Hans Otto Konig and his transcommunication experiments


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Does anybody know more about the works of Hans Otto Koenig, especially the german speakers ?

It's a physicist who studied transcommunication since 1974. At first, he thought that it was the subconscious that impressed the band and he wanted to understand how. It took him 2 years of trying to get any message himself and when he finally managed to get some, his hypothesis was blown and he discovered that it was a contact with some otherwordly intelligent being. Since then, he's more interested in understanding the why and how of this communication than the content of the message per se, and created several devices to enhance the communication. Apparently, he got some very extraordinary results.

One can find on this page some schemas of his devices (which I'm totally unable to have an opinion of) :


Along the years, he tested several things : radio, background noise, microphone, television, oscillators, infrared, and finally crystals.

He explains that a combination of 6 frequencies enables the contact if they are in resonance with the experimentator.

The crystals which he put on oscillation by submitting them to UV enabled a contact with entities of a different level, that is more cosmic and not deceased ones. Messages are then different, they always say « us », and not « I », and things like « time doesn't exist », « we are your future », « knowledge is a strength that few people gain »... (if it reminds you something!)

Finally, a quote of him that sums up his view :

« Our personal consciousness survives physical death. There are too many clues to prove it. In fact, I bet the day will come when human beings will have understood that their consciousness is much larger and connected with many more worlds than they think. At that time, they will understand how ridiculous it was to believe that consciousness is only a product of the brain that dies at the same time as them, even though a definition of consciousness is still lacking. So I do not communicate with the dead or deceased, as is often mistakenly believed, but with another form of existence, with more subtle fields of information, which are found in universes parallel to ours. »

And for those interested, here is an interview (in French and German)



My thoughts about all this type of communications - with the dead or "spirits" and channeling with all sorts of entities from beyond: doable in many possible ways, from old ritual magic stuff and invocations to hypnosis and gizmos. If you wanna go that route of research and practice - it's your choice -, but do you really wanna go that route? There are many entities out there offering to be your guide and you may think they're friendly when your guide may be a fraud. Having nothing against you personally, they just have needs to feed too... It's like going to a foreign country, land at the airport and find yourself among a bunch of peddlers offering to give you a ride, to sell you a local trip or be your guide, you feel good and special and jump in the first car, but then you realize they're not legit, you've been overcharged and didn't even get to where you wanted to. That's okay, maybe they have a family to feed, learn and next time you'll do better. Have some self-respect - say no thanks, I deserve more than tinkering with wires for a long-distance call with some grandma-ray spirit from a dying star.

When it comes to improvised and possible communication devices, I've thought many times about the Matrix scene when Neo receives first contact through the CLI... Uhm, thanks but no thanks. I'd rather not have that happening to me. There's enough known unknowns to take care about of when it comes to IT Sec to have to deal with an unknown unknown... Perish the thought but I am afraid we may be at risk of getting that point against our will. The recent Solorigate attack has many unknowns about how "it came to be" in the code that is frightening to even think about the implications... and the challenges for defense against such attacks in the future. How do you protect against unknown unknowns?

So, enjoy your current game level, give praise to God, and stay safe - there is much more interesting stuff to do and enjoy right here, right now.


Thank you for sharing this. Very interesting.

Humanity shouldn't be afraid to explore behind the five senses, doing so wisely and carefully.

Anyone old enough to have their head in place and doing the whole research and gather enough knowledge to be safe shouldn't have any problem tinkering with these ideas. (I am not encouraging any experimentation)

Of course there is the problem of knowing if your head is in the right place.

I picture it as dialing a random phone number, not very useful most of the times.
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Well, I'm not encouraging any experimentation either. It was not the point of my post. I just found interesting the researches of this man, especially the crystals part and what it could possibly teach us about our world.
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