High Strangeness, Adele Edisen and the otherworldly murder of JFK


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Laura said:
A: Now, some history... as you know, the CIA and NSA and other agencies are the children of Nazi Gestapo... the SS, which was experiment influenced by Antareans who were practicing for the eventual reintroduction of the Nephalim on to 3rd and or 4th density earth. And the contact with the “Antareans” was initiated by the Thule Society, which groomed its dupe subject, Adolph Hitler to be the all time mind programmed figurehead. Now, in modern times, you have seen, but so far, on a lesser scale: Oswald, Ruby, Demorenschildt, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Arthur Bremer, Farakahan, Menendez, Bundy, Ramirez, Dahmer, etc...

Q: (L) Is there any particular individual who is currently being programmed to take a more prominent position in terms of this...

A: Later... you must know that Oswald was programmed to be the “patsy.” So that he would say many contradictory things. Demorenschildt was both a programmer and programmed. Ruby was hypnotically programmed to shoot Oswald with an audio prompt, that being the sound of a car horn.

Q: (L) The question has been brought up, is there some way or means that one can distinguish or discern a victim of Greenbaum or other mind programming by some clues?

A: Not until it is too late.



Thanks to Michael B-C for suggesting this book. I bought it a few months ago, but just started reading it this week. I'm only 100 pages in, but wow is it fascinating. I haven't even gotten to the Adele sections, but the early outline on Oswald is already compelling.

When I started reading it, I looked at the information through a lens of the C's statement that there is a time-loop involved with setting Oswald back in time to make him more perfectly "sheep-dipped".

It really does look like that with Oswald reported to be mechanically repeating detached "spiels" in Moscow to an American reporter who only remembered the meeting or "found" the records years later. He also attempted suicide - but there were no scars or mention of it inthe interview or later on with his wife. There's an enormous amount of confusion as to what happened when he was a youth and what was remembered or found right after the assassination or even years later. I think there may be two Oswalds.

A detailed split timeline could be re-created with the information presented in this book. The "real" Oswald might be separated from "time-loop" Oswald. One side is a tough, "delinquent" kid from that era with a difficult life that really isn't interesting. The other side is this perfectly placed "anti-authoritarian ideologue" wannabe commie who shows up at very unusual times to make the "right" statements that are not close to his other self.

One of the weirdest things I found was that after Oswald left the Marines in 1961 and "sort of" defected to the USSR, his mother travelled from Fort Worth to Washington and knew he was probably a U.S. government agent - to the point she tried to contact Kennedy and the Secretary of State, Dean Rusk. She eventually met with the USSR liaison at the State Department who knew about Oswald. For a mom to take her last dollars and go to DC to get a meeting with this high ranking of a person is amazing to me.

The bizarre synchronicity between the movies, Suddenly, The Manchurian Candidate and MK-Ultra being everywhere around Oswald is also really striking.

It seems so many professionals dealt with Oswald as a non-interesting "punk" before the assassination, then suddenly remembered or found records that perfectly portrayed him as the anti-social loser with a chip on his shoulder who's perfect for "socially psychologically" being motivated to kill the president. And I personally think that when it comes to UFO's, assassinations and any other links to "non-conforming information" - social psychology is a huge problem as a concept for defining anything.

The "interface" between 4D STS and our 3D world has some really tell-tale signs in this book. With so much disinfo and tech nowadays, the threads are so much more difficult to decipher. And the programming is so much more advanced. But when you look at how it seems to have had to work in the 50's and 60's - people had to meet each other, deals had to come down, letters had to be written and records kept. The "web of manipulation" should be harder to detect in those "conservative" days - but it may actually have been easier. Or hindsight and history, are just more robust for us?

Just a a fascinating book all around. It really made me think that someone way upstairs in the Consortium wasn't looking at LSD and MK-Ultra as simply behavioural modification tools - they may have been "enhanced" bridges to the interface.
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