FRV songs !!!


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This is deliberatly an experession of old vs new and how many artists connect with the past and present.

There is a spirit that is universal and many artists express it in their own way which allows for that infinite range of genres in music.

Being an "old" whatever, I am amazed at the way all generations tend to connect with each other.

Here is a David Bowie song that goes way back to an "old" American actor John Wayne,

It is very idealistic of course... so keep that in mind. Every nation country and culture has some similar archetype that is similar to "John Wayne".

That is kind of what we are sharing here I think. If you are truly a "real" 3D souled human you will relate to these musical imprints. And I don't think we have to all like the same "genres" but we stand together in our love of music.

With that in mind...Billy Idol is way younger than I am but I hope I get it..."nothings going to be the same".

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