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My partner took this photo from a fire we had going while out in the woods recently. Thought it was pretty cool, us humans see faces in images etc but this one stood out from the rest she took. Wasn't sure where to post it, anyway just thought I'd share.


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I actually saw two profiles, one on the right higher and one on the left, larger but lower.

I do find it interesting, and it may really be nothing other than the way we see the world, how we interpret it and sort of like run things through our lenses of what is known, so a certain shape will show up and we humanize it. There's a tree in the parking lot of my job that has always entertained me when I take a smoke break, the bark of it is very thick and it cracks, and sometimes I play games when I am out there to see how many faces I can recognize.


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While I, at first, didn't see the head that you noticed, Michael B-C, but did after you drew it; I saw a dragon-type head where you put the right hand. In the picture, it's directly to the left of the head you drew actually touching it.

A very interesting picture, Liam. Thank you for sharing it.
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