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FOTCM From Paul to Mark - Paleochristianity Study Guides 0.2

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Wow!!! A lot of hard work. Thank you so much and these will be good tools when I start reading the Paul to Mark book.☺️


Wow!!! Beaucoup de travail. Je te remercie beaucoup et ça sera de bons outils lorsque je commencerai la lecture du livre Paul to Mark.☺️


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I have recently finished to read the book and it's completely insane, I mean, when you see all the material, the knowledge inside but also and particularly, the work and energy it must have asked to write it. I can only try to imagine the tons of books to read for this result, as the amount of energy to cross, compile, summarize, memorize so much information, while you need to keep an open and as neutral as possible mind.

I really loved reading it, I learned a lot and already started to share some stuff with people, so yeah, thank you very much Laura for this masterpiece of knowledge and the energy and neurons your put in it.

Now, let's talk a bit about this guide/summary job that some fellow members started. It's another crazy job and I'm both impressed and thankfull about it. Like I said, the book is dense and full of interesting research and material, so, doing this kind of guideline must be really difficult and overall a pressure on your shoulders to do it the best you can to be accurate and just compare to the book.
The book countains so much information that your job will help to keep some important things in mind. In the same, it can be a good start for those who haven't read it yet.

Anyway, I thank you very much guys for this job.


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J'ai tellement hâte de le lire quand la traduction Française sera éditée...
Avez vous une idée de la prochaine sortie, l'équipe Française de traduction ?...

I can't wait to read it when the French translation is released...
Do you know when the French translation team will be released next?...
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