!' The attack halts straight away.

Though I don't want to find out just yet and I don't recommend anyone doing this I'm curious. If someone was to die, possessing an adequate awareness of their situation at the time would they become stronger? Would they be more able to be a thorn in the side of 4D STS?

I saw this list of things which is really good, but could you be more specific about prayer? How to go about it? I mean can you share simple example? Would you address prayer to the Universe? Your ancestors?...Thanks! Castiel

I do pray every morning and night. Not because of afraid of something or someone. My main focus is the safety for forum members and STO candidates in this earth.
So, I pray to the Universe/Divine Cosmic Mind.

Q: (L) Well, yes we are already pretty vulnerable. Are we going to be MORE vulnerable?

A: What fear have ye, if ye remember that the soul is what counts, and that it is indestructible. Good night.
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