Fear cannot touch me


Padawan Learner
Fear cannot touch me

Fear cannot touch me for I have you

Nor madness can clutch me in its irrational glue

Knowledge protects me from ignorant disease

With love in my care I’ve no master to please

Heart, mind and soul give renewal of life

When balanced in kind healing husband and wife

But few seek this truth and make the body their king

Believing that flesh is their everything

In order to hear listen not to the din

In order to see try looking within

And I’m not a preacher; I’m not selling my soul

Free will is my teacher, free spirit my goal

Fear cannot hurt me, its power is weak

It’s quick to desert me when love wants to speak

For I am created and the creator too

And what limits potential is the fear we accrue

And only expansion is shared in the light

The purpose is growing that awareness invites

The globes are in motion and the cycle is set

You and I on a journey we must never forget

The God of mischief holds fear in his breast

And he gives it to those who are keen to invest

In its lies and its doubts that the ego will crave

Fear makes his own cages, he’s a dutiful slave

Fear cannot touch me for I know his plan

Designed in a hurry with many holes in the can

Fear isn’t the brightest when it comes to the crunch

He builds on destruction and wishful thinking a bunch

I know what he’s seeking, something always elusive

And he thinks that he’ll get it the more he’s vile and abusive

Doesn’t know he’s afraid even though he is fear

Doesn’t see all the hurt even though it’s severe

His only recourse is to hide in the dark

Form the infinite terror of the infinite spark

Fear cannot touch me coz connection is free

Fear, the petty tyrant that can never hurt me
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