Health Protocol for Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccination

I know about the table that Gaby posted with dosage according to body weight but I don't know if that dosage is per day or per week.
If it is per day, do they have to take the same dosage every day and for how long.
If the person is feeling poorly, they'll need extra help. I would do nebulizations with hydrogen peroxide, ivermectin 12mg per day for some 3-5 days, lots of vitamin C and NAC, vit D2 and zinc and if available, I would do doxycycline 200mg per day for 7-10 days. It depends on what they have.

If there are oxygenation issues, I would give methylene blue 5mg to 10mg twice per day.
I have a quick question about dosages for Ivermectin. I have pharmaceutical grade that came in one bag in pure form, so no fillers or anything like that. I got a digital scale to measure it out but going by mg doses and measuring it out exactly (10mg, 13mg, 21mg, etc.) is tough to do even with the using a high-grade scale so I've put them into capsules of 30mg each. If say, someone needs a particular dosage of less than that amount, would it be safe to take the 30mg dosage or would that kind of difference in dosage cause unnecessary side effects or be harmful? If so, I'll go back to the drawing board and be more specific with it.
30mg is too much. Get a mini spoon for 15mg like this one:

I ordered this set of spoons thanks to your advice Gaby but according to the product (ivermectin, HDC, Vit C, etc.), the density, and so, the weight, can differ. This is why you have the inscription "10-15mg" for one dose. Anyway between 10 and 15 mg, I don't think that one takes a high risk giving the posology for 51-65 kg depending on your current weight.

Anyway, I have a professional scale (accuracy of 0,1g). I'll do some tests to try to find how much Ivermectine you get with this kind of spoon as soon as I receive it. I'll keep you all in touch.
If the person is feeling poorly, they'll need extra help. I would do nebulizations with hydrogen peroxide, ivermectin 12mg per day for some 3-5 days, lots of vitamin C and NAC, vit D2 and zinc and if available, I would do doxycycline 200mg per day for 7-10 days. It depends on what they have.

If there are oxygenation issues, I would give methylene blue 5mg to 10mg twice per day

Just stumbled upon a curious paper. Although it is a preprint and "hasn't been certified by peer review", there is some interesting info there. Apparently smoking (and older age) cause lower production or retantion of antibodies when vaccinating with Pfizer vaccine.

They obviously see it as smoking and old age causing the vaccine not being as effective, and I certainly don't claim to understand the mechanism that well, but it's possible that it means that smoking may have a protective effect that causes better "antibody clearance". Here's why it may be useful:

Some time ago I saw the following quote in one of the papers in Russian. I'll attach it in case you are curious and know Russian. Anyways, here's what it says about the fact that antibodies for covid tend to disappear rather quickly:

It's also important to note that this paper was written in 2020, and Sputnik V was either only released or it was in the latest stages of production. So on one hand researchers could say now that since then they've reached a different conclusion, but on the other hand it could also provide us with an unbiased information. ;-)The paper deals with various possible risks of vaccines that are based on adenoviruses.

Also based on the above, am I crazy to assume that smoking can be added to the pre and post vaccination protocol? :-D

In Russian:
Well I can tell you how/why smoking does this. Actually I was going to mention it when I posted a comment so this is perfect.

Nicotine binds to the ACE2 receptors.

I read the Dr. Mercola article about the blood clotting post vaccination. Scary stuff. Anyway, I apologize for not reading all 40 pages of this thread yet before commenting. It seems to me that DMSO infusions will be useful to protect against clotting.

Unfortunately for myself I have a severe aversion to IV and needles 🤣

Vitamin C to bowel tolerance will have to be my main method along with alpha-lipoic acid and some of the other things mentioned.

I have made an extract from forscythia flower. I have been told that it has been used in anti viral medications designed for HIV/AIDS. Although my friend who told me has lost the source of this information.

As a first defence I will be trying to use lawful medical exemption as my lovely prime minister just the other day threatened that "there will be consequences" for those who refuse to get the shot without a valid medical reason.

Some of the information involving ivermectin HQC ect is very useful however I'm not sure how to go about find a doctor who will play along. Any suggestions are welcome.
Anyway, I have a professional scale (accuracy of 0,1g). I'll do some tests to try to find how much Ivermectine you get with this kind of spoon as soon as I receive it. I'll keep you all in touch.

Please bear in mind that the accuracy of 0.1g means that you'll have +/- 100mg, whereas here we talk about the dosage of 10-15mg. For this range, you'll need a scale with 0.01g or ideally 0.001g accuracy.
So, I come back to you with some results about the mini-spoons.
I made the tests with 3 products: Vit C, Hydroxychloroquine (HDC) et Ivermectie (IVN).
I bought this kit : SuperDosing Lot de 15 cuillères doseuses antistatiques - 6 milligrammes - 30 mg

There are 3 kinds of spoons: Black (6-10 mg), red (10-15 mg), and yellow (25-30 mg). BUT surprise, there also was a white spoon (100mg) and it's perfect for the HDC. Note that the yellow one has 2 sides and the other side is said to be 15 mg. But it looks smaller than the red one and I checked it with some powder.
For the tests, I had a scale allowing me an accuracy of 0,1 g and a plastic spoon adapted to my vit C powder (1 g)
t took me some time to be sure, but normally the results are :
- Vit C : 1 spoon = approx 40% more.
- HDC : 1 spoon = good dosage
- IVN : heavier, 1 spoon = approx 25% more. It means that with the 10 mg spoon, you got approx 25% more, so 12,5 mg. I obtained the same result with the 100 mg and the Vit C spoon.

I draw your attention to the fact that these results are not 100% sure. I mean that for IVN, it could be a little bit more or less than 25% but I don't think that it would be more than 30%.
As it's often recommended to take 12 mg/d of IVN, I'd take 1 red spoon (10 mg) to be sure. Besides, I remind you that this red spoon is said to be 10-15 mg depending on the powder's density.
@Gaby , would it be bad to take 13 or 13,5 mg instead of 12 mg?
Yes, Ivermectin in my case was 15 cent per tablet, and the shipping cost was around 30USD (to Poland).
That is too much, on AliExpress the shipping is about 4 dollars to my country but the price of bottle of 100 5mg tablets went up from 1,2,3 dollars to cca 14 dollars. I used it in last two days, got some virus and used 15mg two days straight with liposomal vit c and vit d and bassically got rid of it in 2 days more or less. Seen that some doctors recommend for weight up to 50-75kg 15mg dose and for 75-120kg 30mg dose, and in serious illnes virus cases more doses(3-4) at once for a day and after if better use two doses for 4 days or if needed and there is no improvement use larger dose.
Colonel Bruno talks about methylene blue at the usual prescribed doses on the last slide.
Here's a study on methylene blue, which is a precursor for hydroxychloroquine. In this COVID study, they used reduced methylene blue (MB), which is obtained by combining it with glucose. When methylene blue is reduced, it looses its blue color, hence the name leukomethylene which means white methylene.

I'm extracting a few relevant quotes from the study, which had excellent results in critical patients with COVID:

In our first trial, we explained in detail the possible pathogenesis of COVID-19 and the safety of methylene blue (MB) in the treatment of COVID-19 patients3. There are two forms of MB, oxidized and reduced. The oxidized form is an oxidant that exacerbates oxidative stress; contrary, the reduced form (Leukomethylene [LMB]) is an antioxidant that alleviates oxidative stress. LMB (reduced form) decreases hypoxemia through its antioxidant effect, resulting in alleviating respiratory distress3-5. This trial was designed to evaluate the efficacy of MB (the reduced form) for treating severe hospitalized COVID-19 patients by correcting hypoxemia and respiratory distress.
This might explain why many have side effects when using methylene blue at therapeutic doses. On the other hand, I just read Mark Sloan's book "The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue" published this year. He claims that if taken in high doses or even in therapeutic doses when there's nothing to treat, i.e. an infection, it induces a serotoninergic syndrome which includes headaches, high blood pressure, confusion, nausea. Ray Peat recommends taking 1mg or 2 mg of MB at the most when you are using it for its anti-inflammatory effects, and when you're not using it for treating infections or diseases like Alzheimer's.

According to the study I'm quoting, white methylene might be safer in order to avoid side effects altogether when used for infectious diseases such as COVID because it's reduced.

Here's the cocktail they used in the study:

MB syrup formulation​

The syrup contained MB, Vitamin C, dextrose, and N-acetyl cysteine. The special formulation for MB (the reduced form) was patented (IR-139950140003002083) (on June 1, 2020, PCT). The syrup was made by dissolving MB (USP) (14 mg/mL) in a simple syrup (50% sucrose). The electrochemical reduction process was performed in the presence of dextrose (500 mg/mL, at 70°C, 40 min), Vitamin C (140 mg/mL at 30°C, 50 min), and N-acetyl cysteine (150 mg/mL at 30°C, 50 min). In this study, the conversion index of MB to LMB was almost zero absorption in the wavelength of 660 nm, when the syrup was diluted to a concentration of 4 mg/L in distilled water. Accelerated stability studies (40°C ± 2°C) were done for a period of 3 months and no significant changes were observed during this time. However, all drugs were used within 3 months.


In the MB group, along with SOC, MB syrup was administered orally to patients (1 mg/kg every 8 h for 2 days, followed by 1 mg/kg every 12 h for the following 12 days). In the SOC group, SOC protocol was continued. SOC protocols were applied according to the WHO guidelines. In SOC protocols, severely ill patients receive supplemental oxygen, intravenous fluids, antiviral agents, antibiotics, anticoagulants, and corticosteroids6,7.
The side effects of MB were one patient with a very light headache that resolved after 10 min; and one patient who vomited after using MB, and then did not consent to take part in the trial. Confusion, increase in blood pressure, and shortness of breath were not seen among the patients. These findings may be related to the fact that reduced MB was used instead of oxidized MB; further research could clarify this matter.
Here is the discussion of the study's results:

This trial showed that MB, as a supplementary therapy to SOC protocols, led to a significant increase in SpO2, a significant decrease of respiratory distress and hospital stay, and 10% decrease in mortality rate. Severe COVID-19 patients presented with the chief complaint of dyspnea. After 1 day of MB administration, 92% of patients expressed dyspnea relief. This finding was very important for the care of COVID-19 patients suffering from respiratory distress.

In the MB group, the history of patients who had died highlighted that the best time for MB intervention was at the early stages of hypoxemia before requiring mechanical ventilation. The change in mortality rate was not significant (although there was a decrease of 10%), which may have been due to the small number of patients in this study.

Methylene blue reduces nitric oxide (NO) in the body, which is very pro-oxidant and pro-inflammatory. Nitric oxide precursor supplements such as arginine and citrullin are not recommended for this reason. Here's more info on nitric oxide within the context of COVID and lack of oxygenation:

In our previous trial, we discussed one of the possible biochemical processes which may be involved in the pathogenesis of the disease. It is the activation of macrophages by viruses that produce a huge amount of nitric oxide (NO). NO takes part in producing the highly reactive oxygen species (ROS) and also is converted to nitrite in blood by ceruloplasmin. ROS and nitrite pass easily through the red blood cell membrane and oxidize ferrous to ferric. Oxygen cannot attach to ferric ion in hemoglobin (methemoglobin) which results in hypoxemia3.
Here's a good summary of why MB is good to have in the medical cabinet:
The rationale for considering MB for treatment was the following proven mechanisms: (1) MB has antiviral activity against COVID-19 by inhibiting in vitro the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) spike–ACE2 protein-protein interaction8. MB can prevent the cytopathic effect and reduce the propagation of RNA virus9. (2) MB is an FDA-approved drug in the treatment of methemoglobinemia10. (3) MB has direct inhibitory effects on NO synthases (produces NO that takes part in generating reactive nitrogen species, which damage the cells and biomolecules) and guanylate cyclase enzyme11. (4) MB increases the activity of normally slow NADPH–methemoglobin reductase pathway, which decreases hypoxemia through reducing methemoglobin12. (5) MB has formed the basis of antimicrobial chemotherapy, particularly in the area of antimalarials. It is used in an antibacterial foam dressing for the management of chronic wounds with local infection13. (6) MB is a powerful oxygen superoxide scavenger that eliminates rapidly this ion to avoid damage to tissue14. (7) MB inhibits xanthine oxidase, which prevents ROS production15. (8) MB prevents platelet activation, adhesion, and aggregation16. (9) MB (the reduced form) quenches ROS as a reducing agent17. (10) MB (the reduced form) decreases inflammation18.

This is a fascinating comment in terms of chemistry 101 placed into practice:

In this study, after the administration of MB (the reduced form, colorless), the color of urine and feces of patients turned to green or blue. Patients whose urine or feces had the green color, recovered (35 patients), but five patients who had dark blue color in urine or feces died. In our previous trial, we demonstrated high oxidative stress in COVID-19 patients3. When MB (oxidized form, dark blue) is orally administered, by oxidizing other antioxidants, it is converted to the reduced form (colorless)19, which is excreted primarily in the urine20. Therefore, the oxidized form of MB exacerbates the oxidative stress in COVID-19 patients, worsening hypoxemia. However, the reduced form of MB, as an antioxidant, quenches the oxidative stress and also decreases hypoxemia by converting the ferric to the ferrous ion in hemoglobin. In this trial, after the administration of MB (the reduced form), since there were a large number of oxidants in patients3, they oxidized the reduced form of MB (LMB) and turned it to the oxidized form, which was excreted in the urine in blue color. Dark blue in the urine reflected high oxidative stress in patients. This phenomenon could be considered as a prognostic factor; patients whose urine turns to a dark blue color usually have a worse outcome which requires more advanced intervention. These patients may need a cocktail of antioxidants along with the reduced form of MB.
Final conclusion:
MB therapy along with SOC may be efficacious in the treatment of COVID-19. This supplementary treatment may improve patient outcomes (increasing SpO2 and decreasing respiratory distress, hospital stay, and mortality rate) without serious adverse effects. MB is an FDA-approved drug for methemoglobinemia. Since MB is inexpensive and ubiquitously accessible, this drug may be used as a supplementary choice for the treatment of hypoxemia in COVID-19 patients. We suggest that the ideal time for MB administration should be on diagnosis and at least before the severe stage of the disease and multiorgan involvement and failure. MB may also be used for prevention, since it can protect the population by inhibiting the SARS-CoV-2 spike–ACE2 interaction8, and can also reduce the propagation of RNA virus9. If the findings of this trial are verified by larger clinical trials and other research centers, it could save COVID-19 patients from stressful respiratory distress and can reduce hospital stay and mortality.
Remember that MB gets reduced in the presence of sugar, becoming colorless. And there could be less side effects by using it in this reduced way when you are using it for COVID or other medical conditions.
Basic protocol for mandatory mRNA vaccine

I have come up with a basic protocol below. For those with limited financial resources, it will be considered pricey to say the least. Not everything is likely 100% necessary, and cheaper brands can be purchased if needed. However, for a one-time event like this... I think the investment is probably worth it. If I have missed anything out, or which needs to be added, that would be excellent (@Gaby etc?).

Here is probably what I will be doing in the week or two before having the vaccination - if I am required to have it.

  • Improve cell energy turnover through stimulating mitochondrial energy metabolism
  • Immune modulation to prevent excessive/hyper-reactive immune response
  • Increase likelihood of mTOR inhibition to potentially reduce the likelihood of intracellular mRNA translation (theory)
  • Support antioxidant system and detoxification pathways

1-2 weeks BEFORE Vaccination

Immune modulators, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants

Glutathione & Precursors:
  • N-acetylcysteine – 600mg x 4 per day (any brand)
  • Glycine – 5 grams powder per day
  • Liposomal glutathione – 500mg x 2 per day on empty stomach (brand example here)

  • Rosemarinic acid - Source: example here for US. Alternatively, here in tincture form for UK/EU
  • Dose: 4-6 caps per day or if using tincture, the dose recommended on bottle

  • Curcumin - Seeking Health brand - Liposomal Curcumin & Resveratrol (available in most countries)
  • 1 & ¼ tsp two times per day on empty stomach

  • Vitamin C – Dose(?)
  • Vitamin D – Dose (?)

Mitchondrial Cocktail:

Lifestyle interventions:
  • Cold therapy (cold showers, bathing – equal minutes per degree Celsius of water)

  • Fasting/calorie restriction – one possible idea is to fast for 12-24 hours before having the vaccine administered. After approximately 12 hours of fasting, mTOR is inhibited and AMPK is activated.

  • Type of exercise: Moderate-high intensity endurance exercise. Probably best to avoid weight lifting/resistance training in the days prior to the vaccination.

Immediately AFTER Vaccination

  • 500mg liposomal glutathione, vitamin C (dose?)

  • Epsom salts bath - 4 cups salts, duration 20-30 minutes

  • Immediately into the Sauna (not 100% necessary if you do not have access to one)

  • Sauna for 40-60 minutes

  • After sauna, large glass of water containing : 1/4 tsp activated charcoal, 1/4 tsp bentonite clay (or alternative 4 caps of a full spectrum binder such as GI Detox by Bio-botanical Research).
Is "Mitchondrial Cocktail" 1-2 weeks before vaccination ? Is it after vaccination ? For how long exactly ?

"Immediately after vaccination " - is it only for that one day ?
I have one question regarding the Ivermectin dosage.

A few minutes ago I received a call from a friend asking for help. His parents get the jab and one of them is having bad side effects. They measured the blood saturation and is low. I don't know any details about how and where and who measured this. He/She is breathing heavy and doesn't look good at all.
They tried to take him/her to the hospital but they told them that they are without any free beds so he/she is again at home.
I give him the protocol with all the tables, dosages, and supplements, but I don't know how often should ivermectin be taken.

I know about the table that Gaby posted with dosage according to body weight but I don't know if that dosage is per day or per week.
If it is per day, do they have to take the same dosage every day and for how long.
I know that this post is for another topic, but I am posting here because of my previous post. So it can be much easier to read and understand.

My friend's father died today in the hospital. :-(
He was vaccinated with two doses. They were probably afraid to try this protocol on him. People are afraid to even take more than 500mg of Vit C if it is not advised by a physician.

The day after he asked me for help, and I asked for ivermectin dosage here, they took him to the hospital and this time he was admitted. He was put on Oxygen. I don't know other details

The day after that he was feeling better. Their plan was to take him home tomorrow because he was feeling ok. A few hours ago he died from blood clots.
In the hospital, they told the family that he died from Covid complications from the deadly Delta variant and that even 2 doses of vaccines were unable to protect him.

At the same time, many of his extended family members (especially older ones) hurried to appoint a vaccination date because they are afraid.

People walk with masks in the open, on the streets even it is not mandatory.

At the moment the town where I live is listed as a new source of the Delta variant. The local authorities and the manager of the main town hospital are screaming on all local media for people to hurry and get the vaccines because people are dying from Covid.
It looks like the situation in Israel.

The truth is that many people died, but the majority of them had at least one vaccine, and a lot of them received two doses. People are suffering and dying. Their families suffer also, and they still can't smell the rat.

It is very, very sad, but there is nothing to be done. It's their own decision. They have all the facts in front of their eyes and they refuse to accept them. A lot of them choose the dark side of lies and propaganda. :-(
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