Found this video, from year 2005❗about discovered gods gene, responsable for spiritual expiriencing and vaccine, that should block it, FunVax - fundamental vaccine, wich should stop fundamentalism in middle east. But this is not the only video, there are many more and it goes deeper and deeper...



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So, the hypothesis is that there's a gene that predisposes people to being religious fanatics and their goal is to vaccinate them against it?

Well, that's obtuse and very misinformed for several reasons. It parts from the MSM notion that there are religious fanatics who hate us for our freedoms and dismisses the information that might indicate intelligence agencies being involved in the acts of so called religious fanatics.

The second thing that occurs to me is that it's looking at things backwards, essentially that the Genes are responsible for the behavior and not the other way around, which is essentially a materialistic view of the world.

Third, it's the arrogance that would lead to someone creating a virus in the hopes that it'll change people into a version of people that they approve of, it's terribly arrogant but also, from my limited knowledge of genetics, bound to fail.

Although, I don't think these types of efforts surprise me at all, there's a long history of behavior control efforts by intelligence agencies the world over and attempting to mess with genetics is something I would not put past their arsenal.
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