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eyepod.org is an interesting site I came across in my wanderings. It is supposively a UFO news site that also has some sort of mission to release information to the public regarding the alien chronicles. Which is a book that supposively details why the aliens here, what got them here, and various aspects of this cosmic war. They play this really weird music on there that is supposed to open your mind. I thought it smelled fishy as soon as I got there. I wonder if the music is suppossed to make you more suggestible, like strobe lights. Anyway, the guy who runs the site said he learned the information about the aliens by contacting them and they have given him some sort of schedule in which to release incriments of the material supposively leading up to some big event. I think it's bunk, especially after coming to Cassiopaea and reading about classic COINTELPRO tactics. I just wondered if anybody has had any experiences or comments about this site.
Also found this link that mentions Signs of The Times. http://www.eyepod.org/AM-1-10-13-5.html
Neil, the link you gave just says "Signs of the Times". There is no evident link to this website and its forum and various articles.

The eyepod website seems to be following along the Whitley strieber line of glamorizing the greys, and the ufo phenomenon. The page you just recommended with the phrase "Signs of the Times" has an 'alien' face which, when clicked,brings you to a page wsith a MUFON report. Now, i don't know if you've read High Strangeness, or just analyzed the MUFON reports, but MUFON is in my opinion, an infiltrated organization. They've been in existence for so long, and never has the organization been able to get any disclosure from government officials or the military with regards to the ufo and abduction phenomenon.

But maybe there is a link on the webpage you provided, and i just can't seem to find it, or maybe you gave the wrong page. If so, can you please provide the link to the page which supplies a link to Signs of the Times, or one of the articles?
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