Focusing lesson


For some reason, I know I had a couple of dreams last night but this is the only one I could remember. I was next to a man who was teaching me to focus on objects to make them move/float. I remember just looking at objects and really focusing on them and they would make some kind of movement ( a tree would start shaking for example or a rock would start floating). I remember throughout the whole “lesson” the man was telling me to just focus and I would look at different objects that would appear In front of me and just kinda zoom in and just “use my mind”. I don’t really recall knowing the man personally but for some reason he didn’t seem to be a stranger. I posted another thread about a dream I had earlier this year and In that dream there was also a man kind of “teaching me” and was even to my left as the man in my dream last night. Don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that I’m left handed.

I remember (and even during the dream possibly) waking up this morning and one of the first things on my mind were the pyramids and sound focusing to move rocks. What I got from this dream is that I need to focus on something specific or to just focus more in general.

Also, I took some melatonin last night so that could be a factor.
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