Houses for the Nephilim?

Wandering Star

Dagobah Resident
In this time when there is some time to travel (by car and not too far of course), I have visited several buildings, specifically cathedrals and churches.

The monumentality of the work is magnificent. The "gigantism" of the building is supposed to make the faithful believer marvel. That is more than achieved, they are amazing constructions.

What always caught my attention are the access doors to those buildings.

The average height at the time of construction of a person would be around 1.60 meters high, so ...

Why make doors over 6 meters high?

I always think the same.

They look like buildings designed for "giants" to live in!

It seems that beings of more than 3.3 meters in height are on the way.

Were these buildings designed to serve as their homes on the surface?

Wandering Star

Dagobah Resident
Interesting thought, who knows, but what come to mind is simply a question of proportions. A big church with only a small entrance would not be majestic nor impressive.
If that is the explanation that is offered for the design.

And sometimes the traditional explanation is the correct one, of course.

By the way, I visited the Cathedral of the city of Leon in Spain.

I was leaving and I hardly see it.

The main access door, inside the upper part, is almost completely dark. No source of light arrives, neither natural nor artificial.

Well, in that place, very high on the wall, there is a painting that you can hardly see in the dark and that is a huge painting.

You can hardly see the details, but you can see "Jesus" on the cross, but the cross is upside down, it is upside down.

I showed the surprised painting to my partner and she took a picture of the painting with her phone.

When we looked at her later the photo of her was not seen, only strange white stripes were seen crossing the picture. She was surprised because she was sure that the picture was visible on the screen when taking the photo.

Just an interesting thing.
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