The Force is Strong With This One
Hello everyone,

Previous member and long time lurker here who wants to rejoin and take part in the Great Adventure. I don't have much to say about myself personally since I am pretty simple-minded and have a rather quiet life but like all of you, I've always been fascinated by everything that has to do with spirituality, high strangeness and of course, the C's, Laura and the whole crew.

Last year, a lot of things happened in my life and although I had been away from the forum for a long time, I felt something was changing in me and that this transformation had reached a critical level at which point everything started to happen more frequently and at a much faster pace. During that period, I had been thinking a lot about how our reality / Universe works and for some reason that I still can't really explain, at one point, I started to feel compelled to put on paper all of my thoughts in regards to how reality works and then to share it with you.

Probably the strangest thing in all of that is that as soon as I began my project, I felt like all the information I had about the universe was now assembling itself like the pieces of a puzzle and a lot of the questions I had about our reality were starting to turn into answers without me having to do ''extra research''. In other words, it's as if I had it all in me and it was starting to manifest itself.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. I will post what I have done in ''what's on your mind'' and hopefully, you'll find some interest in it.

Kind regards,



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Hello alpoon, welcome back to the forum. :-)

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We look forward to your participation.

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Welcome back alpoon,

it's good to have you here, and I am glad you made your way back. And certainly, whenever you're ready, feel free to post what you have been working on so that we all may get acquainted with it.

See you around!
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