Free book from Prof Michel Chossudovsky

FOTCM Free book from Prof Michel Chossudovsky 2020-12-27

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I know it's getting close to Christmas 2022, but the World is still hurting so much, and the more people who face the music, the faster We, the People, can heal! More and more are opening up to admit that it's time for more of us to stand up and come "peacefully" together against Elite Political and Medical World systems, or they will continue to play their Global games and crimes against humanity until the last man standing looks around to see that the whole world has gone to the dogs. Some say it's too late, but were still here and "Hope in reality is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs the torments of man (Friedrich Nietzsche). So let's Heal the World and fight the good fight where the front lines are to "STOP ALL ONGOING VACCINES AGAINST THE COVID-19 VIRUS IMMEDIATELY WORLDWIDE!


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