Freaky visions

I get the static effect when I close my eyes too, lots of blue/purple stuff like that. Looks a bit like a TV set static. I asked someone once if they see pure black when they closed their eyes, and they said yes, so I said, "are you sure there isn't anything else, like some static? Is it actually pure black or can you see any other colours?" and they said no. Which either means they do see pure black or they BELIEVE it should be black and so they can't see the static. Which is a bit like that hypnotist and the watch, albeit a smaller, less significant version.

The best thing though is if you rub your eyes, can see some really interesting and beautiful geometric patterns, well at least I do. Don't do it too much or too hard though obviously ;D

I heard that in sensory deprivation tanks, this static in the eyes will form very vivid images. I mean I have seen shapes and faces and stuff form out of the static, but sensory deprivation actually produces clear images and can even make you feel like you're in another place, apparently. I have, on a couple of occasions, seen very clear images come out of the static, I mean you can look at them and see the edges are perfect etc. Its impressive.
anart said:
According to my optometrist, these are called 'floaters' and are actually cells floating in the vitreous humor - they float and sort of 'glom' together to form those segmented worm looking things. FWIW
When I laying outside looking at the blue sky I see floaters. I know what they are. But if I look at the blue sky for a longer time I sometimes see small specks moving in different patterns. They seem to be alive, that is they seem to have volition in their movements. There may be hundreds in the visual field. I have considered that they might be microbes the live in the eye or on the surface of the cornea. But this really doesn't seem like a good explanation. How could I see microbes with the naked eye? If I move my eyes at all they disappear.
Interesting reading about other's freaky visions. Made me think of this.

While reading this thread an experience I had this summer came to mind:

One of my friend's and I were sitting on the top of a hill watching a rain storm build up in the distance. We were talking about the way storms build up and some how got to the topic of this "static". We both noticed it had been especially bright and vivid that day and decided to try and see if we were both viewing the same "static" or if it was just some kind of personal vision that differs from person to person. We went back to viewing the storm but at the same time observing the static. Not more than 30 seconds later we both saw a line fly through it and toward us at the same time. After seeing this we both looked at eachother in amazement and realized we had both seen it. Other than it being shared vision, watching this static seems like it would be a waist of time.

Also over this past year me and that same friend would often be able to tell when the other person was calling on the phone or about to show up at the door.

Any one have any insights on these experiences or experiences of their own which are relevent?
Me too seeing these things also, glowing fields around people and these floaters in the eyes. If I completely relax my eyes, I see small yellow-purple-blue dots swirling all around.

Once I was sitting on a hill looking on the clouds and completely relaxed my eyes to the point I was able to see it's lens. That's perhaps why I see floaters, It could be dust and other particles, as well as small organisms that land on our eyes, may be ? Could it be that liquid in our eyes in combination with our lens might cause magnifying effect on these things that land there ?
Russ said:
The others are just like, segmented worm things.
These are called "floaters" and are semi-solid formations inside your eye. They are transparent, but you see them because their shape introduces optical distortion.

The older you get, the more floaters you get. This is why I have quite a few... ;)

Sorry Anart, didn't see you post.
observer said:
Also, I'm always fascinated with millions of white dots in my field of vision when looking in a clear blue sky.
Thomas Alan said:
But if I look at the blue sky for a longer time I sometimes see small specks moving in different patterns. They seem to be alive, that is they seem to have volition in their movements. There may be hundreds in the visual field.
I've had floaters for as long as I can remember but the weirdest thing for me is when I look at the blue sky and I see tiny tiny little white specks that dance around. Hundreds or thousands of em'. I've had this conversation with my cousin also and he agrees too.

After first learning about Objectivity vs Subjectivity, I remembered something that happened when I was at school that was a good example to me.

We were in class, and I was only very young, maybe 6ish. The woman teacher must have been talking about a trip she'd been on to caves or something like that because she was talking about being in absolute darkness, and how it's something that very few people ever experience. Then she turned to me and said, "Thomas, close your eyes and tell me what you see". So I did and a few seconds went by and being an innocent child I said "well, I see all different colours and shapes and patterns" and my teacher said, "NO you don't Thomas, it's just Black" and the other kids gave a chuckle at me. Seems like she's the odd one now, not me :)
Fwiw, I see blue/purple/white clouds in a black background depending on how
I "focus" my thoughts. For example, if I am concentrating intensely "inwards",
it is all black because I am deep into my thoughts, inwards. But If I completely
relax and let go of my concentration and let my eyes (mentally) see it as it is,
that is, to let my closed eyes (covered with a towel to block all light) focus
on a fixed point and project my thoughts there, I see the clouds almost as if
I am actually seeing real clouds in the atmosphere after sundown. It is really
interesting and at times I see a swirling vortex of light, the center with a deep
light-purple hue popping in and out. It gets pretty weird but it is a truly amazing
Thomas C said:
I've had floaters for as long as I can remember but the weirdest thing for me is when I look at the blue sky and I see tiny tiny little white specks that dance around. Hundreds or thousands of em'. I've had this conversation with my cousin also and he agrees too.
Apparently, they're white blood cells (leukocytes) moving through the capillaries of the retina; look closely and you'll see them getting a boost every time the heart beats.
By the way thanks to the people who pointed out that those creatures on my eyes are floaters, I hesitated to call them floaters because they seem microscopic, and I thought floaters were generally used to describe larger things like dust etc.

I think it is quite amazing that using tears you can see things which are microscopic, I mean they are extremely detailed. I didn't know the eye could focus on something that small, but I guess the tear and the flare must somehow project it onto my lens? It is quite spooky to see their "faces" :)
Found a site devoted to eye floaters:
hi to all , i've also had/ve floater(s) but i've have always seen those small glowing particles (moving in every direction) since i can remember , a couple of years back after reading Seth and also Boris M. "et all " that my reasoning ( though in a hard science way i can't fathom it) , that those are living entities (or consciousness , since size is somewhat dependent on perspective ?) , also for some years now that i've been wondering on how Willhem reich's work figures on this but i still haven't read all his books , any thoughts ?
No matter how I try, I keep on using the 'I' word. I’ve been a sky watcher all my life. Since a ufo thing when I was a kid. Yeah, the floaters have always been there with me too. My illiterate civil war era gramma told me about them when I was a wee squirt. I’ve always ignored them, but now I’ve tried something different. I let them be seen. Try not to focus on them, just let them, allow them to be and know what they are. Slow down blinking of eyes, and kinda just let my eyes relax and continue to let the floaters be there. I don’t focus on anything in particular, just stare upwards… I begin to see beyond the floaters. Eventually, I start to see differences, discolorations in the skies, some dark shapes (they do move unnaturally), and sometimes I see something like a net stretched across the sky. I dunno if this is the mind playing tricks or what. I have told NO ONE what I see until now, here on this forum, because I may just be hallucinating and losing grip. Can the mind be playing tricks? Self-hypnotism? I just dunno…
While I’m at this, I cannot get outta my head that ‘I THINK’ the clouds are many times a different color than I remember as a child. Some are brownish like dirt, some are reddish like iron. I can’t pin it down to explain. I just THINK something is different in the skies. Some clouds seem to be patterns that defy the winds. Oh yeah, there is lot’s of turbulence and cross winds up there, but some clouds just don’t seem right. I feel stupid right now but I just had to say something.

edit: Forgot to say - gramma told me floaters are tiny living things that naturally live in our eyes.They protect our eyes and are necessary for sight.
Al wrote "No matter how I try, I keep on using the 'I' word(..)" , well speaking for myself , I certainly have eyes to patch ( heh... Learning is Fun :) ) , although english ain't me fist language ,hopefully it'll improve now that i'm writting it more frequently , as for the rest of your post , i can only say what has helped me ( regarding all things related to the work) , " knowledge input on a continual basis , meditate .. " and networking , doing . Regards .
Finally, I have found people who see what I see!!! What follows is an attempt to explain what this stuff is.

OK. I don’t understand string theory but I have heard the rudiments and it sounds like science is getting close to my theory, or rather knowledge, of oh, Rainbow Onion Organization.. or, the Grand Theory of Everything.

Many pictures for you to imagine, so that you will understand.
*a swarm of small flies, like fruit flies. Small, harmless, all flying in a swarm, a seemingly chaotic pattern, but they do not collide, and it is more of a dance. Imagine the motion.

*Now change the flies to points of light. Like stars, like a diamond flash, they are white, but like pearls, look closely and the white contains all the other colours, another difference dance of colour and motion. And that is another galaxy, and another...

The Rainbow Onion, each light a cell in the onion, a galaxy in motion, growing smaller and bigger all the time. Your imagination is your only limitation.

*the points of light, flying about like a swarm.This is the beginning of another level of vision. Often seen in the peripheral, not directly in front, the lights become brighter and last longer when we conquer our fear. A hard thing to do as fear is sometimes a gut reaction.

*new picture, imagine like a puddle of tapioca pudding. The pudding is creamy, thick,opaque, and then there are little clear kernels suspended in it.

If you look up into the daytime sky, tell your brain you are looking for an eagle, or at the clouds to distract it for awhile, and when you relax a bit, the small clear ‘tapioca kernels’ are there, swarming, dancing about 4 -6 feet away. These are easy to see. I believe Wilhelm Reich called them orgones.
Next comes seeing much larger points of light, like coloured stars winking on and off. Very pretty and friendly things. Christmas light jewels. These are best seen in peripheral vision at first. Do not bother to try and look directly at them as they will fade from view. Avoid feeling fear.

Then next, is seeing laser-like flashes, long trails.
All the lights seem to start white and then as time passes, they become coloured and more visible. This means with eyes wide open. Now the pudding, the thick pudding is our thoughts, emotions, etc., a binding one=ness, that we all travel in.
Next layer, appears to be orbs, a more jellyfish-like light. Large, slightly opaque, slow moving, pale coloured, with borders. (so far, for me).

This is the part I cannot see, but I know it is there, the next layer of my Onion : Imagine the magnificence of spectacular fireworks all the points of lights, the beauty, the motion, and it sustains and all goes on forever. They make up galaxies of light, each a point of light in the Great Circle of All Things.

I almost never talk about this. Whoa, she sees flashing lights, must be crazy.
I have always seen small lights (eyes open or shut, and I had eye checkups). I used to think that I had a type of synethesia. Then I began to cultivate the ‘vision’. Over time I saw different types of light. This is the second sight.
And the above explanation seems to be the progression for seeing them.

Please try it yourself. It is the next level in the Cosmic Onion. Also you must go in kindness, gentleness, love and peace or they will not let allow you the sight of them. Remember, you are like a bull in a china shop.
I believe it to be a higher vibration.

This new theory by Garrett Lisi, the Surfer Dude.

“[Garrett] Lisi's inspiration lies in the most elegant and intricate shape known to mathematics, called E8 - a complex, eight-dimensional mathematical pattern with 248 points first found in 1887, but only fully understood by mathematicians this year after workings, that, if written out in tiny print, would cover an area the size of Manhattan.”

The picture and shape of the E8 is very similar to what I see. Just imagine it alive, moving and glowing.

I believe we are on the verge of new vision.

Rainy Day said:
I believe we are on the verge of new vision.
I belive that by entering this forum you are on the verge of quite a surprise, Rainy Day.

Apart from what was said earlier, check this out:

Still feeling "magic" ?
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