FOX News Releases UFO Footage on YouTube


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Came across this just now and found it interesting to see Fox news posting something about UFO's right now...


Getting the people ready for a little something if their current plans fail?

Seems a lot of the people in the Comments might be a little smarter than the PTB are anticipating.

Fox News

Any thoughts from anyone about what might be going on here?

These days sure are something else 😅


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The video was already leaked/released some years back as far as I can remember (December 2017 I think) and now they decided to release officially since it doesn't contain any security details.



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...and now they decided to release officially since it doesn't contain any security details.

Interesting timing... couldn’t believe my ears driving home this afternoon when it made the news on the radio - they even played the audio of the pilot chatter 😳

Makes me wonder if Crop Circles might soon make a return to the MSM like they used to back in the 80’s?


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I actually saw this last night as well, and it reminded me of the CIA releasing UFO information a few weeks ago in hopes that it would entertain people who were under lockdown.

All I could think of was: “they’re this desperate for people not to look through covid, that they’re admitting to UFO’s?”

It had the feeling of, “don’t look into the virus data! Here! Look! An alien! They’re real!”


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The comments on youtube below the "footage" are priceless.
Yea! I was not expecting the smart answers that was written in the comments
If you look close enough you’ll see Hillary Clinton on a broom stick
Pandemic, zombie apocalipse, aliens, oh yeah it's all coming together
We didn’t need these released now, everyone’s seen them a long time back.
I think it's fascinating how they release this footage to the public


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Hmmm, what price Werner Von Braun's prediction is coming true now then? Let's face it, they've been here for millennia, they're hardly gonna come out of the closet now are they, or perhaps I'm missing something. Maybe just the slow trickle of information to acclimatise the public to the general concept. And having said that, I'd love a full disclosure, I've seen a UFO myself, and it was life changing. I just don't see any reason to trust the PTB/MSM regarding such things.
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