How do I insert articles, pics, videos into my posts on my laptop?

Can't seem to figure out how to insert articles, pics, videos. Help.
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For inserting articles and videos, you just have to copy and paste the URL link (website address) into your post and it will automatically convert into an article or video.

For photos, just drag the photo into the post and there it is.

Hope this helps! If not, feel free to ask.
Hi Redrock12, for to insert links, images, etc, you can do it by clicking in the options bar that appears when you go to write a post, you can also explore other options that are there, I attach a picture of my screen and click on the red arrows, follow the instructions that the system will ask you and so is attached, I hope I explained well, and is useful.
In general the options are discovered by clicking on almost everything.


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This is the official method without shortcuts: To insert articles, pics, video's and the like you have to make use of the icons displayed in a row above the posting window. Those you need are placed at the right part of the left row.

When you hover above them with your cursor (mouse) they will display what their functions are, notably (from left to right) insert link, insert image, insert smilies, insert media, insert quote, insert table, insert other. Left clicking the icon gives access to its function.

From there you can follow the advice of the other posters. After a while you can make shortcuts like bjorn mentioned.
Well I'm back. I'm trying to post a YouTube music video but everything I've tried doesn't seem to work. Please help:-(
Well I'm back. I'm trying to post a YouTube music video but everything I've tried doesn't seem to work. Please help:-(
Please be more specific, like which video (URL) and where you want to post it, what you have tried so far specifically (step by step), and why you think it failed regardless - despite all your best efforts.
Ok Natus Videre. Here goes. Thanks
I need to know where to find the web address on the page where the music video is located. I got all the way to where the supposed web address is inserted in the post but that's it, the web address shows but no video appears . I don't think I'm getting the correct web address on the page where the video is located. Where on said page would it be located or how can I bring it up?Sorry to be such a computer dummy.
You can find any web address in the so named address bar atop of every webpage. For this thread on our forum this would be:

https: //

For the Mozart video in the above example of Natus Videre it is:

https: // - as shown on the right of his inscribed number 2: Enter Media URL.

After you have entered the correct web address at the proper place, you still have to press Continue (to the right of his number 3) to make the desired video really appear in your post.

In the post box you will see the following:

[MEDIA} https: // [/MEDIA]

but without all the spaces. I've put them in now to make you see what it looks like before posting. Would I have not put the spaces in here, the Mozart video would have appeared once more.

After that, you can either Preview your post to check whether the video is where you want it to be, or push Post reply directly for the same result.

When it's not as you want it, you can either correct it right away (after deactivating Preview first by clicking on it again) or via the edit button at the bottom of your post. Remember, the edit window is limited to 10 minutes after posting.

Hope all is clearer now and good luck with trying again.

You will get the knack of it once the first one has succeeded. I'm sure ! :-)
Just to add on to what Palinurus said, I copied the circled address (shown below) and pasted it in the "Enter Media URL" box (in step 2):
Well, on the What are you listening to thread I discovered a video Redrock 12 posted which doesn't play. So I went to YouTube to check it and found out that the video is not available for some reason. Understandably, it doesn't play under those conditions.

That's no fault of Redrock 12 - apart from choosing the wrong video. :-P

My advice is: try again with another video randomly chosen and report back what happens.

In the meantime I'll report the post there to moderators to be removed.
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