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My aim is to present myself before you, the elders, and the Cs; to seek clarity on my experiences, dreams, and visions that seem to be initiatory; to fellowship and receive instruction; if possible, I'd also ask to receive the Reiki attunements. Above all, I'm keen to explore the possibility of contributing to the work. I've committed to writing and sharing, but I'm mindful that only conscious efforts avail.

after 9 pages I still didn't understood why did you want to visit Laura&Chateau, except what you said it above what could you easily got it on forum?

This was very interesting thread, and I agree with Mariama, no need to close down because it shows in very clear way how predator's mind works. And this kind of discussion is very good for practicing external consideration. I'm thankful that you presented what is opposite of Work. Maybe, for you, this is your way of coming to the point when you realize that this way is pointless and step in the right shoes. For me, this looks like playing. Something that people do, playing that they work or love, but in the essence that's just a show and show will always be just that. Because of that is very hard, for me, to give you understanding and advice and I admire the ones that did gave you very good advices.

Even I'm not native English speaker I found your way of writing and big vocabulary very good but I had trouble to understand you more because I felt that you trying to impress or confuse reader. Maybe you should practice to say more and write less.


So it's well good now, innit? :-)

No, not by a longshot. Am I giving that impression? I really hope not. I've been encouraged to step back, take time, and hear counsel. The way I've tried to do that, in part, is starting with the homework/reading list and notetaking that was recommended. "Patience" happened to be one of the things I made note of over the past couple months.

Continuing to share in this thread is a way for me to receive help while balancing that gift by sharing the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that I'm having as I move forward.


... I agree with Mariama, no need to close down because it shows in very clear way how predator's mind works. And this kind of discussion is very good for practicing external consideration ... Maybe you should practice to say more and write less.

Working on how I communicate is an area where I'm learning to be externally considerate. I'm practicing, trying to find the optimal way of sharing and receiving feedback on the observations of the last couple months. Since we're trying to learn together, it really is pointless to be impressive or intentionally confusing.

I'll keep practicing.


after 9 pages I still didn't understood why did you want to visit Laura&Chateau, except what you said it above what could you easily got it on forum?

There is no "valid" reason for my wish and request to visit the chateau. There are lots of thinking errors that led me to ask, which I've been trying to discover.

If I had been invited to the chateau, received counseling, reiki, fellowship and all that, would I return and miraculously set my life in order, start writing for SOTT and contribute on the forum weekly/daily? Clearly not.

This requires discipline, responsibility and a sense of duty that comes from conscience.
So one of the big lessons was seeing that I was looking for a shortcut.


We are expecting our second baby sometime within the next day and I wanted to share my joy with you all, as well as gratitude, and ask for your thoughts and prayers as we labor. This journey of becoming parents, me being a father, was not something I could have conceived of 10 years ago. Yet it has been the catalyst for so much growth and discovery, with greater clarity in some areas and many more questions to explore.

Interestingly, this recent 3 year period has also marked the greatest upheaval in my life. The tests and trials have come in every different form ---and maybe paradoxically --- have been the means of plucking me from the fire. The challenge of living out the principles that inspire me, in order to model them for my son and to support my wife, is the major catalyst. The crucible has been an unexpected gift.

During this time I rediscovered a deeper experience of Faith, Hope, and Grace. I was one who threw the baby out with the bath water when it came to my religious experience. Having crystalized around the religious life---studying, teaching and trying to live out what I believed---the concepts that I encountered in the Wave, Secret History and Sott, utterly shattered my world. For 3 years I reeled and staggered, bitter against "the church" and anything that remotely smacked of religion.

Very surprisingly, it has been through the trial by fire that my Faith transformed from something naive or mechanically "religious", to something living. I'll share one example: 5 straight years of miscarriages culminated in, what for us, was a miracle. We were able to carry to term, but my son's birth required another miracle; 72 hours of labor total, with 60 hours active labor. My wife had few fitful moments of rest during that time, and labored standing up for the most part. We were able to give birth at home, thanks to the Love and care of DCM, our midwives, chiropractor and the supernatural strength that my wife channeled.

The heroic effort, however left the muscles of her lower body in a seized state. Although bedridden and unable to shift without pain, we were so overcome with joy that the 5-7 months of treatment and rehab that it took to get her back to walking fairly well, seemed like a small price to pay for what we received in exchange. We discovered new dimensions in our partnership, and received yet another unmistakable demonstration of divine intervention/Love.

I share this in hopes that we all can be encouraged to trust that the crucible is a choice that can lead us to deeper and richer appreciation, as well as tangibles experiences of things that can't be seen.


Today, Faith, Hope, and Grace mean this for me:

FAITH - The recognition of the history of Love demonstrated towards me and trusting that this principle is operative for my benefit; even (or especially) through what is generally considered "hardship" or "adversity."

HOPE - A prayer for clarity, acknowledging that I can't perceive the true nature or meaning of events. An absurd knowledge that the end of all events hold the promise of good if I am open and receptive, seeking knowledge and acting with Faith.

GRACE - Awareness that, equally the success of my actions and plans, or the aversion of disaster from my ignorance or insufficiency, is the result of UNDESERVED Mercy and favor. That is, the humility to know there is nothing "special" about me that entitles my efforts to succeed. It is the loving principle of the universe that preserves me for learning necessary lessons; extending the opportunity for me to choose to serve and love others in the same measure.


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GqSoul thank you. The above clearly shows that you have taken the first step to be able to actually 'see' your true self as you are now. It is not a pretty sight and you must be reeling from all the shocks. But with the support of the members here, you can be assured of our commitment to help you each step of the way. It will not be easy, and there may be some really hard things you will need to confront.

I personally have benefited immensely from the most recent session here
I would recommend you read it several times, and earnestly try to live your life as outlined. It will help you get through the difficult parts of your transition.

18th May 2019
(L) What kinds of practices, thinking, behavior, or whatever actually assist us in our lives to stay safe from hyperdimensional manipulation or harm that can hurt our frequency or muddy things up? For example, I wrote down here what the Catholics do: prayer, confession, sacraments, therapeutic rituals, blessing of objects, occasional exorcisms, that sort of thing. That's what they do to keep their flock safe. They prescribe seven sacraments and all that kind of stuff. We know that's not necessarily the precise cup of tea that does the entire job, but it’s not bad, and certainly they were onto something with some of that. I'm not going to throw the baby out with the bath water here. So, what I want to know is what are good, beneficial, protective practices?

A: You have made a thoughtful list so please read it!

Q: (L) Well, alright... I've made a list. To protect oneself against hyperdimensional manipulations and harm, I'd say one of the primary things is to avoid dissociating.

A: Yes.

Q: (Artemis) And don't feed negative thought loops.

(L) Yeah, if you're dissociating, number one is you're in a fantasy, which is not paying attention to reality. Number two, you're having negative thoughts and getting into negative thought loops. That seems to me to be one of the most important. Am I right on that?

A: Indeed!

Q: (L) Okay. The next one is diet. If your diet is crappy and you're taking in all those chemicals that the STS forces have manipulated their Earthly representatives to put in and on our food to poison us, that can get in there and mess up our proteins and mess up our antennae. So, diet would be a second thing, yes?

A: Yes!

Q: (L) Okay. In relation to diet, I've put down keeping regular hours as much as possible, having a balanced colon biota... that sort of thing. Okay, the next item on my list is: sharing impressions and troubles.

A: Big one! So many are reluctant to share thoughts, impressions, worries, fears, etc. This dramatically changes the inner landscape and can even shut down the receptors so that you are more subject to STS manipulation of thoughts and feelings via mechanical means!!

Q: (Artemis) Sharing is VERY important.

(Joe) By mechanical means?

(L) Mechanical would be chemicals, beaming, etc... So, are you saying on the other side of this that the act of communicating or communion with others or sharing can actually help to overcome some of those mechanical means of interference?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) If you're not sharing, you're basically having an inner dialog with an echo chamber. You're not getting any real feedback or information or perspectives. And then it is easy to spiral down into wrong thinking.

(L) Yeah, that's a good point: If you're not sharing, you're just in an echo chamber! If you're keeping yourself to yourself and closing up, you're in an echo chamber. Then you are more susceptible to the STS manipulations and maneuvers.

(Andromeda) And nothing can help correct it.

(L) Yeah. So the next one on my list is: making amends when possible to the wronged person, and when not possible making those amends to the world at large. I'm aware that there are situations where you may have great, great regrets where it's just not practical, or it would just make things worse to try to make amends. Therefore, my thought is that the thing to do under those circumstances is to...

(Artemis) redemption by helping others.

(L) Yeah, achieve redemption by giving to the universe and others in need. I mean that in terms of thoughts, time, energy, whatever.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, so that's not a big hot one, but it's good. The next one I have is conserving energy and not feeding STS dynamics.

A: Big one again and one of the most difficult because STS uses many tricks and traps to suck people into negative dynamics so that they become food.

Q: (L) Of course, when you become food, you're feeding the STS side and empowering it against not only your own best interests, but also against the best interests of STO itself. It seems to me that it's kinda like psychopathy. They try all kinds of bluffs and meanness and nastiness and so forth. When you're strong, strong, strong through all kinds of terrible actions or treatments on the part of, say, a psychopath, the last-ditch maneuver, when they know they can't get you any other way, is the pity trip. They induce you to feel guilty. Feeling guilty or feeling sorry for them is like... it becomes basically food.

A: Guilt is basically an ego thing of a very covert nature.

Q: (L) What does that mean? Does that mean that...

(Pierre) It means that the victim seems all weak and miserable and...

(L) And it makes YOUR ego feel good to feel like you can fulfill their wants and needs.

(Artemis) Or you feel like you're being compassionate. It's like false empathy, almost.

(Pierre) And often the one who generates this pity around himself, at the core, there's an ego trip. There's a feeding on it.

(L) For them it's an ego trip, and when you give in to their guilt trip, you're feeding the STS part of them first of all. And then I guess secondly, you're feeding your own ego inside yourself because you feel like a savior or needed or like you'll get something. It's that dynamic of the feminine vampire! The waif. "If I can save this person or do what they want or need or whatever, then there'll be something for ME!"

(Pierre) And this discussion suggests that for a long time we talked about how important to see reality as it is. But from this exchange, it suggests to me that beyond the thoughts, very important is also to have the right feelings towards the right person in the right context. Is that right?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Alright, let's move on to the next item on my list. The next one is... I put this on the list, but I dunno if it should be there. I thought it was something that would be useful: to connect with ancestors and honored saintly type people in 5D for protection. I thought that that would be kind of a useful thing. I think people should find out if they have any ancestors or deceased relatives or somebody who were good and decent people who one can talk to mentally or communicate with by writing letters to them, or dream communication, and ask them for protection.

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) And if you can't find your ancestors, you have to find someone else's ancestors!

(L) Well, that's true. You can hook up with somebody who has good ancestors, and their ancestors become your ancestors by you having shared realities. You're opening up and sharing your worries and troubles. The good ancestors of any group or any one person in a group kind of become the good ancestors of other members of the group.

(Pierre) And here you mentioned not ALL your ancestors - just the good ones. The same is true for the saintly figures. I think people should be aware that there are many saints who were not saints and other people who were vilified who were actually good.

(L) There are saints who were made saints, but they weren't actually very good people. And then there are other saints who deserved that title. That's a good topic for discussion... not a C’s discussion, but rather a discussion amongst people. Another thing I thought it would be useful for people to do would be to guide the newly deceased. If there is somebody in your circle of acquaintances or group or whatever who is in the process of passing over or recently did pass over, you could in some way help guide them in the reality to which they may not be accustomed (obviously), but mainly because of their thought patterns during life. So many people in this materialist-driven world do not think that there is an afterlife or another world. When they get there, they don't know what to do! They don't even realize who or what they are or which way to go. Is that a good one?

A: Yes but for certain people obviously.

Q: (L) That's not something that everybody should do. But if you have a loved one who's dying, it's certainly not going to hurt to talk to them frankly about the process they're going through and what to expect. Another thing I put on my list was when you are in a group situation or in our particular kind of group, one of the things we've always tried to use to bring people to full awareness of their reality is what we call the mirror. In some cases, it's a very delicate process. In other cases, it's somewhat unpleasant. Well, it's NEVER pleasant. Unless you've gotten to the point where when someone tells you you've screwed up, and you can genuinely respond, "Oh, thank you for telling me!" Hardly anybody does that sincerely though, because it's not as simple or as easy as just saying those words. So, it seems to me that this process that we undertake is kind of an initiation. Is that one way...

A: Yes but should be handled carefully as many are not ready for that advanced work.

Q: (L) Oh, and there was one thing I had at the bottom of the list. I guess it goes with diet. I thought it was a good idea to fast one day a week.

A: Intermittent fasting will do.

Q: (L) Okay, so obviously prayer is a good thing. Is there something else I missed?

(Chu) Singing together.

A: Yes! Something you realized lately as Chu just said!!

Q: (L) Singing together - and it has to be singing the right songs. I was experimenting with this the other night when we were doing karaoke just seeing how people did when you start them out with certain songs and then move on to different levels. Everybody did pretty well, I think. They were pretty comfortable with it. I think getting an order of songs to sing in a certain order of a certain type might be useful. Then if everybody was singing the same songs around the world, would that be kind of like a limbic link up?

A: Yes!!

Q: (L) So, I guess I've covered everything. Well, I have Divination on the list... For everyday use, we use I Ching, and I think a lot of group members do the same. I think we've got that covered. One thing that I was noting down on my little list here was that the Apostle Paul listed things to avoid, and then things to enhance. The vices that he listed, things that one should avoid, were: fornication, licentiousness, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, envy, drunkenness. Well, that's all pretty standard. I think it's a good basic list and you can apply it in different ways depending on your circumstances. Then he listed the virtues: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Self-control was kind of an interesting one for him to have on that list. And: no self-conceit, no provoking one another, and no envy. Then he said at the end of his list, "Whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap”, and “let us not grow weary or lose heart." So, I thought that those were rather positive things to think about.

A: Most important to remember the "sowing" part in the context of this discussion.

Q: (L) Oh, you mean about your antennae and how your antennae determines your future. What you sow, you reap. So, if you're not taking care of your inner landscape and the immediate world around you in terms of your group and your associations and so forth, you're screwing up your antenna and then you're going to have a bad future because your antenna will attract the wrong things. Is that what you mean?

A: Yes
Guilt had been stated as harmful and contrary to "Love" said Krichnamurti in the 70s. When we call dissociation of self it is extremely bad, because at the same time we want to dissociate, the consciousness of 3rd densities and whose true foundation is its loneliness, this consciousness will do to survive to take all that is most futile and will lock us in our own wall built by it. Is the question wrong, understand it and put it back or must it be situated in relation to a higher state of consciousness?
We are expecting our second baby sometime within the next day and I wanted to share my joy with you all, as well as gratitude, and ask for your thoughts and prayers as we labor. This journey of becoming parents, me being a father, was not something I could have conceived of 10 years ago. Yet it has been the catalyst for so much growth and discovery, with greater clarity in some areas and many more questions to explore.

would also like to wish you all the best in this second experience, that everything will be smoother. We send you a big hug!:flowers:


@Mariama, @Arwenn, @Stella Marys

Thank you all for the beautiful support and encouragement! Mama and baby were an amazing pair! Our little girl was ushered into the world on 12/15, at home as was hoped. Labour was smooth and safe for both, and no less joyous than the first. We enjoyed a very Merry Caesarmas with the best gift one could hope for!

Once again, I'm grateful for all that QFG has meant for us in this journey over the years. The information, encouragement, and counsel have allowed us to improve every dimension of our lives. The lifestyle changes alone played a critical role in our being able to conceive, carry and welcome our babies to the world; without the iodine protocol, I don't know how it would've been possible.

Thank you all! We are steeled for the challenge that lies ahead, and embrace the adventure.
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