George Floyd's Death, Protests and Riots across the US


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That incident is all but the same of one that was posted in the CV thread - a white masked female SJW and her boyfriend started harassing two no masks white males who were outside getting ready to eat their purchased meal. She threw her coffee in the one guy's face and felt totally justified in doing so. She didn't think physical retaliation by the target was justified at all! Her boyfriend had the audacity to call the police so they could cry assault.

As to the train station incident, what if it's not just one crazy black male but two or more together up in your face? It'd be tough to just stand there calm and steady. And who's to say such agitators won't have a gun or a knife? With law and order being dismantled and extreme race hatred being hyped to the hilt, staying safe is going to be less and less possible.

p.s. Maybe one should start coughing and saying "I've got COVID!"
Yeah, I was thinking that too. What if somebody had a knife or some other weapon? Or, as you say, what if you're surrounded?

Oh, I got one detail incorrect. He wasn't wearing black. He was wearing hiphop type shorts (worn way down below the waist), and some sort of T shirt. So he wasn't a BLM operative type, all in black. No, this was more likely a slacker who's out of work. Or at least that was my husband's impression.

And yeah, feigning COVID is a good option to keep in mind! What a world. :shock:
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